So it should give you a good idea of how it handles um, with most of the flagships out now or even like. The mid range should be very similar response and very similar results. So i’m, just going to go through um, go through and play a few of the games that are out some of the free ones um if you’re a pro member um. Also some of the games that i did purchase myself. So i guess we’ll go ahead and stop the top of the list and check out madden 21. Here this game definitely has a very high high end graphics. So this should be a good test to jump off with so we’ll be right back into the gameplay. So here we are the game’s loading up. This is just the initial uh video sequence that plays when you boot the game up and today we’re going to be using the ps4 um dual shock controller to play. Um. If you don’t know how to sync that up to your phone got, the link to the video right up here go ahead and click it check that out. If you want to play along with me all right, so let’s go ahead and hit here and start this game up, we’ll be back with the gameplay all right guys. So we back with the gameplay. I went ahead and loaded up my philadelphia eagles with my eagles fans at so here’s. The opening game sequence, graphics, are definitely definitely super super nice.

I mean on a device like this. With the screen size, it looks like the the video is like similar to like 4k quality, very high, very smooth frame rate it’s, looking good so i’m going to button through all of this let’s get into the gameplay. Initially button response. Time feels great, and as far as my setup um, my wi fi connection is downstairs. Um don’t have the strongest where i’m at so this is really a good test to kind of stress test it to see like how it performs under a connection that’s, not the best. I did see like a little um break up in the sound there, but still looking pretty smooth. Overall, they had another little break up there. Somehow it still maintains the um the response. Time of the controller, as you see there’s like a little bit of um like speed ramping on, i guess to get it back up to speed now. I’M. Just super impressed with these graphics it’s, just amazing what they can do. Music, nice tackle there all right, let’s just run a few more plays here then we’ll happen to another game. Oh so me just playing it like i’m i’m, not even thinking about the fact that this is like all wireless like all streaming. It just feels like it’s native to the phone i don’t feel any lag in my responses or my button. My tackles or anything i’m doing is just minimal delay here.

So any of these games that i’m gon na do a quick play on today. Guys, let me know if you want to see an in depth: um gameplay um. I know there aren’t many um stadia gameplay videos out here. So let me know any of these games. If you want to see an in depth, gameplay video on them put it down in the comments now get that up for you guys nice replay there all right. So we back over in the stadium dashboard let’s, see what game we’re gon na try out now. Let’S! Go ahead and try this resident evil biohazard out – and this is my first time booting this up so you’re, seeing it right along with me all right, so it just dropped me in um to a driving scene it’s. The first time i ever control anything i’m. Looking around with my right analog, stick everything looking good graphics, look phenomenal. Once again, i am controlling this with the dual shock. 4 controller. This looks. Amazing. Guys feels good. All right, graphics are amazing. Okay let’s tell them. You can check your objectives all right, so it looks like i’m gon na be going up to this house. I can duck down. I can sprint also all right x to open the gate, yep so it’s locked. So apparently we have to find another way around here. All right guys i’m not going to stay in this too long and try to figure.

This out looks like it’s going to take me a while to figure this part, so we’ll go ahead and hop into another game. So two for two here so far. Looking good see you the next game, all right guys, so now we have little nightmares too loaded up let’s go ahead and dive in all right, so i am able to control them at this point, controls still feel good. Graphics. Still, look good looks like i’m. Only able to jump at this point pressing all the other buttons well and i can yell out apparently by pressing the triangle button, and i can also crouch down and walk slowly i’m, not sure how to sprint. Yet, if i can, this game is uh very similar to the old school little big planet on playstation, great graphics, uh, great physics, things like that. Definitely uh might be a game. You guys want to check out if you like things like that, okay, so it’s telling me to i can drag by holding down one of these buttons. I didn’t catch it. Oh there it the r1 button. I guess i got a creep in here there you go very nice, all right, guys, let’s go ahead and skip over to the next game. See you, then all right. So our last game, we’re gon na check out here, is gon na. Be fifa. 21. Graphics. Look amazing super smooth, go ahead and button through and get it going all right, a little bit of skills.

There feels great okay with a tackle, see what we can do here. Music Applause see some of the graphics with this gold celebration, looking good right guys. So i’m, going to end the video there, like i said, let me know if there are any games you want to see in depth game play on um. I can definitely get that up in 4k. For you. Let me know in the comments i’m also going to do a video showcasing how that stated. Gameplay is on the google tv app now so be on the lookout for that, and i will link that in the descriptions definitely give me a thumbs up if you like.