This is andre of andres tech, time and product reviews with part two of the gmk nut box, and actually i want to offer all of you an apology, because last night i put up a video with the full review of this little micro, pc, powerful palm sized And the performance portion didnt come out very well, there must have been. You know the settings were off in the application for the capture card or maybe the settings were off within the computer. You know some windows settings so that portion came out choppy as it was recorded, but it, but at the way i was looking at it. Everything was fine, so you cant get a sense of how how good it looked on the computer, so im going old school. I mean really old school im just going to point the camera directly at the screen. Ive got it. The brightness turned out, so yall can see exactly whats going on. I just decided that it was just best just to do this portion over. So if you didnt see part one go ahead and click on the link because thats the full review, this is just gon na, be the performance uh portion so right there nut box, intel, celeron, j4125 windows, 10, home, etc, etc. Uh lets see eight gigs of memory right there, so thats what were working with on the nut box and lets go ahead and open up some applications and im gon na start with calculator popped right up.

Let me see about raising this just a little bit, so i wont cut off the top. So much okay lets see if i can keep it right there and lets close that, because once again, when i was launching applications and doing stuff it looked like it was just um kind of choppy, and i want to prove to yall that its not so theres Mel i clicked on uh mail outlook, i guess, and it just popped right up. Let me go ahead and close that and lets try. Uh lets, try libra office libreoffice is kind of intensive. It takes a second to open up, no matter what kind of computer and what kind of processor you have so there it goes. You can see pop right up there. It is, and i think last time i launched paint as well so lets theres paint and, as you can see popped right up, so let me go ahead and go into to into chrome and theres the video from last night im going to turn that on and You can see its playing very smooth in the previous video. You would have seen the video playing choppy because, like i said it, just wasnt recording properly, but its playing youtube. Just fine im going to turn on some stats here and its looking pretty good its dropped. Three frames out of 17.99, so thats not bad, so this is um uh, 4k 30 frames per second test. Video lets go ahead and click on that and you can see how smoothly its moving and, like i said you know this was very choppy in the previous video very very choppy.

So let me pause that, for a second now were gon na do 4k at 60 frames per second, and you can see it moving and in the previous video. For some reason i dont even think it was moving, even though i was watching it moving on screen. So you can see that its playing you know 40 uh 4k at 60 frames per second. This is one of the things we could not see. We could not see netflix because it just wasnt recording if i click on netflix um, with the uh capture card, its all blacked out. So i dont know what this is selling tampa. I have no idea but im gon na go ahead and click on play and you can see the video pops right up and it should begin playing actually lets help it along a little bit. You can see there. It is its playing its on the screen. So you can watch, definitely watch netflix, im gon na go there and i had run some test patterns. But you know: im not gon na do that now, because we saw that it can run 4k and and 60k um uh 4k at 30 frames and 4k at 60 frames. We saw that so lets go to amazon. I dont know what this is yearly departed but lets click on. I think my wife is watching that one. It said season two so yeah season, two episode one. I wonder if this is any good ill ask her im gon na go ahead and move forward a little bit, so you can see there.

It is amazon is going just fine, not a problem. There lets go into paramount and the game lets click on the game. This is the new game for those of yall that used to watch the game a few years back. This is the brand new one that just started and lets click on that, and it should be popping up any second and once again, just like the previous video. I am having a little problem with my internet service company. I used to work for as a network technician, slash network engineer. I guess you could say. Let me see uh whats going on. There may be a problem with actual paramount because i know it plays. I did watch something from paramount on this when i first got it just to make sure it was playing so this video, okay, theyre unable to load a message from their sponsors, but in any event, we know that it works. Uh lets check out the speed and see now i have 70 megs lets see if its running slow, again um actually thats, not too bad thats about the bet wow its got. It got just a little bit over 70. thats about the best its ever run. Im always having a problem with it, so um so paramount theres, a problem with paramount if you could see that, but we saw that its going to run 4k at 30 frames per second, its going to run 4k at 60 frames per second, which really looks thats.

Very clear, it looks really really cool and you know we can watch netflix and we can watch amazon. So there you go its doing its thing lets go ahead and clear that, and what i did also is. I wanted to mention that, since i am not a gamer, i didnt know what kind of game to load on this computer and i didnt want to load a game. Just just you know. I actually loaded um one of those car games, grand theft auto when i first got it, but then it wanted me to load a bunch of stuff. It was playing, but you know im, not a game player, so i uninstalled it. But what i did just to show how much this computer can handle. I open up a bunch of tabs in one browser and ive got um one, two, three, four: five: six, seven, eight nine ten, eleven twelve thirteen tabs open in another browser. So lets go back here. Im gon na play this video. You can see its playing im gon na play this video. You can see movement there. Im gon na play this video im gon na play this video on netflix play this in amazon, prime and then im going to go back here and im going to go from tab to tab and some of these comics. I read online comics. Some of them take a second to open, but you can see as its playing a bunch of videos its also you know going um.

You know its doing what its supposed to do. Let me click on the link you can see you know. Stuff is just happening. Its not slowing down, let me click, go ahead and get rid of that whatever that is, you can see that, although its doing other stuff, in the background, its just loading up pages no problem, another online comic, um, thats, amazon, thats, uh click on one of oprahs, Favorites, i guess you can see that just loaded um lets see you all know: im a big acura guy ive owned a couple um own an accurate. Now this is my dream. Car im, probably going to end up getting the nsx one day upon retirement. Uh lets see uh lets go to. I think we already saw a chromebook too, but, as you can see its its its just performing very well, while its all, while im also streaming some videos, you know lets go to the next page, just want to show yall that yeah. I do have a bunch of uh tabs open and then i can navigate you know while watching videos. This was the uh, the geekbench scores, and i just left that there from last night and you can, you can see that you know all of the scores and you can just go ahead and pause, and you know zoom in and take a look and lets see What this was about, um lets see valley, acura dealers, you know so there you go stuff is popping up um.

You know im opening up applications and see what disneys about lets leave that open and one of my favorite applications lets open up. Libreoffice again so ive got a bunch of applications open right now lets go to the spreadsheet. You can see that popped right up, ive got a bunch of applications open right now, im streaming some videos, as you can see streaming, you know a few videos, so i dont think that you would have any problem whatsoever running a game on this computer. You know – maybe not the most intensive game, but youll definitely be able to play some games on this computer, so thats. What i wanted to show you, so you can see just how fluid just how smooth this computer can run and there you go. That concludes the performance portion of the gmk nut box. You dig thank you for hanging out here with me on androids tech time and product reviews. I will catch you on the flip side in my next video now.