. Today we are taking a look at the brand new p2 max 2022 ultrabook by gpd. We will be unboxing it and checking out its features, then run in some system benchmarks to see how well it performs and compares to other gpd models. As always lets get started with the unboxing inside. We have the gpd p2 max 2022, which we will take a closer look at shortly. Underneath is the user guide which is in chinese and english inside the box is a usb type c charge cable. It will also come with a charger with the correct plug for use in your country, the gpd p2 max 2022 measures 8.3 by 5.8 by 0.5 inches when folded and weighs 650 grams. The display is a h, ips touchscreen measuring 8.9 inches with a native resolution of 2560 by 1600 towards the lower half of the hinge. There is a built in 2 megapixel camera with a resolution up to 1600×900 to the right is the power button which has a built in fingerprint scanner for added security, theres, a full chiclet style quarter, keyboard, which is very comfortable to type on for extended periods of Time below the keyboard is the touchpad which has clickable, left and right mouse areas on the left side is a usb 3 bolt and 3.5 millimeter headphone jack on the right side. Is a micro, hdmi output for connecting to your tv or monitor? There are usb type c and usb 3 ports.

The p2 max has the intel pentium silver n6000, with four cores and threads running up to 3.3 gigahertz. The graphics is handled with the intel uhd graphics 640, which supports up to 4k 60hz via the hdmi output. Theres 16 gigs of lpddr4x ram and one terabyte of fast mvme, pcie, gen, 3 ssd and for wireless connectivity, theres wi, fi, 6 and bluetooth 5.0. The fan noise under high load reached 49 decibels, whilst in average, noise conditions its barely noticeable battery life is around two and a half to three hours. While running the pass mark benchmark on a loop sitting idle on the desktop, we got around 10 hours. We start the system benchmarks with passmark, which runs a series of artificial tests to push their cpu gpu ram and storage to their maximum performance. The p2 max 2022 scores 1958, which is a respectable score for this specification of ultrabook. Next, in our benchmarks, is pc mark. This runs a series of benchmark tests across your typical day to day tasks. These include web version, video conferencing working with obvious documents and much more. The gpd p2 max scores 2646 again its a good score for the specification with fast boot times as well. While the p2 max is not a game in ultrabook, it is capable of handling less demanding games on lower graphics settings. We got a score of ‘9.. Its far from being the highest score, but not the lowest, we start the gaming benchmarks with forza horizon 4, which is running on 1280 by 720 on ultra settings.

It scores 12 frames per second, we were quite surprised and were expecting lower on the lowest graphics settings. You can actually get playable frame rates. Next, we have street fighter 5 running at 1080p on the maximum graphic settings. At the end of the first match, we get an average of 11.6 frames per second changing the resolution to 720p. With a mix of mainly low with some medium settings, you can hit 60 frames per second. The final fantasy 14 benchmark runs at 1920 by 1080. On the highest desktop settings, we get a score of 1064, which is on the lower scale of performance. Here is a brief recap of the benchmark results. Overall, they are good scores for the pentium n6000 series cpu. The p2 max 22 is great for your daily tasks. For everything from web browsing through to working with office documents, for example, and while it does not have the high performance of a gaming laptop, it handles media and some like gaming very well, compared to the original p2 max model, which has the intel celeron. ’65Y processor. You can expect to see an increase between 200 to 300 percent in performance, depending on the task, its definitely worth upgrading, if you do have the older celeron model. So now the latest revisions of gpds laptop style devices are now available. Lets compare them. The gbd win max 2021 is the high end model and for those that like to work and play, it has the overall highest benchmark scores with built in gaming controls and is great for demanding workloads as well as demanding games.

The gpd pocket 3 shares the same hardware specification as the max, but is aimed more towards work use rather than gaming, although there is nothing stopping you connecting the controller and enjoying some demanding games. It is, however, perfect for your day to day work tasks that can be demanding, such as image and video editing. The p2 max 2022, while not as high performance as the other two, is more than capable of your day to day home and work tasks with a longer battery life than others. It is also light arm and more portable, which makes it perfect for spending the day away from a power source whilst travelling that wraps up our review of the gpd p2 max 2022. We hope you have found it useful. You can learn more and buy it on our store at drawicks.co.uk.