Please do pug subscribe and ding that notifications Bell cheers so the Asus Pro Art Studio book 16 is aimed primarily at creative Pros people who can make use of that 3D display for design work, although theres obvious entertainment opportunities as well. So, first up as with previous Studio books, the design work is very smart. Indeed, youll. Look every bit the professional when youre rocking this thing in the office done your local Costa and certainly look a bit out of place in the local spoonies thats. For sure. One of the on the obvious design changes for this 2023 model is the positioning of the hinge. As you can see there, the late hinge has been shunted forward towards the keyboard. So now youve got a proper jutting ass lets. Redesign apparently allows for improved heat dissipation, and it does look quite funky as well. That screen does light all the way at flat. Full 180 degree hinge around back. Youve got a couple of big old vents to help again expel all of that nasty hot air and as far as your IO ports are concerned, no real changes there over the previous generation. You connect your power right here. Youve got an HDMI port alongside that, and youve also got yourself a bit of ethernet action, tucked away at the far Edge over on the right Edge. Youve got a type, a USB port and two type Cs, both with Thunderbolt compatibility and then, if we swing the laptop around youll, see youve got yourself a full sized USB port, a headphone jack and an SD memory card.

Slot anyhow lets turn our attention now to the star of the shore. The 16 inch 3.2 kit OLED display, with a 16 by 10 aspect ratio now youll notice that the pro Art Studio book 16 Sports, a dual camera array. Both cameras housed here above that Mighty display these are used to track your eyes, but youve also got other Tech packed in here, including lenticular lenses, which are positioned in front of every sub pixel of that display, unfortunately, for obvious reasons, its really difficult to demonstrate this Ground brick in 3D technology to lovely Fork at home, but Im going to try my best all to say Im using this highly technical device here. First of all lets just pop this out. There we go and for anyone whos interested, we will actually be selling these lid through the tech spurt gift shop. Surprise. Your lover makes an excellent Valentines Day gift. So what well do is the camera lens will just pork straight through my Gip and mouth hole. While the laptops camera lenses focus on my doppelgangers cold lifeless eyes. Is it really working, probably not, but anyway, let me explain when you sit in front of the pro ort studio book 16, you only have to wait a few seconds at most for that 3d effect to kick into life images leap right out at your face as Well as sinking into that play, and you can also adjust the focal length at any point as well, just using a little slider like Source, those images dont feel like theyre, quite going to smack you right in the Gob.

If you want a more subtle effect, the depth of those 3D visuals is mightily impressive for a glasses free experience. Youve got quite a wide view and angle to work with as well. It doesnt start to bulk up until you get quite far to the left or the right edges and itll even keep that 3d effect in place, even if youre a meter or two away from that display and in my experience so far, theres been very little crosstalk Between the left and the right eyes, or the image stays perfectly sure, very little in the way of ghosting or blurring the likes of steam, VR is supported by spatial vision and Asus is even hoping that movie studios will start developing content expressly for this platform. In fact, theyre apparently even tapping up Mr Cameron about the possibility of getting a spatial Vision. Version of Avatar 2 on the go and 3D console can be retroactively fitted to work with spatial Vision, but its not quite as impressive an effect as stuff thats actually designed to work with it. And when you are enjoying some 3D content, you can at any point toggle it between 3D and 2D, at which point the panel just acts exactly like a standard OLED display and what an absolutely gorgeous display. It is as well. Youve got a 3200 by 2000 pixel resolution finish here. So a nice crisp detail, packed images and, as youd expect from an OLED panel, the blacks, accurate color reproduction full HDR support here as well.

Thanks that nice sharp contrast and it maxes out at 120 hertz as well so ideal for Creative content good bit of Gaming, all that good stuff. This 2023 model of the proaught studio book 16 also Sports a larger 16 by 10 aspect, with your touchpad to match that screen and as you can see, this now comes with integrated Mouse buttons as well rather than separate efforts, but youve got haptic feedbacks. You know exactly when you are pushing on those and youve also got MPP 2.0 stylus support on that touchpad. If you want to get all sketchy and yes that Gloria is whose dial is also back in Action as well mechanically, it hasnt changed at all over the previous generation. You can still twiddle and poke as merrily as you like, and this could be used to control. Pretty much all of your favorite apps now as well, so, for instance, you can use it for the media controls or if you browse on the internet, you can even use it to cycle through all of your open tabs or jump directly into your favorite tab. You can even use it, for instance, to control individual features here on YouTube, so you can skim through a timeline. You can change. The playback speeds and Asus has also updated the pro art Creator Hub, which basically acts like a massive control panel and got even more functionality packed in there than ever before. The main dashboard can be used to keep tabs on all of the laptops resources and also cycle through the various performance modes.

You can also quickly and easily identify any color, including the Pantone value and its inside of the Creator Hub, where you can also fully customize that Asus dial. As for the specs. Well, we cant go into too many details because of various embargoes Etc, but the proaught studio, book 16 2023 is powered by a 13th generation Intel chipset. As for the visuals, well, those are handled by a Next Generation. Nvidia GeForce RTX GPU, complete with a mux switch. So you can swap straight to it if you need a bit of extra graphical beef youve also got yourself an improved cooling system which increases the intake through that keyboard and Asus is still fit a good bit of liquid metal cooling for that CPU and also, apparently, Just to confuse matters that little bit more Asus is also going to be launched on a pro aught studio book pro model, which will come with a superior Nvidia GPU, but it wont Rock a 3D display. So if you need be for your graphics, youre, not too bothered about those 3D effects. Well, that might be the one to go for. Specs are rounded off by up to 64 gigs of ddr5 RAM, complete with a pair of upgradable s or dim slots. Plus youve got yourself up to eight terabytes of pcie 4.0 SSD storage, complete again with a pair of M2 slots, so that right there in a a lovely little nutshell, is the fresh new Asus Pro Arts Studio book 16 rocking that Innovative 3D Tech, courtesy of asuss Spatial Vision itd be great to hear your thoughts on this bad boy down in the comments below.

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