I always wanted a gaming pc of my own and recently i got a chance to collaborate with gigabyte, auros and amd to build a gaming pc. So i chose these items and let’s see what did i choose and why did i choose them so let’s first start with the processor for the processor. I chose ryzen 3800x because it’s a mid range processor, but in terms of performance it’s, a beast: it has 8 cores and 16 threads and frequency ranges from 3.9 to 4.5 gigahertz, which is insane for the motherboard. I chose auras x 570 pro wi fi because it has pci gen4 slot, for which we can use gen 4 ssds, which is extremely fast, also supports latest gen, 4 supported graphics card. It also has wi fi 6 and front and rear usb 3.2 gen, 2 type c port, which are the latest of all, and the most important thing for gaming is graphics card, for which i chose newly launched amd radeon rx 6800 16gb graphics card, which is pci Gen4 supported where we can play 4k games very smoothly. I have been told that when you club this series, ryzen processor and radiant card together, you will get up to 16 percent performance boost on select game titles, so let’s see how this graphics card stacks. Up with this processor and x570 motherboard, but before that let’s first complete the assembly Music, Music, Music, Music, dudes, Music, Music. Finally, the assembly is complete, as it is a gaming pc.

So i have installed few games to test its performance. You can see the fps on top left corner and all the games are played in 2k, ultra hd graphics, setting so let’s enjoy the gameplay havoc and let’s slip. The dogs bye. What are you doing? Wow, Music? Usually i don’t play a lot of games, so i don’t have much knowledge about gameplay, but while playing those game, i really enjoyed the graphics and the smoothness that it offered and thanks to gigabyte, horas and amd for sponsoring this video so that’s it for now and I’Ll see you in my next one with a very interesting diy idea.