Scrub me is the new scrub brand on instagram they’ve been live since may of 2020, and they reached out to me and asked me if i wanted to give you guys one of these boxes so i’m going to open it up and show you what’s inside and Also show you how the scrubs fit, but before we get into the video, make sure you give this video a like and subscribe. I post two nursing related videos two times a week here on this page on wednesday and sundays: oh i’m, winded! Whenever i film, i always drink a monster, and i like to play a little bit of music just to get me in the mood, but i always need a monster just for a little bit more energy, but yeah let’s go ahead and get straight into it. Okay. I’M, not gon na lie. I already opened this box and i went ahead and re tied it, which is kind of falling off now, but i did not try on the scrubs, but it does come with a lot of stuff. Now they value this box at 200 and they really pitch the idea of gifting this to a nurse which i think would be a really fun idea. So this retails on their website, though for 84.99, and if you use code d robinson, you can save 30 off of that 84.99. So i haven’t done the math, but that’s quite a bit. Let’S go ahead and open it up, though it comes in this tiffany blue.

Looking box with the ribbon, which is really cute – and you can tell that they put a lot of effort into this, and i think that it would be a cute gift idea for a nurse, because it has a little bit of everything in it. They did give me a note, a personalized note. Now. I don’t think that this is standard with all their other boxes. I think it’s just because we’re holding the giveaway today so let’s just disregard the note, but the first thing you’re gon na see when you open up the box, is you got a lot in here? Let’S just go piece by piece, so you got a lanyard. It says scrub me all over it, and then it comes with a little face: mask and it’s black on the other side, and i did try it on actually and it does fit pretty good. A key gesture is some mints. Now i can’t tell you, i love having gum in my backpack and whenever i don’t i’m, always like scounding the unit to see if someone has a piece of gum, so i’ll definitely be putting these in my work, bag pocket size hand sanitizer a little compact form. Little spritz and then a pair of compression socks and it’s actually cute, because the scrubs and the socks are personalized with their logo, which this is a lot of branding for only eighty four dollars. Usually you can get a pair of scrubs for maybe sixty dollars, but for 84 you get all of this a little pen with a stylus at the end, a notepad, a notebook, yeah, notebook, let’s, open it up and then.

Lastly, in the box, this is a pretty hefty little box that i have here is the pair of scrubs, and i got mine in a size medium. So, just for reference, i’m, six foot, probably about 175 180 we’ll, say 175, and they do say that these run a tad bit small. Because, generally i do wear a size small in all scrubs, but just to be safe. I did order a medium, so yeah let’s go ahead and try these on and i’ll, let you know how they fit, and this is what they look like on, and i will say that the quality is actually really nice because you always wonder in big packages like This is the quality of the products inside going to be compromised. Well, i would say definitely not that the quality is great and i like the little details that they added on the scrub top the bottoms, the compression socks so it’s all really cute it’s. A really cute idea in general and yeah. Just make sure you get a size up, so let’s go ahead and get straight into the giveaway, though i know that’s what you guys have all been waiting for now there’s a couple rules. You need to be at least 18 years of age to enter and you need to live in the u.s to enter because they’re only going to be choosing a winner that lives in the us. So unfortunately, right now we’re not doing international, but hopefully soon i can have a giveaway like that.

Now the rules you got ta be subscribed to my youtube channel, hit the like button on this video and in the comments down below step number three make sure you put your instagram handle that way. I can reach out to you when you win and then i’ll get your information, give it to them and they can set up sending you. Your own scrub me box make sure if you’re going to order a box on your own, you use code d robinson to save 30 but yeah the giveaway, the giveaway ends april 18th. So tell your friends go ahead and enter and good luck. Everyone check out.