The specs and the price in the machine i’d. Essentially, put this as an entry level, rtx 3060 machine, but i’ll go through the specs. Now it’s got a 15.6 inch. 240 hertz display an rtx 3060 six gig and 80 watt edition an i5 10 500 h, 16 gig of ddr4, a 512 gig nvme drive and 180 watt charger. To begin with, let’s talk about the display in this budget beast. It is only 1920 by 1080 resolution. At 240 hertz i’m, not too sure what the response time is, but the viewing angles of it are pretty good. The panel brightness is 300 nits. I find most the time when i’m, using it at night i’m, usually dropping it a few levels lower than maximum brightness. As maximum brightness tends to be a bit too bright, i find during the day viewing angles, and the brightness of it are perfectly acceptable, especially when using indoors as grainy as the camera is on the gigabyte g5. The overall picture quality i don’t mind too much it’s. Actually, rather detailed compared to other laptops i have tested, the keyboard is similar to ones i’ve experienced in the past, with clevo laptops. The key travel i find a little bit too far for my liking and the keys themselves do have a little bit of a wobbly mushy feel to them the backlight of the keys i find to be pretty decent with a large variety of colors and also various Brightness levels, the trackpad was also equally familiar to me, which the feel of it’s perfectly fine just feels like plastic, the left and right keys.

I do like them separated into their own clicky buttons, but overall perfectly usable, but currently i’ve been using a bluetooth mouse. If you have a look at the edging, you can see that it has a kind of textured carbon fiber. Look to it. On the left hand, side we have the one vent: a usb 3.2, a usb 2 and two audio jacks and going on the right hand, side of the machine. We have another usb 3.2, a displayport mini 1.4 and an sd card slot, also one other vent and looking at it added across the rear. We have one vent, usb type c: 3.2 hdmi ethernet. We have the power jack and then one vent, that’s blocked off. Let’S have a quick look underneath and, as we can see, we have a very small removable battery. This one is a 48.96 watt hour battery, so fairly small about the size of a mobile phone. Next up is the power brick itself, which has a fairly familiar barrel, style, which is similar to an older toshiba or a zeus, laptop it’s, a 180 watt charger, which is also fairly small in physical size it’s. One thing that i’ve definitely been liking about newer laptops is the size of their power. Bricks have gotten progressively smaller compared to over a decade ago, while on the topic of power, let’s see what kind of wattage this 30 60 actually is. So with jared’s tech, he had a good little guide on how to actually figure out what what digit is, and it seems to normalize at around about 80 watts, with this particular laptop so i’m, pretty confident to say that this this 3060 in here is an 80 Watt variant, which still is fairly capable from what i found, i bet the only form of software i came came across on here installed – was this gaming center, which gives you power modes macro hotkeys, which is something personally i’ve got no need for, but i could definitely See some people using this for various games or even media creation.

There was also the led backlight software, which enables you just to change various colors brightness, a few other different little things. But if you’re like me, you’re going to be looking at this screen, probably the most which the gpu tends to be quite more cooler than the cpu. The cpu tends to hang anywhere from 50 degrees up to 80 degrees. The fan speed can get quite fast we’re up to about 4 700 rpm. You can adjust the power curves, but strangely you can’t adjust the lowest point. So you can’t adjust the the starting point of it or the ending point, which is a bit disappointing on the topic of disappointing. This apparent gigabyte, windforce exclusive cooling system to me, doesn’t seem to be as legit as their stating, especially once the bottom is removed. The cooling here doesn’t look anything special at all to me. Granted it does have slightly larger, apparently 5 volt fans which, according to my knowledge, virtually all laptop fans, are already 5 volt. So a bit of marketing fluff on the gigabyte website, but up on the upgrade front, we have a spare nvme slot, so there’s two in total. We also have two ram dim slots and there is also off to the side a 2.5 inch sata hard drive tray. So, to summarize my time with the gigabyte g5, i found that had an extremely poor battery life, extremely good power, decent screen, low quality speakers as it’s the same kind of design that i’ve seen in older metabox clevo laptops so they’re downwards, facing at the front and Overall, i usually just gave up and just pretty much use bluetooth headphones while using this machine.

The trackpad is fine, the keyboard a little bit spongy, but overall it’s it’s, fine, wi fi speed. I found to be perfectly good. I got a google, a google wi fi at home. It was coming back on speed, tested 100 meg perfectly fine. The io i find pretty modern, pretty adequate personally i’d, rather a micro sd card reader, as opposed to a sd card that can be changed with an adapter Music cooling on it’s a bit on the lowest lower tier. So that is a tad disappointing, mainly because you’re also going to be experiencing a fair bit of fan noise if you’re occupying a room or sharing a room with someone else. While using this, the other person is probably going to be fairly annoyed with you. If you’re going to be gaming the whole time, another shortcoming that i did find with it during my use of it was this edge right across here right there there’s a nice little plastic lip that tends to dig directly into your wrist as you’re using it. So i found that even after 20 minutes of gameplay, my wrist started to get a bit sore, or even my forearm, just from resting up against this lip. You can get around that by having it on a stand. If you’re on a stand, it’s going to be perfectly fine, it’s going to be nice and smooth a smooth angle to your hand. But if you’re after a portable little powerhouse portable powerhouse to use around from your house to a friend’s place and you’re not factoring in school or uni, this very well may be a very decent gaming machine, especially if you’re upgrading from a 1050 ti or a gtx 1650, this is going to absolutely decimate them, so think of the budget end you can forgive its flaws, but overall a decent machine.