I did receive this product to review, but any opinion expressed in this video is strictly my own. That being said, if you’re interested in this product, you want to find out more about it, the link to it will be in my video description below you can see how it comes packaged to you right here in a very nice and simple retail box. This does work with the govi home app for ios and android devices, and you can control this with your voice using amazon, alexa and google assistant now let’s go ahead, let’s open it up and look at the package contents here all the package contents. First up we have a govi home app card, followed by our user guide and manual right here, walking us through all the product setup, details, installation everything you need to know, here’s the back side as well with some troubleshooting and their customer service information. Next up, you can see we have two different mounting options right here. This mounting option is equipped with 3m adhesive on the back. This is going to mount to the back side of your tv or monitor, and then these just slide and clip right in. We also have a standing base unit for them as well too, so you can see if we want to stand these up next to our tv on our tv stand bookshelf that sort of thing you can do that right here, then we have our setup squares.

We’Ll need this to pair and set up with the camera to make sure everything’s working properly. Then you can see our power supply and adapter. We have our control hub right here with usb ports on this side and our power plug port. On the other side, 3m adhesive on the bottom here’s the controls again from the top. We have three buttons with the govi logo and branding here’s the camera that’s going to attach to our tv and point back at it. So you can see that right there. Then we have the lights themselves, they’re connected via usb type c, integrated directly into the lights, and they connect together and split out to one usb type c, cable right here. So you can see those here they are from the back side, so we can attach those to these mounts. If we want integrated, cable and cord right there for the power very lightweight, they look nice now let’s go ahead. Let’S get the gobi home app downloaded and let’s set everything up. So now you can see we got everything set up and ready to go, so we can add the lights to our govi home app. So you can see right here. I got a tv got. The camera installed, we have the lights on the side right here, everything’s connected behind the tv where we can power on the lights. Like you see right there. So now let’s go into the app you can see on our screen.

We have the govi home app pulled up, here’s all the products that i currently have and i’m using. We need to add a new item so select the plus icon in the top right hand, corner then choose indoor lighting, then let’s browse for the flow light bar. So here you go, you can see, we have two options. We have the flow light bar in the flow pro light bar, so let’s select the correct one in this case we’re using the flow pro baby. So here it is, you can see it right. There it’s going to show up for us and now we’re going to connect to our device there. It is let’s select uh before we select done let’s change. The name flow then select done now. You can see they’re showing us the light bar position right here. So we can go ahead if we want, we can switch positions or select position correct and you can see that’s how we currently have it right now for our tv well actually watch as i power them on and off, we actually have them on the wrong side. So let’s switch positions; there we go now. I have it, how i want it. Let’S select position correct now we have camera set up right here and we also have our wi fi settings. So in this case, go ahead. Select your wi fi network enter the password and then select done be sure to use the 2.

4 gigahertz wi fi network. So there we go. We just connected to our wi fi right here now, we’re ready to prepare for calibration. So you can see. I already went ahead and stuck all the orange squares on the tv, so it says turn on the room, lights and turn off the tv. Stick, the foam stickers on the screen, as indicated above then select ready. Now you can see we have two different options for the camera: installation, the top or the bottom. In this case, we’re doing the top confirm. Now we need to attach each point to the corresponding tv position. According to the picture, so let’s go ahead, let’s select got it now, we’re going to wait for it to load, so we can calibrate the camera all right. So you can see right here. We got our calibration screen all set and ready to go. So now we need to drag the four corners. All right, let’s make sure we get those line, everything up right. There then drag the top center point to the top of the screen. We already have it up. There looks good to me select next all right. The calibration was successful, as you can see right here now, we’re ready to go in and enjoy the govi app. You can see right now. We have a prompt for an upgrade, so let’s go ahead and let’s update it right now. So the app’s up to date – and it brought us back to the home screen right here.

First up in the top right hand corner we can select the settings gear icon where we can change the name, switch the positions of the light. We can view our wi fi settings. We can calibrate everything again. We have a user guide to set up alexa and google assistant. We can see our mac address hardware version product model. Again this is the h6054. We can also delete the device in the top right hand, corner. We have that customer service, icon and headset right there we could reach out. If we need any help, then back on the home screen, you can see. We have individual power buttons right here. We can turn them on or off, which is cool. We can turn everything on or off. Then you can see. We have the govi light studio right here and we have tons of different options. So you can see we have the selections, tab, color gallery and diy. If we want to share some diy options, but we can choose one right here: pretty cool a lot of different options for the govi lite studio, let’s go back out. Then you can see. We have our timer settings right here. We can go in to change them to turn on or off. We can select the time the days of the week and then save it. We also have a wake up mode and a sleeping mode. So if you want the wake up mode once activated, the light will gradually brighten to a set percentage.

You can see that right here set your wake up time days of the week. Wake up duration, final brightness, same thing for sleeping mode, countdown, 10 minutes all the way. Up to what do we got tons of minutes 240 minutes max, just the initial brightness, then you can see we have our brightness slider right here. Then we have our diy mode and we have additional modes. Let’S go ahead, let’s turn off all the studio lights to try out the rest of the modes. So now you can see with all the lights off what it looks like if we adjust the brightness so we’re bringing the brightness down right here. There’S one percent let’s go to 25, roughly 25 right. There let’s bring it up to about 50. there’s 51 percent here’s 74 percent, and then a hundred percent it’s got a nice brightness to it. Then we have diy mode right here, so we could choose our style name. We can set the effect a lot of different options. You can really customize this. However, you want right there, the speed and then we have different colors. We can also do smart, color picking. Then we can share it. If we want, we can earn points within the app which is cool. We can have multiple diy options and you can see we have more modes right here, so we have music mode, video mode, color mode and scene. First, let’s go let’s, look at the colors right now and then we have the rgbic technology, so we can actually choose which one we want to change the colors on individually, which is cool between the two of them.

So we have red and green right now we could do blue for that. One yellow for this one, pretty cool right looks nice. We could change both together say want to be orange. There’S orange red we’ll just cycle through all the different colors really quickly. The quick colors i should say we have that slider too, we can customize the colors. Then we have our adjustable whites, so we can do a warmer white. Really warm! Then we do our cooler, whites. We have our color wheel as well too. If you want to choose that way, you can do that. Look at all the different options. You have some nice samples too right here, so you want to do the rainbow one or choose again by you know, mood or just regular, color wheel options. You can see all those choices we can save a color. We can view our colors too. You can see we have one color already added to our colors. I like that one, a lot it’s nice good, looking color now let’s check out the scenes. So we have a lot of different scenes. First up is reading and we have movie candlelight romantic aurora, pretty cool. You can see, we have more and more modes to go over, we’ll keep cycling through them now, we’re on to snowflake, seasonal here’s bloom, and i love the different colors. We have individually right here within the light stands here’s crossing, oh that’s, sweet and then here’s.

The last one rainbow looks great as it switches and cycles between the colors again that technology is so cool that we have individual colors from within each of the lamps. Now let’s go ahead, let’s try out music mode. Now we got music mode activated right here and you can see it’s already changing with the sound of my voice from the microphone picking it up. Let’S go ahead and let’s play a quick song, so you guys can see what it’s like and then we’ll cycle through, while the song’s playing the four different options that we have from vivid to rhythm, to strike to vibrate, so let’s go ahead, let’s push play and Let’S, give it a listen and see how the lights respond: Music, so Music. So there we go music modes, pretty sweet guys with the four different options that we have depending on the rhythm and sound of our song. Now you can see we’re in video mode right here you can choose between a game or a movie and the saturation level you can see. I have youtube pulled up with just a nice stunning nature, video right here and it’s definitely pulling the blue hues from the image for the water that you can see reflected in our lights, and now you can see we got some green for those fish right. There really cool so it’s reading the footage with the camera and adjusting the light accordingly for us, let’s go ahead: let’s adjust the saturation too.

So now we have max saturation right here. We’Ll watch it for another second, so you can get a feel for how it’s going to change and again you could sync this up with gameplay as well. Doesn’T just have to be movies but pay attention to how bright they are. Let’S bring that saturation back down too, so you can see that right, there and it’s cycling through different colors for us based off of what is playing on the screen, but that is a quick look at the video mode. Last but not least, this also works with your favorite voice. Assistants like amazon, alexa and google assistant, so let’s go ahead. Let’S try out a couple of the commands now keep in mind. The functionality is basic, you’ll, be better off to use the mobile app or the physical buttons on the device itself, but we can turn the lights on and off. We can change the colors and we can adjust the brightness so let’s. Try it out hey alexa turn off flow, just turned them off: hey alexa turn on flow, just turn them back on hey alexa change flow color to green, just change the color to green, hey, alexa dim flow to one percent. There we go check that out. Just dimmed it to one percent right: there, hey alexa, dim flow 250 percent, all right, just adjusted the brightness to 50, hey alexa dim flow to 100. There we go just increase the brightness for us as well.

So let me share with you guys my final thoughts. After using the govi flow pro light bars, i think these are really cool and i’m excited for the future of govis. They continue to innovate and release products like this. So i really like that we get all the same. Great govi features that we come to expect with the govi home app and their top of line products like the light bars right here. We have scheduling, we have control and customizable lights, we have the ability to set the wake or the sleep lights and we have the diy mode where we can really tweak these. However, we desire, we have some rgb ic color technology as well in these with those really cool scenes that they already have preset for us. So definitely a feature rich product. We have music mode. We have video mode with the camera. We have tons of different options that we can set up and use with these. With that being said, there are a couple things though i want to see improved in the future. One is obviously, i still want more alexa control with any govi product, whether it’s the light bar or any of their strip lights. I want to be able to really really use this hands free also in regards to this specific product. I, like the camera. I still think it’s a little bit gimmicky, but it is a cool feature and i would like to see the ability to actually adjust this a little bit more so depending on the screen size.

If you have a smaller monitor. You know i’d like to have flexibility, to be able to use it some sort of preset levels to make sure it still works with their technology on the back end, but that would be really cool because i was using a 32 inch tv but i’m thinking it. Wouldn’T probably work too well on smaller size screens. You know 24, 27, i’m, not sure how much of that camera’s really going to pick it up because it felt like it was missing. Some even from the 32 inch tv so i’d like to have the ability to adjust this to point it back even further. But don’t worry about any privacy or anything like that. It’S not going to be out filming you in your living room, it’s just going to be filming basically straight down in whatever you’re watching with your television or your computer, monitor but i’d like to see that tweaked. In the future, i also want to see these even bigger. These are so cool i’m thinking of like floor size units. How awesome would that be basically scale this up to like four feet, make them super bright. Oh, that would be fantastic, but anyways they’re, actually decently bright, even at this size, especially if your tv or monitors next to a wall you’ll be able to cast that nice light directly behind the tv along the wall. That sort of thing right there, but i want to see these even bigger in the future and obviously i want to see them even brighter.

Well. That concludes our video. Thank you. So much for watching don’t forget the product link will be in our video description below. Please go ahead check it out and do your shopping from there any purchase made through that link. Help support our channel at no additional cost to you. So we’re really grateful and thankful for all of your support, while you’re at it can you go ahead and hit that like button for us and subscribe to our channel, we have new content coming out daily and we don’t want you to miss anything. Please go ahead and give us a follow online and make it a clean sweep. Facebook, twitter, instagram, twitch, tick, tock discord. You can message us on wechat check out our website and join our free newsletter. Thank you guys.