Today i finally be sharing my experience to the first 13.3 oled windows detachable laptop the latest product under the vivobook series for a content creator. Like me, i think i found my body in productivity im talking about the latest asus vivobook 13 slate online. Before that i hope you guys already hit the subscribe button, but update casa, lifestyle and entertainment. All right lets do this. You can count on this asus vivobook. 13 slate oled in terms of daily productivity, whether you are a content creator designer or if youre, a graphic artist, this laptop can actually transform into four modes for additional tablet: landscape stand, portrait, stand and laptop mode. Alright lets quickly take a look at the entire package. Of course, there is a properly wrap, detachable keyboard and tablet standee at the end, tablet: medicine, asus, pen, 2.0, the bug case and the type c usb charger. So i was able to use this over the last two weeks and glad that it is so convenient to bring anywhere if youre curious. The tablet weighs around 1.72 pounds and 7.9 millimeter thick. The display has a size of 13.3 inches or lead so not by brenton colors yeah, oh by the way, a brightness aspect has up to 550 nits over the weekend. I brought this productivity device with me, while sitting at the sopa, and i was able to maximize it from browsing and reading my favorite blog sites up to reviewing some work files.

That is indeed a productive day for me, because i was able to enjoy my staycation while doing work on the site. Im, not really a fan of microsoft. Browser for this instance microsoft edge because i think its somehow slower, but i think you can always install them on your paper. Browser lets talk about this detachable keyboard. This one comes handy with a very slick, full size, detachable keyboard experience. The performance is okay, with 1.4 millimeter key travel, it doesnt have keyboard light, but the prints are okay. Oh by the way, as i have mentioned earlier, it has a magnetic cover, stand that you can slant up to 170 degree hinge as i have been shown, since there is no back light for this keyboard. I think uh okay now because you can always ship to the touchscreen. So no problem at all. For me, the greatest selling point of this asus vivobook 13 slate oled, is the oled screen itself. I have been watching my key dramas and documentaries here, and it gives me that vibrance i wanted for my preferred screen quality. I appreciate the old screen, especially at night, when there are pure lights on, because it gives more vibrant color, so bronze super immersive experience. Talaga, would you consider buying a tablet or laptop with an oled screen? Definitely yes, laptops with oled panels are able to produce brighter and more light like colors my superior um black levels and contrast making the old display capable of producing more accurate image again im highlighting the outlet in this vivobook 13 slate most efficient on only display because Its not illuminating extra pixels truth is.

It can also save energy in dark mode because it requires no power to show the color black well at a magnetotune uncommon. I was buying smart tv in the past. Lets talk about sounds well sounds are better because it has quad stereo speakers with dolby atmos. Listen here, knuckle out speaker, so its kind of impressive. Then you might ask about camera 13 mp. Rear camera is not bad at all. This is actually decent. Considering most of the smartphones have at least 12 mp rear camera, the selfie camera. On the other hand, demand has 5 mp landscape mode, so it can work demand on your meetings as well. Theres. Also, a high precision, asus pen, 2.0 stylus neatly stored in a handy magnetic pen holder, so its always on hand. It on asus pen 2.0 supports charging by a hidden, usb c port. You can charge up to 100 in just 30 minutes, which gets you over 140 hours of use along kolatman. Artists nowadays are shipped into tablet with stylus, and i believe this is the better choice for them to be more creative shampre. I tried it myself, but wow. The paulieta was using a stylus or dylant lagaossani magnolia, also upon purchase of this asus vivobook 13 slate oled microsoft provides lifetime license of microsoft, office, app, so wow ports. I like how this device has useful ports on the side from here. Meron shang two usb type c ports, an audio jack and a micro sd reader.

You can also set up the fingerprint sensor for a quick one touch log. In with so many things you can do with this asus vivobook 13 slate oled. You would want to know its battery capacity good thing. It has 50 watt hour lithium ion battery. With over 9 hours of battery life, you can achieve 60 charge in ‘ minutes by the fast charging, usb c port. Again as a content creator, i travel. I do social media stuff. I attend press con, so its very important for me that i have the working laptop with me everywhere. I go. Having said that, it pays to know what are your laptop performance, this asus vivobook 13 slate oled has a 3.3 gigahertz intel processor. Overall, i would suggest this multi functional laptop device to those who love watching movies, given the generous all in plus. Imagine the detachable keyboard and stylus already included in the package and price points. For me, it would work if theres a better core specs to support multi tasks and heavy work, but nevertheless you can work on your schedule to maximize its pros with its price range. You are getting much from the specs and did i mention its 1080p webcam. That is way more decent from the laptop that i am using my verdict classy and worth your penny basically thats it for now the asus vivobook 13 slate. All that is now available in asias concept store with the starting price of ‘ 995.

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