But what makes these special is, they can mirror the colors on the screen, giving you this huge immersive experience on top of all the basic functionality like changing colors and all that stuff. Now, this all happens because of this magic box in govi’s case the box sinks, the camera on top of the tv to the led strips just a quick, probably obvious note that these lights really only work at night having lots of sunlight or really bright lights. Kind of messes up with the camera, so you won’t have totally accurate colors. So just for warning Music, the one i got is supposed to fit 55 to 65 inch tvs. I have a 55 inch tv and it barely fits and by barely fits, i mean not really it doesn’t really fit. I had to mickey mouse it, but it works just don’t look behind the tv, it is an abomination and with the led strips you have the camera at the very top of the tv which honestly, i didn’t think i was gon na like at first, but once You’Re you’re watching your movie, it you barely even notice it so it’s. Not that big a deal you may notice it. You may hate it it’s fine. For me, i can deal with it and all of this is controlled through their app, which is surprisingly, extremely customizable. You can spend literally days like i did fiddling with all the features and settings that they got so the party piece here is obviously the video mode, so just just check this out Music it’s really hard to grasp the immersion through video.

You kind of just have to experience it. This thing definitely works best with loud, vibrant colors, but of course that’s. Not all you can do with these backlights. You have color mode where you can choose a multitude of colors from a color wheel. You have a scene mode which has other smaller modes like dating mode. What and dating mode is somehow also different than romantic mode. I don’t know why they needed to okay yeah. Most of these are pretty pretty useless. You have music mode where you can control how the lights react to music or your own voice and the wildest mode of all is diy mode from here. You can finagle any possible combination of settings that you can think of. You have colors, you have lighting effects. You have the speed of the lighting effects. You can choose to combine different settings that you create with all this that’s wild. This is where you can spend literally days finding the perfect diy setting for you for me personally, i keep it in rainbow road mode right. Rainbow row rainbow road mode, rainbow romo rainbow road say that say say that four times fast rainbow roll mode Music. Now govi isn’t the only name in this game. You have arguably the leader of the pack, the philips hue, which actually syncs up through hdmi. There are no cameras, so it’s, as accurate as it could ever be sounds pretty. Cool right sounds better than the govi doesn’t it right, yeah, right here’s.

Why i’m not reviewing that one? Okay, here’s, the butt? Okay here’s, the big dump truck of a problem? Okay, the phillips hue requires okay, requires ready, a 230 dollar hdmi box and oh oh yeah, there’s, an and yeah there’s, more yeah and 220 dollars for the led lights themselves and a 60 dollar bridge to connect them. So if i did my math right, that’s 510, are you gon na spend five hundred and ten dollars? Okay, for name brand or sixty dollars for something that is very nearly, and i mean very, very nearly exactly the same thing, and this is why i’m here people, affordable tech, baby god love it. I love it there’s, no way. You will ever convince me that the philips hue is 450 dollars better than the govi, no no you’re wrong. I’M. Sorry, no! 510. Okay for perspective, okay, here’s. What you can buy for 500 bucks, okay, here’s? What else you could have gotten for your 500 bucks? A ps5, an xbox series x, two 43 inch: 4k smart tvs, an entry level gaming, pc two galaxy tab, a7s, some friends. Now i will sing the praises of the govi lights till the pandemic ends, but that doesn’t mean it’s totally perfect. Okay, so let me illuminate some issues that i have noticed with the govi backlights for one, the assembly is kind of tricky, at least for me, it is the led strips come with a sticky backside to stick to the back of your tv.

What i didn’t realize before i bought it was that my tv is freaking ridged on the back it’s, not flat. Why did why? Why did samsung do that? I had to mickey mouse the whole assembly. I i had to put on two layers of packing tape to make the surface as flush as i can make it. I added freaking velcro command strips like every foot, so they would actually stick to the tv. So if the back of your tv is not flush, you’re gon na have to mickey mouse something because it’s not gon na work, even if, even if it is flush, if it’s that scratchy non glossy material it’s still not gon na stick, you got ta have to Figure something out next. Sometimes there is a noticeable lag between the picture on the screen and the lights. Registering the colors it’s, not a huge issue, but there is there’s a little bit of lag. There can be lag. This can especially happen when you’re watching something very colorful with really fast cuts. Now this lag is due to the connection being camera based and not hdmi based. There are a few videos on youtube to calibrate and sort of test. How well your lights are working. So links in the description below also the colors aren’t 100 accurate 100 of the time, but that is a bit nitpicky again. This is 450 less than the philips hue i’m. Not looking for perfection and honestly, neither should you Music, of course, it’s worth it it’s.

So worth it it’s, so freaking cool. This is the kind of thing you show off to anybody who visits you. Whoever comes over you got ta show them the dang lights, just look at the difference between having them on and having them off literally night and day. While it’s not perfect, and it can be a little bit laggy and i had to desecrate the back of my tv to get it set up once you experience it, you can’t go back. This is the only way i can watch tv now i i am spoiled, but actually no actually i’m not spoiled because i saved 450 dollars. Jesus christ definitely get this. If you can Music hello, quick update, i am doing a coding bootcamp right now, so my uploads are going to be a little bit more sparse. But, like always, tech reviews will come i’m, also going to be doing more programming content. So if you ever want to know what it’s like to become a software engineer i’m going to bring that into the show i’m gon na show you guys what’s up so go ahead and hit that subscribe button. So you never miss a new video.