Hey guys, adam lobo here from adam lobo tv and in this video i’ll, give you my full video review of the adi fire x5 after using it for about three weeks and if you’re wondering whether or not this earbuds is for you keep watching. Oh stay till the end of this video because, as usual i’m giving away a brand new one to you guys as well roller intro, so foreign all right next let’s look at the build quality. Looking at the charging case, it was nice and compact, where it is made out of a plastic clam shell built. It was pretty light at only 37.4 grams, with the earbuds inside and the finishing on top kind of reminded me of how the edifier actually looks with the shiny metallic kind of look and the gold embossed font was pretty sweet, which i really liked. Then the charging case is charged through a usb c port at the back to charge the charging case and also the earbuds, then there’s a charging indicator right down below now. One thing i’ve noticed that although the charging case had a nice matte, black color finish, but the finish was a bit too smooth where there were times where i felt that it was a little difficult to open it, and there were moments where it slipped off. Of my hands, so keep that in mind now i have to say that i love how the hinges opens up nicely just like that, and you could also do a cool closing gesture like this.

Just like a zipper now. This is not a feature just like how everyone thought that the edifier x3 had a feature where it turns upside down and it closed by itself. Again, that’s not a feature because apparently some people complain back to edify malaysia to say why does that not happen for them? So yes, once again, this by itself is not a feature, and so does this then, on the earbuds themselves, edify decided to go with a similar form factor of the nb series of the half stock kind of design instead of the rounded ones where the top of The earbuds had a similar finish to the charging case, with a light indicator right below the edifier logo, where this outer part has a glossy finish, then, on the other side or the inside you’ll find a matte finish, and thank god for that, as it won’t be Slippery as it had a more ergonomic design that will fit better in your ears, which also fitted in perfectly for me, with a quite comfortable ear tips which of course, can be removed and change accordingly. To your fitting and for me, i use the smaller ear tips. Instead of the standard, medium ones which comes inside of the box to make sure that the ear tips and the earbuds fit in nice and snugly, now, what sweet is the fact that it is also ip55 dust and water resistant, which is great to know as it Will be perfect to wear it even if you’re working out now also worth mentioning, is that compared to the nb2 this time around, i did not find the end of the earbud stem to be touching the top part of my cheekbones.

So that was nice, but then again, of course, this does depend on the shape of your face, and yes, here is the usual sound mode test now. So the initial pairing process is super simple, as it has bluetooth 5.0 and it is also compatible with both android and ios devices and there’s no app control. So it is a straightforward, bluetooth, earbuds connection, so it will immediately go into the padding mode as soon as you take out. The earbuds from the charging case just turn on your bluetooth on your phone and look for the earbuds in your bluetooth settings and you’re done, and once you have padded with the earbuds in the future, it passed to your phone immediately now, just in case you guys Want to pad the earbuds, maybe to another phone, your pc or laptop just press and hold the multi function, touch control button in the middle for about three seconds and it will go into the pairing mode again and since it comes with a lower price point, it Obviously does not have seamless, multi pairing, so every time you switch devices you’ll need to first unpair with the other device when switching devices. Now, as for the playback controls, it is all done by the tab, control or the touch control at the multi function button. When this tab control works for music and call mode on both sides of the earbuds, where touching it once place, pauses playback and answers or ends a call touching, it twice goes to the next track.

Then touching it three times goes to the previous track and touching and holding it for about two seconds calls out your voice assistant. Now this voice assistant was kind of cool, because you can also call out amazon echo as well. If you got it installed in your phone, which was great to know, and yes, you can even use just one earbud if you like, as it won’t stop the playback, even if you take it out from your ears, since it has no proximity, sensors and also worth Mentioning is the fact there’s no volume controls on the earbuds, so you’ll need to adjust through your phone manually instead and finally, it will immediately stop playback once you’ve taken out the earbuds and putting it back and close the charging case now. Let’S talk about the sound quality. First of all, the earbuds do not have a anc or active noise cancellation, but the overall passive noise cancellation was pretty decent to block out most of the outside noise, and it was quite apparent when you’re listening to music as well. For music listening, it supports aptx, aac and sbc codex and, as usual, the overall listening experience is great as expected, especially with such an affordable price factor. Now, where the earbuds really shine is the overall high mids, the low end was decent at best again, but i did not mind it at all, but some bass lovers might be very of this. So i had the mood to listen to some system of a downs, toxicity, album and everything from the guitars and even the hits of the snare sounded great, which complemented well with search tankin’s vocals.

Then i switched into something more commercial sounding like peaches and the vocals. Again was truly great and here’s, where i could hear some better low end in the music, then i switched to something random, which is def punk’s motherboard from their random access memory, album where the sound separation was pretty nice and prominent as well, and for you bass Lovers out there i tested dual lipas don’t start now, and everything sounded nice and well balanced and, as predicted, the bass was there and it was stronger on the mid lows as opposed to being more prominent on their really low end. And i have to say that my overall listening duration on the earbuds, both for music watching videos and the occasional gaming did not made me, have any ear fatigue. So that, for me, was a huge plus and in terms of latency, there was no issues when it comes to watching videos again with no apparent delay on gaming. When i was playing cod mobile as well and again, i must stress that this kind of earbuds is not usually used for competitive gaming, where a casual gaming would be totally fine, so i’ve tested out the microphone quality and what’s great is. There is two microphones with a cvc 8.0 noise reduction technology, which kind of filters out the background ambient sound. Firstly, from a listening perspective, it sounded nice and clear then from the others listening perspective. It was clear, but there were times where the other person was listening.

Could kind of hear themselves a bit well, the good news is that it is not too distracting, but yeah sometimes it’s there, and here is a quick microphone test. This is a microphone test, that’s one two there’s one, two that’s one, two hey guys edward here from adam robo tv. This is a simulated microphone test with a coffee shop on beyond sound test, one two that’s one, two that’s one. Two now as for battery, i got an average of six hours and five minutes on the earbuds itself at hundred percent volume, which was actually more than what edify mentions, which is kind of cool and about 15 hours on the charging case, similar to what edifier has Advertised then, in terms of charging the earbuds charged just a little over one and a half hours close to two hours to charge the case fully. So, yes, the battery life was really great, especially with this kind of price factor. Now, in conclusion, eddie fire has yet again returned with one of the best that they could offer within this price factor. While this is not a super crazy improvement from the previous generation when it comes to the sound quality, but there is surely a better base and the thing that really stands out to me, the most is the fact that it is really comfortable in the ears. Even for a very long usage, especially coupled with quite a good battery life and, of course the nice and compact form factor was also a huge plus and finally going into the price of the earbuds.

Since i’ve mentioned it many times about the price, the edifier x5 is going for a super affordable price of only 1′ ringgit, which i’ll leave links down below for you guys to get yourself one aside from that. Thank you so much for watching hope. You guys enjoyed this video. My name is adam lobo and i’ll catch you guys in my next video, oh okay! So yes, as reminded by my little friend over here i’m planning, to give a brand new sealed version of the 85×5 right here to you guys as well. So just follow me on instagram right now, as i will be posting the details on how to win the earbuds right after i release this video here on youtube. Okay, now, thank you so much for watching once again and if you found this video helpful be sure to hit the thumbs up button. That would be very much appreciated to help me stick out from this weird youtube algorithm like share and subscribe to adam lobo tv. If you haven’t done so, my name is adam lobo and i’ll catch.