Instead of version 1.52 we’re going to be testing out 1.60 and the big thing is on the screen behind me: yeah, they improved the touch screen, sensitivity apparently and performance whatever you want to call it, but it’s a known issue for the gopro hero 9., so i’m, Going to start with the touch screen here and you can see there, you go 1.52 boom, that’s the firmware version we’re using and we’re going to upgrade to 1.60, but first i’m going to go ahead and show you how it’s performing now. I find that, with these digits being big and fat, that my thumb actually is the best one to get the reaction from the screen go figure but i’m hoping they fix that along the way i’m. Also going to show you the best way to upgrade the firmware, which is manually so i’m, going to walk you through that process and then we’re going to fire up 1.60 on this camera and see if it doesn’t work better. So, stick around all right. Here we go Music, we are on the menu screen. You can see that it works pretty good with my finger here, but if i go all the way back out to the main screen, i have a few issues with it so yeah. If it’s got to be tapped just right and when it’s cold out, i i have a huge problem trying to get this screen to work, it’s actually working really well today, because it’s, warm and humid.

I think that helps yeah see right there it. It loses track of my finger i’m, not a huge fan of that it’s hard to select just the right icon there. We go so all right, so that’s our that was our screen mode. Uh we’re gon na try the update and then we’ll see what we get so let’s go. Do that okay, so we have a list of improvements here. It improves the touch screen, which i already mentioned, apparently enhances connectivity with the quick app which i don’t use. The hero9 has a front facing screen, so i don’t really need it for preview anymore, so i i’m bothered with it honestly um boost reliability when using the remote that i’m gon na have to test, because it’s been kind of poor actually and then quick capture. I don’t use i’ve actually heard that quick capture can cause issues with the audio and microphones, so i don’t use that improves power on reliability. That is a known issue. Sometimes the camera doesn’t want to boot up and i haven’t used open gopro. So another non issue and, of course the general bug fixes so to do the upgrade we’ll go to scroll down to device camera. Software updates. Click on that this is a hero9 click on that click on update your camera manually i’ll go ahead and enter my serial number and email address check the little box uncheck that one, because i already get their emails click next step.

Now you may run into an issue where gopro’s website will not generate the download it blanks out the next step button and puts up a red circle to slash through it. So, in that case, what you need to do is clear: the cache on your browser for Once you do that, then it works just fine, so we’re going to start by downloading the update, and while that downloads i will unplug my camera as it’s now fully charged and remove the battery and then i’ll remove the sd card. If you buy any of the sandisk sd cards, they come with these fancy adapters. It just slots right in here label, side up and then it’ll go into any sd card slot uh. My computer has one right here. If you don’t have one, then you’ll probably need this, which is a usb uh adapter for it, and this will read the sd card. Okay, so i have downloaded the file into a special folder. Just for this and i’ll right, click on the zip file say extract. All and it’ll bring up this window and i just want to say, extract and we’ll give it a second and it’s created these three files. So we can go into the folder. You see the three files we’ll go back, you can either select the folder and press ctrl c on your keyboard or you can right click and say copy, which is what i’m going to do and then we’ll go over to our sd card and in our sd Card we can either click in this blank space and press, ctrl, v or right click and say paste and that’ll just take a few seconds to copy over and according to gopro it’s, going to do an automatic update as soon as we pop the sd card.

Out of the computer and then out of our adapter tada and then we’ll slot it right here in our camera label. Side facing the internals of the camera make sure it clicks into place, drop the battery in and as soon as i fire it up. It should start the update and there is what you’re looking for so it’s gon na. Do an update and it’s going to take a couple of minutes and reboot a few times make some beeping noises that sort of nonsense. But while it does, if you haven’t already boot that, like button and consider subscribing to the channel, i do a lot of gear reviews, gear updates, tech tips, motovlogs gear setup for motovlogs. I do a lot of things, but usually it’s entertaining you never know what you’re going to get when you click on one of my videos. So if you’re enjoying this one, definitely poop the like button and go peruse the channel see what other kind of shenanigans i’ve gotten up to and look. It turned off already. Maybe it’s almost done now. The front screen says it’s updating, look at that see front screen. This front screen’s awesome and since we also have time question of the day how’s your week going leave me a comment below. Let me know what kind of positive things have happened to you this week, oh, we got a beep update, complete Music that turned off anyway. It said, update complete and now it beeped ooh, hey that’s already better.

I can tell that that’s working better than it did before. Oh yeah much better, so let’s go over preferences about camera info version, 1.6. 1.6, baby yeah. So at this point we checked our firmware version. I showed you that it was uh less than optimally responsive with the old touch screen. Here we did the update manually. If you want to do the the update automatically, you can use the quick app on your phone uh that’s, pretty easy, you just kind of pair it and then follow instructions, usually works pretty well. But this i have read that the most uh reliable way of doing a firmware upgrade is to actually do it manually so that’s what we did here and then we found that the screen is much more responsive, so good job gopro anyway. If you enjoyed this video leave it a like go peruse the channel see if there’s something worth subscribing to.