So this is by the company gkdy uh company Ive never heard of, but it has some good reviews on on uh Amazon. So I decided to pick it up uh the price on it right now. They have it for about 120 bucks, but they have a twenty dollar uh coupon that you can apply. So I end up getting this for a little bit over 100 bucks. So this is a 15.6 inch full HD, 1080p IPS uh laptop, monitor uh. They call it a gaming monitor as well. It has dual full function, USB type c and HDMI uh its a travel monitor. You can use with your PSP your PS4s, your ps5s Xbox Nintendo switches, all that stuff, so its gon na supposed to have brilliant picture quality uh. Full 1080p IPS has a 178 degree, viewing angle, HDR, dual type c: 16.7 million colors as well uh its going to be ultra slim. The bottom of it is going to be 0.’ inches and the top is going to be 0.23. So this is going to be perfect for your business uh, your meetings, uh diff, and using this for dual screen as well. So yall also can use this uh to extend your phone screens as well, which Im going to do with my note with my z44 thinking about that note. Man so, like I said, switch Xbox, PS5 PS4. All of those that were going to be able to use this whipped so heres the box, it did have the plastic on there.

They sent this just like this. It did have my it wasnt in a box. It just had the plastic all over it. It had my mailing address on it and all that this is it. This is the paper it wasnt in a box, so this is how they send it on the back of it. Well, on the side, you guys see: HD LCD display, HD, processor, serial, sound lightweight Eye Care mode, a parent, a parents, appearance patent and then heres the dimensions and everything on the back of it. Here you guys see right there, so lets go ahead and get this out. This box is Big Man. This is my first time having a external monitor. Lets get this box off of here, so I bought a Nintendo switch. The box is going to troll me right here on camera, all right, so there we are about a Nintendo switch and its going to be perfect to travel with. I do have a big enough bag to put this in so heres. The monitor Im gon na set that to the side heres the instructions on how to connect the monitor right there different ways, different uses got type c, type c to type USB a and there it is so got some more instructions here of how to put your Case on right there and then lets get in here so very well, packaged so far and then youre going to come with all your cables that you need.

You get to use this guide here, its going to tell you a lot of stuff that you need to know, so the first cable is going to be USBC to USBC. I dont need to take it out there. It is the second cable is going to be. I do need to open this one up to see. I think this is micro, HDMI to full HDMI yep thats, your micro and your full HDMI, so thats nice. It looks like theyre, giving you every cable that youre going to need, and then we got our. This is probably our power cable here, yeah type c, to type a this is going to be for your power and Im hoping this is one that will power up just using the component that its using with so heres your power brick. So that is everything in the packaging uh lets go ahead. Take a look at the monitor here, Im going to clean all this up, then well. Take a look at the monitor, all right, guys so heres the Monitor – and this is the case – stand for it here. Um just say: no, I dont know what kind of material that is, but this is it lets go ahead and open this up. So this is how it will stand. Theres a piece of film here, get that out of the way now what I noticed right away. This has the matte display on it, so that is going to be cool right there and if the it does have different viewing angles, so you got got two different: viewing angles right there, which is going to be cool, so lets look at the side of it.

Here so youre gon na have your 3.5 millimeter headphone jack. This is going to be Im, not sure what that is. You got your power button there. This side, you got your uh many HDMI, uh type c type c. This may be for your volume up and down Im assuming this is your volume up and down right here: 3.5 power button and yeah many HDMI with your two type c, and this just attaches by magnets here. So you can pull that off like that, but Im not going to take it off so uh. This doesnt have a battery in it. So Im going to get this plugged in and then well come right back. All right guys were back in. I have my Samsung Galaxy z44 here I have my Nintendo switch over there Bluetooth mouse keyboard, and this is how Im gon na try this out so uh. First, I want to go back over what I talked about here, so this switch is going to be for your volume up and down your brightness, and things like that youll be able to get into your uh menu on the display as well, and then this this Button here will take you home and its the power button as well. So, on the back of it, I forgot to mention there are two external speakers right here and right there, two speakers, I should say – and one thing about this case: if youre, not careful, this thing will slide off just like that.

It doesnt stay in place very well uh thats, one thing I dont like about it so far that I found to be a problem now I did try this out plugging it in from the z44 uh just with the type C cable to the Monitor, and it Will power it up? So that was a good thing for me. There so lets go ahead and do that so there it is like. I said this will slide off and if youre not careful all right, so there it is. The z44 is powering it up with. Just the type C and as you guys see, it is into the Dex mode here, so the display looks great. I do love the mat strain that they have on here. The colors look: vibrant, look real good. Now this is a 16 by nine aspect ratio. So thats why it looks so slim uh, this 60 hertz. I believe as well. You guys see minimal bezels going around here and this will work in landscape and portrait mode as well. So, as you guys see here, I have my mouse and keyboard hooked up uh. So if I wanted to go in and adjust uh different things here, this is where I can go in and adjust my brightness. If I want cycle down, I can do the aspect ratio which is going to be wide or normal. I think you got your color temperatures uh your OSD settings and I can reset it, and this is uh miscellaneous, like your volume, mute freesync on and off uh low, blue light, different things you can adjust here, get back out there.

It is so Samsung. Dex is working here and I also can you know, still be able to use my uh phone over here. Uh lets go into something here now. One thing I did find and I know theres a setting. I cant get my volume to work on these on the monitor when I have it plugged into my z44, and I know theres a setting in there right now. My uh sound is just coming from my z44, so lets go to YouTube here. So, as you guys see, this looks great man, my channel, so heres my channel were gon na just pull up a video. Let you guys see how this look so the sound is coming from here from my phone and uh. There is a way to do that and I just I couldnt find it so if someone happened to watch this video, If you can leave a comment and let me know how to change it to the monitor, then that would be great. Now I can control the volume here you guys see, but I just cant get it to play through the monitor speakers hooked up to my phone so, but that is Samsung Dex. This is it now I do like I said I do have the keyboard connected as well, so lets go ahead and type something wheres the over here is here. So you guys see it is gon na work lets go to Samsung .com, so theres samsung.

com, as you guys see its in the dark mode here but uh. This is going to be great for me, going out taking it out and being mobile with it. So so one thing last thing that I want to say: if youre running it just from your your phone to power this up and its going to eat up your battery on your phone, pretty quick, so uh youll probably be if youre going to be using it For a long extended time, then just go ahead and plug in the power into the Monitor, and I will charge your phone as well. So lets go ahead next and take a look at it connected to the Nintendo switch. All right guys so were back in. I have the Nintendo switch in the dock. I have the mini HDMI going into the uh dock over here and I have a power supply coming in uh to the monitor. I tried hooking this up just with the type C to type c from the Nintendo switch to the monitor it would power it on, but I was not able to use my joysticks to get into any kind of uh settings here Ill get into Gameplay at all, But now this way it is definitely working, as you guys see, Im able to get in now. The only thing with this you got to have these cables over here, just like that, but its still portable – and you should be able still to you – know, play your game on the go with this uh.

If I wanted to take this all with me on the go, then Im ready to go now the speakers are going playing through the monitor now, as you guys can hear, uh just have to figure out why theyre not playing uh when I use my z44 another Thing about this too, this case is not the best, as you guys see, it fail right there having a hard time holding it, keeping it in place right there, but, as you guys, see Im able to get with the game here and play a game right here. So this and the monster looks excellent man. The case is not that good, only two positions there and it slips and Falls very easy right here. So Im gon na try with a with my laptop next so lets go foreign Laughter guys. So last I have my Microsoft Surface laptop go over here, have it plugged in with a hub right here type c. I got the micro HDMI cable going out here, going into the Hub, uh, HDMI and thats how Im able to power uh to get my image over here now I did have to plug in the uh the power to the monitor as well to make it uh The laptop wouldnt make it Power up so right now, Im using uh, extended stream on the laptop, so Im able to use this uh with two different strains here. So I wanted to do something over here on my laptop screened, and I can do that over here and I also could be doing something over here YouTube or uh, whatever I want to do Twitter or whatever so uh.

The display looks really good over here. Guys, Im telling you the blacks, really nice only thing I dont like if you move this a little bit its going to slide off that little catch there. That position it right there, but so far, Im very very pleased with the with the Excel, with the monitor. Here is a very nice man, the colors look good, very big size, uh 15.6. This is a 12.2. I think on my laptop gold – and I was able to use it with my z44 and my uh Nintendo switch as well, so uh Ill do a follow up on this. In a little while, I think its a goal.