Now chewie is hosting the giveaway via gleam and i have a link to it in the description below and good news. They will be shipping it internationally. Now there may be some customs fee, but i actually received mine in the usa and there was no additional cost to me. So there’s no purchase is necessary, but you do need to be 13 years or older and also please only subscribe to my channel. If you like, my content, which is mainly in depth, reviews on laptops, the jamie boog pro 14 retails for 4′ dollars and has an intel, celeron j4125 cpu – that has four cores and four threads now its base lock is two gigahertz and it boosts up to 2.7 That’S not a very fast cpu, that is for sure only scoring 309 points in cinebench r20, but in day to day use it was fine, so for the average user you will find it totally usable. There is quite a bit to like about it. First is its screen: it has a very nice three to two aspect ratio with a resolution of 2160 by 1440, which is amazing for this price: it’s, not a touchscreen, but that is fine, it’s a decent panel as well sure it’s, 60 hertz, but it has decent Color gamut of 92 percent of srgb and 70 to 70 of adobe rgb, with a peak brightness of 362 nits and even at 25 brightness. It is 112 minutes which is twice that of most laptops that i test, and it also has a good contrast of 1100 to 1.

. I do wish it did, have a matte display because it does show lots of reflections, but the panel is nice and rigid. As for the backlight bleed, it does have a little bit at the top left hand corner. I also like that it is built from aluminium. It will fit nicely in the business setting and has a nice clean look to it. There is a little bit of play on the right hand, side of mine, but it makes a change from seeing plastic, which you mostly get on laptops at this price. The windows position touchpad has a textured feel to it and it tracks very well. The keys are backlit wide and actually have a nice distance of travel. My only complaint being that to activate lighting once they have timed out. You need to press set a key rather than just say touching the the trackpad. Perhaps my only other complaint is that they hide two screws under the feet. You know just in case you want to open it up and get inside, but to be fair. The only thing you can add is a second ssd via an easy access panel, and i think this is a nice touch. You just need to remove two screws. The sata ssd in my unit has a capacity of 512 gigabytes and added. Read: speeds of 468 megabytes per second and write speeds of 440., so that’s not bad, and my unit also has 16 gigabytes of dual channel ram.

This is soldered on, of course, as is the wi fi six card now the 38 one hour battery actually did last me four and a half hours at 80 brightness, which is pretty good, but since the panel is so bright, i can imagine that you can easily See six hours at 25 brightness now one standout feature was its speakers. They were pretty loud and clear. You know better than most laptop speakers. To be honest, you don’t get a bunch of ports on the left. You have a usbc and on the right, you have a usba and a micro sd card slot. Lastly, this is not a gaming device, but it does give you an excuse to place some of those older titles in your library, such as to the 2009 edition of via 2, which was playable at 720p. Medium settings now stepping up to something more modern, like overwatch. It did struggle even at 1024, by 768 and low settings. It was not playable so as a 720p webcam at least it’s located at the top, not bad for this price. But you know if you move it, it’s like being underwater plus also. You know the microphone picks up a bit of a squealing sound. I noticed so anyway that’s what it’s like. So how would i sum up the chewy gemi boot pro? Well, i think for 4′ dollars. It is a very nice laptop it’s, small and it’s lightweight. It has a decent screen, and it has good speakers, has a backlit keyboard and an aluminium build having the option for a second m.

2. Ssd is also a big plus now on the negative side. There’S a little bit of backlight bleed at full brightness and the webcam is pretty bad still, i think, it’s a great laptop for the casual user.