. In this case, MOBIUZ stands for availability or to translate to Serbian. Focus of this lineup is first of all pricing and everything else.. If you stick around for the next couple of minutes, well find out if this includes any compromises at all. Design, wise MOBIUZ looks really good, and this is probably the most visually attractive. Benq monitor in a long time.. 3D effect of this stand fits it really good, and the combination of its colors clearly reflects its main use case as a multimedia or gaming monitor.. This is confirmed by its 144Hz IPS panel with a clear focus on 8 bit presentation.. Although MOBIUZ has a pretty capable set of HDMI 2.0 and Display Port 1.2 connections, video processing engine doesnt use them for 10bit dithering simulation, but focuses all of its bandwidth to achieve the fastest possible 1080p 8 bit image without the extensive use of overdrive.. As a result, you get a 1ms response for moving objects on the screen and 2ms GtG response, which must be a speed record in this price segment, becuse its always related to much more expensive IPS panels.. This monitor also has a really useful LFC tech that stands for Low Framerate Compensation.. If, by any chance, your GPU cant achieve required minimum of 48 FPS in a game, LFC kicks in with its method of doubling frames in order to achieve those values and initiate a proper adaptive, sync features.. This works for both AMD and Nvidia GPUs.

From this intro. I can already notice that Benq has its sights on the competition that, in this segment, usually push low quality, TN and VA high refresh rate panels. Added features in MOBIUZ will help a lot during use, but they can also make you forget about all that talk that Maybe 1080p resolution is not suited for a 27 monitor.. When everything works like it does, you wont even notice the resolution., Also the monitors name MOBIUZ. Finally, someone figured out that gaming monitors need a real gamery name, but it also has the regular EX2710 name too. In this lineup. You can choose between MOBIUZ 25 27 od 34, which is, unlike the other too curved and ultra wide.. This simple naming scheme is awesome. From my perspective also cause I dont have to say its full name. Every other sentence., Cheaper monitors, usually dont, have good stands, but MOBIUZ offers an upgrade in this segment. Aswell, I mean the only thing missing here is Pivoting, but I guess that would be really too much to ask.. I especially like this orange rubber strip that can lock your phone and game controllers in one position.. So the main question is what is MOBIUZ like for gaming. First of all, I kept the AMAOverdrive on 1, usually even turned off aswell, and I can say that the panel response is pretty fast. For the last month and a half. I used it to test every single PC configuration in games for my other videos and really had a blast with all that.

Call of Duty on PS5 in its 120FPS mode was one of my favourite activities. This is, in fact, an excellent value, monitor for the people that got a new gen console and want to play an abundance of freshly released, 120HzFPS games.. Of course, Benq has a few trics in its sleeve for tuning the picture quality in various ways., For example, theres. A Light Tuner option that can help with colors in games, Black Equilizer hepls, with dark shadows in competitive games. So you can easily spot snipers and campers on the map, but it doesnt mess up any other. Color. HDRi button is of great assistance with latest games because it can simulate HDR effect, really well.. I also like this extremely quick Quick Menu. The name fits it perfectly.. You can modify its quick options with different shorcuts form, the main menu, which of course, consists of much more in depth. Options to choose from. Sound is tuned by Trevolo BenQs own sound division, and it is noticable that these speakers are a bit more useable than regular. Monitor drivers are, but since I daily use the EX2780Q model, I can also tell that this one lacks that sweet bass, effect and depth that comes with it.. These are better than I thought though.. I must say that this monitor could easily carry the title of the Anti Fanboy monitor, since it can support PCs through DP connection and also Xbox Series and PS5 consoles, with its supersampling capabilities and high refresh rate support without any picture anomalies or artefects.

. When it comes to color calibration with factory setting, only the sRGB mod stands out with accuracy, so in that case, Benqs done a pretty good job. Rest of the picture. Mods are not very good calibrated for color accuracy, but this is a gaming monitor and gamers really dont care for that stuff. As long as their games pop with colors on the screen., Of course I needed to see, can it be calibrated and not to brag or anything? I got a superb result after calibration.. The fact is that MOBIUZ 27 doesnt have a wide color gamut support, so even calibrated like this, it will still be used as a gaming monitor.. So when we look it like that, this monitor excells in all of those thing that it was created to do in the first place. During gaming, I usually used the FPS mod because of its ability to showcase all of the details I needed in a competitive MP. Session., Although its not the cheapest in its class after all, thats been presented today, I think its clear that MOBIUZ 27 offers something that is at least one level above its competition. LFC tech fast panel, even without Overdrive, tech, lots of different picture, mods and effects that Can change the whole atmosphere in games, Trevolo speakers etc? …