All the way around is that it gives you access to these rear sections for the ports. So, in addition to ports on the sides, youve got this rear section and thats really one of the most interesting things about this device. Is this usb port over here, so youve got hdmi, usbc or thunderbolt, depending on the configuration couple of full size, usbs and headset jack, plus this ethernet port? But this one is replaceable and you notice these two little screws holding it in place out of the box. If you purchase this for 650 and up during crowdfunding, what youre going to get is just a model with a usb port, but you can pay an extra 80 for optional modular accessories and one is a serial port. So you can sort of pop this out and place it with a serial port. The other is a kvm adapter, and you put this in and you get an hdmi and usb input allowing you to use this to remote control, other devices and ill show you how that works. So, first of all, im just going to show you how easy it is with a sort of two millimeter or so screwdriver to pop this out, and you take those screws out and you can see it almost just snaps comes right out, so it doesnt its. Basically, the screws that are holding it firmly in place when i slide in the replacement its not going to be quite right until i screw it in so lets, go ahead and do that.

But then, once i do that it should be automatically detected when i reboot the computer, so lets go ahead and turn it on there. We go and in order to demonstrate this im going to bring up another laptop. So the idea here is uh. While you can use this as a general purpose computer, i think the kvm or serial are really aimed at it. Professionals who might want to plug into a you know, industrial or enterprise or it sort of gear, so lets go ahead and log in here. Out of the box um, you know these two are separate devices, but ive got an usb port or usb type c, connector, the one that actually came with the uh the charger plugged in here and as soon as i plug that in youll notice, i can use The touchpad here not to control whats happening on this screen, but to control whats happening on the screen behind me, so i can type i can use the mouse basically now what ive got here is a remote control for the computer behind me. Likewise, ive got an hdmi cable running from the output on the computer behind me or behind the the pocket to the input here and this isnt instantaneous. Instead, what happens is its detected as a virtual camera input and so im gon na? Actually, you know what im gon na bring up the camera using the touch screen, because this touch is not really done that way, and here youll notice, that out of the box.

What youre seeing is my face talking into the computer from the camera right here? But if i switch cameras now, what we have is a representation of the screen behind me and so again, if i go in here, i can navigate. I can scroll and everything that happens on one screen happens on the other. If i wanted to, i could even watch video now since im just using the default camera app on windows. Here uh, there is no sound thats actually being transferred from one to the other, because it just doesnt pick that up, but you can probably use other software. That would allow you to hear the audio from behind me locally as well. But if i wanted to hear the sound, all i have to do is go to the other system instead of saying hdmi capture card just play it on not even seeing much lag there so thats, basically how this works now again being able to remote control one Computer with another isnt really super helpful. Unless were talking about say you want to help diagnose a computer that has a broken display. I can plug out from here into here and now. If i cant see whats happening on the display behind me um, i can see a representation of what should be showing up right here. Likewise, if i wanted to go to a server or any other sort of headless computer, i could use that kvm switch to plug in now.

Hdmi input is an interesting option, because most servers are going to have vga output as opposed to hdmi. So you might need an adapter cable to get that to work, but overall you can see how this was designed, particularly these modular accessories were designed with the idea that you might want to use it for it work. If i go ahead and pull those out again, its just back being a regular computer, so if you didnt want to pay that 80 premium for the extra accessories, because you just wanted to use the built in you know the usb uh and thats all you really Need you dont have any use for serial or kvm. Then there you go uh its still a fully functional computer, capable of running windows, linux, other operating systems and so forth ill be testing linux later. But because of the way that this kvm switch works, it should work with windows or linux. It shouldnt really matter which operating system youre using um. The biggest thing that i noticed there was again the touch input wasnt detected, so it was only detecting keyboard and touch pad input, which is actually kind of handy, because it gives me a way to interact with this computer without unplugging that cable. So that is a quick look at the modular port functionality of the gpd pocket 3.. You can find more details about this little laptop and its functionality, its pricing, uh specifications and so forth at littlereputing.

com. There is a link in the description of this video and you can also uh check out the indiegogo campaign where it is crowdfunding uh for 650 and up for a model uh with a pentium n6000 processor uh its also available with a core i7 1195 g7 processor. For 9.99 and up during crowdfunding thats, the version that gpd sent me for testing purposes, um its a really interesting little device and its supposed to begin uh shipping in january. I have not yet had a time to do a full review, so i cant really talk too much about performance battery life. Things like that in this video uh or reliability or customer service, which are some things that sometimes can be issues when ordering from a company.