So just how well does it perform in games Ive, benchmarked 20 different games at all, setting levels to show you how well it runs and compared it against some other laptops to see how it stacks up. Just quickly before we jump into the benchmark results Ill cover Off the specs in my unit. Ive got the XA model so theres an Intel i7 9750H CPU, 90 watt, Nvidia RTX 2070, Max Q, graphics and 16gb of memory running in dual channel.. The new Aero 15 is available with different specs, though you can find examples and updated prices linked in the description.. I dont think the Aero 15 has been designed with gaming in mind its more of a machine for content creators, hence the OLED screen and other features. With that said, if its got decent specs like these, we can still play games on it and its worth. Seeing how well it does. The Control Center software allows us to define the CPU power limits in 5 stages and 2 stages for the GPU. However, no overclocking or undervolting is done.. Ive tested these games at the highest limits for best performance, so up to 62 watts. On the CPU and 90 watts on the GPU, along with the latest version of Windows and Nvidia drivers at the time of testing., Well only be covering gaming performance here. So if youre new to the channel you'll definitely want to get subscribed for the upcoming full review.. Alright lets start out by going through all 20 games at all.

Setting levels then afterwards well see how the new Aero 15 compares with some other laptops to see how it stacks up., Battlefield, 5, was tested in campaign mode and not in multiplayer mode as its easier to consistently reproduce the test. Run., The game was still playing quite well for me at ultra settings with even the 1 low above 60 FPS. As usual with RTX on. It was only really performing well at low or medium settings and in my opinion, it looks better at ultra with RTX off and performs similarly. Battlefield 1 was also tested in campaign mode and, like always its running well and performing better than the newer Battlefield. 5. Just shown with over 120 FPS averages achievable at ultra settings and playing very smoothly. Apex. Legends was tested with either all settings at maximum or all settings on the lowest possible values as it doesnt have predefined setting presets.. It was still playing well with maximum settings. However, with minimum settings we could boost average FPS by 52 and get a higher 1 low than the average maximum could deliver. Shadow of the Tomb Raider was tested with the built in benchmark. The results from this test were looking pretty good at lower settings. Where were more CPU bound, while higher settings still did well with the increased power limit on the GPU, but well see how this game compares with other machines? Soon. Far Cry New Dawn was tested with the built in benchmark.

. This game seems to be fairly CPU heavy. So the results are pretty decent. Thanks to the boosted maximum CPU power limit of 62 watts., Far Cry 5 was also tested with the built in benchmark and the results were ahead of the newer, Far Cry New Dawn just covered and well see how this one compares to some other laptops. Later. Fortnite was tested with the replay feature and while I have to regularly refresh the replay I test in the same area of the map., Epic settings still averaged 130 FPS and played perfectly smoothly without any issues. While medium settings would be a good match. If you get the Aero with 240Hz screen. Overwatch is another well optimized game and was tested in the practice range as other players. Bots and even different maps in actual gameplay affect the frame rate, and this allows for consistent testing. Again even at maximum settings. Very high frame rates were possible and it played very nicely while were only just below the 300 FPS frame cap at low.. Metro Exodus was tested using the built in benchmark. Most parts of the game perform a fair bit better than this, so dont take these results. As a good indication of what to expect throughout the entire game its more of a worst case, but does let you perform the same test to compare against. CSGO was tested using the Ulletical FPS benchmark and as a game that is pretty CPU bound. The average FPS results are about what I expected from a 9750H, maybe a little higher due to the boosted power limit though.

Rainbow Six Siege was tested with the built in benchmark and is a game Ive found to benefit from Nvidias new turing architecture., Even with maximum Ultra settings were getting above 100 for the 1 low, so still perfectly smooth in this test. With up to 200 FPS averages possible at low settings., PUBG was tested using the replay feature and the results between very low and high settings are higher than what we usually see with most laptops in this test.. To be fair, I did have to refresh my replay due to a game update, but I did the exact same test run as in the past. Assassins, Creed Odyssey was tested with the built in benchmark and, from my experience, seems to be a fairly CPU heavy game.. This is why a cheaper laptop like the Acer Helios 300 is able to beat it at all setting levels, except ultra, as that machine is undervolted out of the box, while also having a boosted power limit. At ultra settings, the higher GPU power from the 2070 Max Q puts it ahead. Though. Dota 2 was tested playing in the middle lane with an average amount of action going on and is yet another game that Ive found to prefer higher CPU power, which would explain these fairly high results, and it was running extremely well. Even at max settings. Watch Dogs 2 is a resource heavy game, but in my opinion, is still playable with a stable, 30 FPS.

So, even at ultra settings with our 60 FPS here, its playing very well without any problems. Ghost Recon is another resource intensive game and was tested using the built in benchmark.. Around 50 FPS at ultra is a pretty decent result from this test. In my experience, as you generally need a very powerful laptop to reach 60 FPS, though much higher is of course possible at lower settings.. The Witcher 3 was playing great with hairworks disabled Ive found this to be somewhat more GPU demanding at higher settings. So no insanely high frame rates at ultra, but still respectable results and running smoothly without any problems. DOOM was tested using Vulkan and is a game that almost always gets really high frame. Rates. There wasnt really that much difference between the different setting levels so may as well just play at ultra and take the better eye. Candy. Strange Brigade was another game that was tested with Vulkan, and this one was also running well with the built in benchmark.. Still around 120 FPS at ultra settings and above 200 at low settings with relatively high 1 low results compared to averages. Shadow of War was also tested with the built in benchmark and is another game that Ive found to benefit from Nvidias new Turing architecture and high Settings were needed to reach above 100 FPS in this test. Lets also take a look at how this config of the new Aero 15 compares with other laptops to see how it stacks up use these results as a rough guide only as they were tested at different Times with different drivers.

In Battlefield, 5 Ive got the Aero 15 highlighted in red.. Ive got the older Aero just below it, and we can see theres a nice performance improvement with the new model, despite having similar specs on paper. Its worth, noting that its not quite as high as the Blade Pro 17 above it as that undervolts the CPU out Of the box has a higher 100 watt power limit on the GPU overclocks the GPU and is a larger Still, though the performance wasnt too far behind the non Max Q, 2070 laptops. Here are the results from Far Cry 5 with ultra settings in the built in Benchmark. Ive found this to be a pretty CPU heavy test, which I think is why were seeing a larger improvement in this game compared to the older Aero, but also compared to many other machines likely thanks to that boosted, CPU power limit. Were just a couple FPS Behind the non Max Q 2070s and the 2080 Max Q in the GS75, while the 1 low is actually slightly ahead again due to that boosted, CPU power limit.. These are the results from Shadow of the Tomb raider, with the built in benchmark at highest settings.. Just a little improvement over the older Aero this time and a respectable result, overall. Not quite on the same level as the non Max Q 2070s, this time, but still a fair bit ahead of the 2060s and below. Overall, the new Gigabyte, Aero 15 laptop is providing Higher levels of performance with essentially the same specs when compared to the older model.

, This is due to the improved cooling design which, as I showed in the thermal testing, video was quite a nice change over what they used to have with better thermal paste, more air Vents more heatpipes and more fan blades., The improved cooling in turn allows them to run the CPU and GPU with higher power limits and, of course, less throttling also helps boost performance.. While Ive got a 4K OLED screen in my unit, you can run games at 1080p. Perfectly fine, as the resolution scales down one to one. So it looks fine though it is stuck to a 60Hz refresh rate.. The new Aero 15 is also available with a 240Hz screen. Instead, which is probably going to be a better option, if youre primarily going to be using it for gaming. Purely for gaming, though Id probably look at a different machine. However, if youre doing a mix of content creation and some gaming, I think its looking like a great hybrid option.. Let me know what you thought of the gaming performance from the new Aero 15 laptop down in the comments and, if youre new to the channel youll. Definitely want to get subscribed for the full review to see everything.