0 2019. I have been using this step for like two weeks now. I got it for 70 dollars of the second hand Market. Although Im not a reviewer lets review this thing. So this tablet has an 8 inch screen, as in the name uh with Galaxy Tab, a 8.0 uh I have got the LTE version, which is SM t295 and the Wi Fi version is t290. It has the October 2022 security patch and is running on Android 11. One UI code 3.1, the battery is around 5000 milliampere and the battery life is not bad uh. I have got like uh, seven or eight hours easily, which is kind of you expect from a tab. The back is very much fingerprint magnet, which is a problem with the steel back devices. Of course, the camera well its not something you would like to take photos with uh its mostly for like scanning documents, thats all its good for and the front camera is worse. Obviously the back camera has autofocus, but the front camera is just trash. The back camera is also trash, but compared to the front camera back. Camera is better. The tablet is slow. I will tell you that the tablet is slow as hell. If you want to stream videos encoded with the h.265 codec, the tablet will stutter. The tablet only has a quad core processor, so you shouldnt really be doing any multitasking the build quality. Well, it has a plastic frame, but a metal back and obviously a glass screen which is also fingerprint magnet.

Obviously you should put a paper or a skin protector over this. The display registration is 1280 into 800, so things are not going to be Sharp. Uh ticks are blurry and what are you gon na use? This tablet for I know, but I use this tablet for its entirely for Content consumption. You can give this tablet to your child or, if you, if you really want to game this, is not a game. Internet, but if you want to game, you can put a retro emulator like a gba, emulator or m64 emulator and play those games. Of course you should own the copies of the game you I want to emulate here. So, who is this step for people who want a cheap solution for watching? I dont know videos listen to music or give a tap to their child, which is not obviously a high aspective player. Retro emulator games thats it I think, for 70 bucks. I really cannot complain very much its still a pretty solid device. There are two speakers in the bottom and it doesnt sound, well: Music, Applause, Music Applause, Music, Applause, Music, Applause, Music. Still, I cannot complain its. I have paid only 70 bucks for this suit. I wish it had a type c Port, but unfortunately it doesnt it only has a micro, USB port and the charging is very, very slow. You need to charge overnight and it takes a lot of time to charge. The one UI is not that bad.

In my opinion, but I would be happy if they used Android go based. Something here, as the Play Store was not recommending the go apps, it would be a better experience. In my opinion, if the bootloader version is 4 like me, you cannot root or install a wrp recovery here, but if your bootloader version is less than 4, you can obviously install a 2dwrp and d block this uh, although you can disable the system apps. Even if the tablet is not rooted it doesnt have Android go, so you can multitask.