However, there are alternatives that are duplicates of the Google Play Store and these can easily be installed on Fire Sticks via TVs and fire tablets in this video Ill show you how to install them to replicate the Google Play Store on your fire device. So, stick with me and lets check it out: foreign Music, if youre looking for a new VPN service, why dont you check out the links in the description below this video clicking on these links cannot only give you a great discount off of your next VPN subscription, But clicking through these links also helps to support my channel now. I know that it can be frustrating that Amazon limits, the fire stick: Fire TV and Fire tablet users only to download apps from the Amazon app store. Now, whilst there are thousands of apps available its no comparison to the millions of apps that are on the Google Play Store since the fire stick was released, there have been numerous online tutorials on how to install the Google Play Store, but this also required installing Google Framework and the Google Play services. Not only did all of this take up a lot of space on the fire stick, but it also resulted in many Fire Sticks becoming bricked and unusable. Now, recent actions taken by Amazon have since prevented users from doing this, and there are many reasons why Amazon doesnt give you access to the Google Play Store on your fire. Stick mainly due to legal and Licensing issues, plus theres.

Also, the fact that millions of apps in the Google Store are designed to work specifically on Android and touch screen devices. In those cases, those apps wont work correctly on the fire. Stick anyway at least not without having additional apps to change your screen orientation and navigate using a virtual Mouse. So, as you now know, you cant have the Google Play Store on your fire device, but you can install a replica instead. Naturally, this replica isnt available from the Amazon app store, but that wont stop you Amazon devices, including fire tablets, can install other apps by side loading and Ill. Show you just how easy that is using the downloader app. You can get an alternative, app store from my website if you dont have the downloader app already installed, install it from the Amazon app store by searching and installing it or if youre, using a Fire tablet open a web browser and go directly to my website. Firetvstix.Com tap on the menu and select downloads. If you are using the downloader app, you will need to give permission for downloader to install apps go into your fire. Stick settings My Fire TV developer options, install unknown apps and click on downloader to turn the permission on open, downloader and type in 28907. Then click go wait. A few seconds for my downloads page to load then press the menu button on your remote and press. It again to enter full screen mode, tap down the screen, to view a list of categories tap on the App Stores category and then youll be taken to a list of alternative app stores for your fire.

Stick I recommend using Aptoide TV on a fire stick or fire TVs as its one of the best and easiest to use. You can try any of these other stores, but not all of them will work correctly on the fire stick or be regularly updated. The Aurora store, for example, is difficult to use without a mouse toggle and can cause your fire sticks and fire TVs to crash or get stuck on the permissions or install screen its, not one that I would recommend you waste your time on trying, oh and as A side note please: dont, try to install the Amazon app store onto an Amazon device. Theres, obviously no need its already on your device. I know it sounds obvious, but there are a few that have tried. This could break your device and make it unusable. Select the App Store that you want to install in this example Im using Aptoide TV, then on the next screen, move down. Until you see a blue download button that looks like this select it to download the APK or installation file. Then click on install to install the app once its installed click done. Then click delete and delete again to delete the installation file as its no longer required. Music youll need to change your fire. Stick permissions to allow the alternative, app store to install apps so head into your fire. Stick settings Choose My Fire TV developer options if developer options are missing for you, click on the video in the link above me or in the description down below install unknown apps.

Then select the app to turn the permission on. You can then go into your app screen and open the alternative app store from there. Aptoide TV is straightforward to use, make sure when you open it that you select allow, and this will allow Aptoide TV to access your device. Otherwise it wont be able to save the downloaded app files. Then, once youre in its simply a case of browsing around looking at the categories and installing apps once youve selected an app, you can either look at other versions, view more information and hit the install button to install any new apps. I hope that this video has answered the question: can you install the Google Play Store on your fire stick and shown you that there are some alternatives? Thank you for watching. I hope that you found this video helpful dont forget to hit that Thumbs Up Button. If you did comment and subscribe to my channel making sure that you turn on notifications, so you dont miss out on any of my latest releases. These small actions from you make a big difference to me and help to improve how YouTube recommends my videos to potential subscribers, and I truly appreciate your help.