It starts at eighteen hundred dollars, which is actually the same price that Samsung charges for the Galaxy z. Fold 4 without a trade in discount Ive only had a few minutes with the pixel fold, but so far it seems like Google is off to a really promising start when it comes to foldable phones now lets take a look. Thank you. The pixel fold has a 5.8 inch cover screen and a 7.6 inch interior screen. It runs on Googles, tensor, G2 processor, just like the pixel 7 and pixel 7 Pro. There are also three cameras on the back Ultra wide camera, a wide camera and a telephoto lens. But what really stood out to me so far in the first few minutes with the phone was a design. It has a much wider cover screen compared to the Galaxy Z fold 4, which, in my opinion, will probably make it easier to use as a regular phone. When its closed, it feels much more natural to use the cover screen to interact with apps browse websites and do all sorts of things that we normally use. Our phones for and again Ill have to spend more time with it before I really know for sure, but so far I really like this wider design compared to the Galaxy Z, fold. 4S. More slim cover screen and then, when you open up the phone you get. This nice big tablet size screen on the inside. It actually reminds me more of using a tablet in landscape mode, and the aspect ratio is a little bit different than what you can expect to get on the Galaxy Z fold.

My only complaint so far with the inner screen is that the bezels are fairly noticeable. Samsung does a better job of kind of blending them into the background, but again Ill have to spend more time with it before I really know how big of a deal. This is and yes, you can see the crease its not super noticeable, but you can definitely tell that its there when the phone is closed. What I really like about it is that theres no Gap the phone closes completely with no space, which really is another way that Google is distinguishing its phone from Samsungs foldable phone. As you can see, the Galaxy Z fold 4 does have a little bit of a gap. It doesnt quite close completely like the pixel fold. Does all that aside? Software is one of the most important things when it comes to foldable phones. After all, what use is that giant screen if you dont have good software that really takes advantage of it? So far, what weve, seen with the pixel fold is some fairly basic. Multitasking features that weve seen on other foldables, such as the ability to view apps in split screen mode, and yes, Google has its own version of Samsungs Flex mode, which it calls tabletop mode. So this essentially lets you split apps between the top and bottom portions of the screen when its folded halfway again, all of these things are pretty useful and I think theyll make the pixel fold a pretty useful productivity device, but theres, nothing really here that sets it Apart just yet, however, there is one unique thing so far that Google is doing with foldables that I think could set it apart from Samsung and some other competitors, it seems like Google is coming up with interesting ways to have the outer screen and the inner screen Work together, for example, when youre in the camera app, you can actually switch the screen so that, when youre taking a selfie, you can use the cover screen as a viewfinder.

While you use the rear cameras as your camera, when youre taking a selfie – and this is interesting because the rear cameras have a higher resolution than the selfie camera, so if youre trying to get a good photo youll more often than not want to use the rear Cameras but again that can be challenging because you cant see yourself usually when youre, using the rear cameras so having that extra screen that can act as a viewfinder could be really useful. Another thing that I really loved and unfortunately we didnt get to film this, but I did get to see it in a demo is the way Google is thinking about this when it comes to translation. So so in one demo that I saw hold up the phone and have the cover screen face outwards to someone who was speaking a different language so that that person could see one side of the conversation. While you were seeing the other – and I thought that was really interesting because again, it kind of shows how Google is thinking differently about how to put those two different screens to use foreign overall Im really impressed with the pixel fold so far.