Google has finally announced a pixel fold. Its first folding phone thats been rumored for years now, its coming out this summer, it costs 17.99 and it comes in two colors obsidian and Porcelain, which normal people will call Black or White. The pixel fold is a very similar device to the Samsung Galaxy fold, 4, meaning that it is a smaller phone that opens up into a bigger, almost tablet size device. The outside screen is 5.8 inches. The inside screen is 7.6 inches, but theyre different aspect ratios than what Samsungs doing so on the outside screen its a little bit shorter, but its a lot wider, so its more comfortable to type on feels more like a normal phone when youre using it and then The inside screen is actually larger than what Samsung is doing. Its got. A bigger, more expansive display on the inside both screens are 120 hertz OLED. They feel really fast and snappy theyre very smooth to scroll on very nice. Looking screens didnt get a chance to take a look at it outside, but well have to follow up on that. The hinge is a new one developed by Google that allows the phone to fold completely flat, theres no Gap when its folded, unlike the Samsung phone and then its completely flat when it opens up its 180 degree hinge, and it will hold its position. However, you open it up, so if you open it up part way or if you open it up 90 degrees, it will hold that position and you can use it to take photos prop It Up.

Watch video other kinds of things like that, when you open it up, there is a noticeable crease on the inside, similar to what you see with Samsungs. They have not eliminated that crease fully. However, its pretty minimal the time with it that I had it, it was actually pretty hard to see the crease unless I was specifically looking for it, its most notable when the screen is off, but frankly that doesnt really matter that much its, not really a problem. For me on the full four and I dont think its going to be a problem on the pixel fold now Google says this hinge is rated for 200 000 folds, similar durability to Samsungs its also an ipx8 rated phone, which means that its rated against water resistance, But not dust exposure, so its still going to be a pretty delicate thing that you have to take care of and be aware of when youre using a pixel fold. This is not quite the same as a standard slab smartphone its also impressively thin. Google says its less than six millimeters thick, which is about two thirds: the thickness of a pixel, 7 Pro and, of course thats for each half. So when you close it its about double that or so, but its still thin enough to fit into a pocket easily, it doesnt feel nearly as bulky as you might expect for a folding phone and its noticeably thinner than the Galaxy Z fold.

4. When its closed up the pixel folds got a tensor G2 processor in it its the same processor thats in the pixel 7 Pro the pixel 7, the new pixel 7A and the pixel tablets across the line Googles, putting the same processor in all of its phones. Its got all the same performance and capabilities that you can expect on. Those phones, including similar features for the Google assistant and call assistant, as well as similar camera features, youll be able to get it with 256 gigs or 512 gigs of storage, but unfortunately theres. No micro, SD card slot and theres also no support for any stylus input on the pixel fold, which is a little bit surprising. Considering Samsungs made that a key feature with the Galaxy z fold 4. now Googles claiming all day battery life with the pixel fold. Its got a dual battery system. The batteries are extremely thin. Its got one in each half of it its hard to say how good that battery life is going to be in real life, though, when we actually use it, especially given the size of the screen on the inside of the fold, its a noticeably larger screen than Samsungs Galaxy Z, fold 4, and it gives you more room for putting apps side by side or watching video or anything of the sort. Thats more immersive, its just a bigger nicer display for cameras. The pixel fold has a total of five cameras. Theres, a camera on the outside for selfies theres, a camera on the inside above the screen in the bezel for video calling and then on the back side.

Its got a total of three cameras: 48 megapixel, main camera, a 10.8 megapixel Ultra wide camera and then another 10.8 megapixel 5x telephoto camera its a very similar camera system to what you get on the pixel 7 Pro, but its not exactly the same. Its got smaller. Sensors across the board, which were necessary in order to fit it in the pixel folds designs. Now Google says it has the same capabilities and software features as the pixel 7 Pro, but well have to wait and see until were able to test it in the real world to see how good the camera system is. One of the complaints with Samsungs Galaxy Z, fold 4, is that its always had worse camera systems than other top end. Samsung phones and Google saying that its put at the best cameras that it can there are a couple software tricks with the folds, unique design and its cameras. You can prop it up when its folded part way to use it to take some selfies or you can flip it around when its open and use the rear cameras and the outside display as your viewfinder for selfies as well. So you can get better quality image. Selfie its very similar to what Samsungs offering on the z fold for as well now in terms of software, the pixel fold is launching, with Android 13, its obviously going to be upgraded to Android 14 in the near future. Probably after launch and Google says that it has updated over 50 of its own apps to support the screen and provide better experiences when youre using the larger inside display apps like Google, keep and maps and YouTube, and things like that will offer dual pane designs that Take better use of the larger screen when youre using it.

You can watch a video on the outside of the phone and then open it up, and it will continue playing on the inside and theres. Also, some multitasking features that you can do. You can do drag and drop split screen, two apps at the same time, but its definitely not as comprehensive as the multitasking or windowing features that you get on the z fold 4, which allows you to run more than two apps at a time. Of course, the open question is how many third party apps are going to take advantage of the faults, unique design and larger screen and were just gon na have to see once we have more time with it. The pixel fold comes with many of the same compromises as Samsungs phone Zone, namely its expensive eighteen hundred dollars a lot of money for a phone, especially when we dont know how durable Googles version is going to be. It is pretty exciting if youre into folding phones, though, because now theres actual competition for Samsung and its not just a single player in the game, at least here in the US. Its been a Samsung only show for so many years now so Im hopeful that Google is able to push Samsung and the rest of the industry to move forward on this technology pixel fold wasnt. The only thing that was announced today Googles also got a new pixel. 7A, as well as a pixel tablet, you can find all the information about that on the verge.