Sorry, I I couldnt help it uh moving uh gon na be new space. New Look new new uh Im really excited uh, but I wanted to make this short video because in this office, while I didnt start my YouTube channel here, uh Ive hit just about every major milestone in this office uh. So its kind of been a big part of my life and a big part of the channel, and I didnt want to just like rip the Band Aid off and be in a new space. So this will probably be one of the last times you ever see. This space – I I might have like one or two other videos – uh, come out after this video just, but they were made before this scheduling uh but yeah. This is it lets, go see the new space, so this is it. This is the new place. I am incredibly excited to be in here uh its a little over a week since I officially moved in, but it took a lot of time to get. You know moved in everything set up uh, but I am officially in so excited this right here. What youre seeing is going to be my typical a roll room. This whole background probably looks pretty familiar to you, the stuff that was in my last place, except for, like this table and stuff thats right down here, but for the most part, its its all. The all the same stuff Im gon na slowly kind of start to move things around and mix things up, but I have a few videos I need to get going, so I just needed to get this room up and going as quickly as possible, but I do Plan on playing with the space and mixing it up, I dont want it to be the same static shot because Ive kind of felt, like Ive, been in a creative rut.

Lately uh, not that Ive been like, you know, burned out on making videos or anything. But I do feel, like you know, I was stuck in that 12 by 12 room at my last place for filming, because the rest of the apartment wasnt big at all um and it wasnt nice, like it wasnt something I was excited to film like a space. I was excited to film in and my whole place, which is now its a condo now um, Im very excited to film in here, like I Ive spent a lot of time making it look nice. So one big difference between my new space versus my last space. My last space, what my studio and my office, where I worked, where I did emails, edited videos, business stuff and recorded videos and podcasts and all that stuff. That was all one room that was all in the same room here, its actually spaced out so uh. This place is bigger than my last place, but the bedrooms themselves are actually smaller than at my last place, its its the common areas like the living room, the kitchen, the dining room that stuff that are that are bigger than my last place. So my filming area and my office area are actually separated out theyre no longer in the same room. So this is going to give me multiple sets to work at. While I imagine Im going to record a majority of the a roll that you see.

You know like in videos and stuff sitting here, because this is the room that is sound, treated uh. You know I did all the sound conditioning in here with help my brother whos, an audio engineer. Uh, this room should be sounding fairly good, its not completely finished, so it should get better in future. Videos um, but the other rooms are big open spaces, so those are going to have a lot of Echo and stuff like that, but those other spaces will be good for filming, b roll shots and like, if I can put like some blankets and stuff around. I might film some a roll out there. Im just excited to have like different sets and different places to do things. One thing that I looked at last year and kind of realized that I needed to Branch out more from just talking about the iPad on YouTube. I feel like Im known as the iPad guy and while I I appreciate that, like Im, not like saying thats a bad thing, uh, the iPad is in an interesting rut. Right now – and I definitely feel like I want to cover more than just the iPad and having that space is going to allow me to do it – Ive been doing a lot of home automation, stuff, so Im gon na Im gon na make like a whole like Walk through MTV crib style like home, automation, video but also Ive, been upgrading. Like my network gear, Ive been getting 10 gig ethernet in here and prep for a new Nas and all this stuff.

So, like um, I want to start branching out more, but overall, Im just energized Im energized to make videos again I wasnt necessarily burnt out on making videos. I was burnt out on making the same videos and since moving into this place a little over a week ago, Ive had so many new ideas. I am so excited to get making videos again uh. So I just wanted to say thank you to everyone that has been watching this channel been watching my videos, um Ive been doing it for a little over six years. Now, Im excited for this new chapter. I wanted to make this video because I didnt want it to be like a Band Aid. I just ripped off and be like, oh whole, new space. Why is everything changed, especially? You know for people that have been long time, viewers of the channel. That would be a bit jarring, so thats. What this is whole new chapter super excited to get going. Um theyll still be the same: iPad videos, tips and tricks, OS walkthroughs, app walkthroughs things like that, but Im also excited to do more stuff as well.