They flew me out to cover the event, so I got registered at their big tent got my badge looking spiffy and then I got a chance to walk around campus for a little bit and it was just really fun to take it all in. But of course I was there for Google, I O and all of their big announcements at the Shoreline Amphitheater. So lets just talk about the hardware and yes were gon na start with the Google pixel fold, and this is it and it feels amazing right away. This is just the slimmest foldable phone that I have ever felt before. I even knew the actual specs of the device. I could just tell and its a 5.8 inch display when its folded with a 2092 by 1080 display resolution up to 120 hertz refresh rate. You got high dynamic range theres, something that just feels so nice about this one and then, when you unfold it, its a 7.6 inch display with the 2208 by 1840 resolution, again, 120 hertz, refresh rate and HDR, and you can see theres a little charm here. With this animated wallpaper, where the wings they actually move, as you open the display like wings spreading now, the hinge rotates to a full 180 degrees and when you initially open it in what feels natural, it doesnt actually open completely flat. So youre gon na have to kind of give it a little bit of extra push and Google engineers said thats deliberate because they wanted a hinge that has resistance all the way through so thats the trade off.

I think it kind of feels like it goes to 178 degrees, but you just got to give it a little extra oomph to get it flat. Now youll see the crease when it hits the light and every foldable gets it at some angles. This isnt a horrible crease but its there and its going to show up just like on any foldable just like it always has its the nature of the devices right now and Ive used the Oppo Fine 2. Ive used the Samsung Galaxy Z fold lineup extensively, but This is easily the best feeling and slim is foldable. I also brought out the fold four just to compare and I was just never completely sold on the candy bar Style Dimensions, but I love the functionality of the Samsung fold when both of these are closed. The pixel fold is thinner side by side, its 14.2 to 15.8 millimeters for the z fold, four, where you got the pixel fold: thats 12.1 millimeter, so thats, almost four millimeters thinner at both of their thickest points and when both of these are open and open flat. The pixel fold is thinner as well. You get 5.8 millimeters for the pixel fold and 6.3 millimeters for the Z fold. Four now you dont need specs to tell you this, but in hand. The pixel fold instantly feels better. Even when you open it, it kind of reminds me of like a little moleskin notebook, just the dimensions.

It just feels nice, but lets take a look at this and check out the pocket test, because I tend to wear skinnier jeans. Ive told you about this. A lot and the pixel fold also feels better between the two, yes, its thicker than my iPhone in pocket, but I normally have a case on my iPhone and it just feels like maybe a couple millimeters tops thicker than that. So not much – and this is not a huge, bold and its pocketable and foldable, and it fits in my pants thats a big deal now the Samsung Z fold. It always felt like this thick bulging bar against my leg, and it was never really that comfortable. For Me, Maybe people with longer legs – maybe they dont feel that way. But although some of you, you might like how it looks in your pocket, but Google just absolutely nailed the design and the form factor here now they have some cool continuity. Software features for it already, if youre watching the video on the outside cover, you know, I would say, hey check out this really good YouTuber. I follow named Brian Tong. You should definitely check it out, but when the phone is folded up and you open it up, the video then obviously plays on the dual screens in the app and lets just say you want to take a picture and the pixel fold is already open. You can choose the camera app and then choose to switch to the external camera, which is its best camera.

Then you turn the folder around. You can take advantage of its 48 megapixel camera and you can also use its Ultra wide camera option and it has a 5x optical zoom. So it is the best quality camera on a foldable, and we know how good their camera is for Stills. So youre just not compromising there just because its a foldable now split screen lets just swipe up from the bottom and get the taskbar. And then you can pull an app to do two things at once. Right use both screens just like youd, expect side by side, and then they showed another fun use of their live, translate interpreter which could actually come in handy now. Theres fingerprint scanner built into the power button facial recognition and has ipx8 water resistance. Google says it gets Beyond 24 hours of battery life with up to 72 hours with our Extreme battery life saver feature, and it also supports 30 watt USBC fast charging and Qi certified wireless charging, so it pretty much has everything that you can check the boxes off For now, some of you in the bezel Community might be looking at the screen and say look at that bezel and I honestly dont think its that bad and the feel and the functionality of the device doesnt make it an issue. For me, the hinge design Google went with even according to their engineer team allowed the pixel fold to have a thinner design thats by moving it to the edges.

Instead of making it under the display, which would have made for a thicker phone, which is what other manufacturers have done for other foldables, so maybe you look at it, you feel it. It gives you some of those surface Duo Vibes, but I think that the trade off is what makes this the best feeling foldable in hand close closed and open, and most of us are going to use this phones single screen and yes, its a little thicker. But it feels usable as a standard phone. Another thing with the fold right its like that candy bar it doesnt really feel like a standard phone. You get 5.8 inches. It feels like a phone when its all closed up and if this isnt for you, if you want a standard phone, yeah, correct a foldable, this is a device that does more than that and the pixel fold its available for pre order. Today for 17.99 thats, 1. 799 itll be available sometime next month, youre also going to get a free pixel watch with your pre order, thats a 349.99 value added. On top of that it comes in two colors porcelain and obsidian. The porcelain option comes with 256 gigs of storage. The obsidian one offers a 512 gig storage option for 120 dollars more and if you cant tell for my first impressions, I think this device is special. You know you get all the Google AI features packed in there with a tensor G2 processor.

The price is obviously not for everyone come on. We all know that, but for me, Ive been looking for a foldable as like a weekend warrior just a phone as an alternative to the iPhone. That just brings something different to the table for me, and I think I found it like the design, the form factor, the feel not skimping by including their top camera system thats. What gets me so? I put in my pre order for the very first foldable that I will own and Google they arent giving me one of these Im throwing down for it, because I really think its that good and we also have to say right Samsung. They deserve all the credit for establishing the foldable Market here in the US and just going for it, and they really do, and they also have the largest market share for foldables today. But Googles pixel fold is really to me the type of device that just moves. The category forward and will be one of the steps to just making foldables even more viable in the future, theyre 1800 now theyre, eventually going to come down in price. They can eventually get Slimmer and the form factor. I think a lot of people that havent seen anything like this theyre gon na love it. So I cant wait to do my own in depth. Review of it. Okay, next up, maybe arguably Googles best product of the year, did my voice almost crack saying that Im gon na say it right now, its gon na be the pixel tablet, all right, Innovative design, taking the tablet category to a new place that everyone should and probably Will copy its a tablet that has a charging speaker dock and can be used as a tablet Standalone or connected to be a home hub? Now it has an 11 inch display.

You get a 2560 by 1600 resolution that lets you control your home as well. For me, I do have a nest home security system and my my desktop. It actually died just recently after right at that two year Mark so right now. This makes perfect sense for me to try out and actually use as my new Nest Hub, but now its also a tablet now Googles been working on making more of their apps and working with third party companies to just get that tablet dedicate dedicated sized apps for Android youre going to get their tensor G2 processor a 12 hour battery life, its the first tablet with Chromecast built in so you can throw content to it, and you can also look it magnetically docks to the speaker dock, but the most interesting accessory for it that That has to be for me is this case with that metal, Loop, stand and looks, classy looks elegant and it has a pretty strong resistance which allows you to use the pixel tablet in different positions, whether its standing like an easel or setting it at this low Profile angle, to type on, even one of the Reps said that they take off their car seat head cushion and then put it put the actual pixel tablet with the case with that metal loop on it to use it for their kids to watch videos on the Road with the tablet facing the back, I think thats, crazy, thats cool idea, actually so the case, it also acts as a guide.

That then also makes it a whole lot easier to dock to the speaker dock instead of just guessing for The Sweet Spot. It is magnetic I found that sometimes Im like I was kind of guessing, but once you have the case on that Loop, it just goes uh, it fits right and then it adds a classy accent from behind. Now it comes in three colors porcelain, Hazel and Rose. It costs 4.99 for the 128 gig model 5.99 for the 256 gig model, and it comes with the speaker dock for that price, so starting at 4.99. That is a great value. You can pre order now and it ships in July and this product to remind me kind of also like the pixel fold, its just theyre helping move the product category forward. You know a cover Tech. I like Innovation. I, like things that I havent seen that are actually practical and bring new things to table, so this is really cool. Okay and then the new pixel 7A Googles most affordable phone. That starts at 499 dollars. You got a 6.1 inch display 128 gigs of storage. The same tensor G2 processor, all that AI packed into it and then the design wise. I love how theyre doing this color matching camera bar with a metal finish that to me makes it even more stylish than the seven and the Seven Pro um theyre going to be four colors available C, which is that nice light blue charcoal and snow.

And then Coral this is a Google Store exclusive that you can pre order today and it ships in a week. So that was my experience from Google. I O they showed off a ton of AI software features. You can check out their keynote online and if you just look at what theyre doing now – and they really truly have now this entire ecosystem of products, they have their ecosystem of software that theyre connecting to it a la another fruit company theyre, doing it their own Way and a design language that I think is just consistent through and through its Unique. It stands out and it looks very modern and fresh. So hey thanks! So much for watching this and Ill see you on the next video but theres. My Google aisle wrap up all the hardware that we saw, but Im excited for the pixel fold and the pixel tablet to replace my Nest Hub and believe it or not everybody. I dont use 100 all Apple products.