Tournament played on gigabyte error 15 laptops with the chance to win one of the laptops for yourself. If you've been following the channel for a while, you may have heard me reference. The arrow 15 is one of my favourite laptops that I've reviewed so far, mostly because it's, a great combination of gaming machine, but also nice for content. Creators like myself and if in all these months after my initial review, I still think it's one of the best I've used. So if you're at PAX and have the chance to compete in the tournament, I definitely recommend it. You just might get a free error. 15, laptop of your own gigabyte have currently got a pax promotional sale running until the fourth of November here in Australia, and there are some pretty good deals which had me considering buying one. So I thought I'd share them here with you: there's up to 500 Australian dollars off the 1070, max q models and 250 dollars of the 1060 models, through my Eve, con computers, sculpt tech, msy or PC case gear. So, for most of the big guys here who sell laptops check the links in the description for more information, there's plenty of giveaways going on, all you need is the ability to catch items raining down from the sky in order to participate too bad this 28 ET. I wasn't up for grub's. I could have really used it for benchmarking, although if I got to take my pick I'd much rather either of these custom builds by Alex from simple mods.

However, at the Coolermaster booth, which both feature gigabyte or asad, wear and look pretty sweet, no other gigabyte laptops on show. Unfortunately, at least not that I was able to find, although I've currently got the Auris x7 back at home, so expect a review on that. Coming soon that's gon na do it for this one I'm, aiming to make a few of these types of videos covering the different laptops on show here at pax 2018, as well as any deals that I find as I've seen a few.