000.. Now i don’t even know anyone that’s gotten. A thousand solo wins on a single account before so i don’t know what’s gon na happen when we hit it. Will epic give us some kind of incredible achievement. Will we get a special golden umbrella? Honestly, i can’t wait to find out, but before we go for my 1000th win, i want to go back and take a look at my favorite victory. Royale we’ve had in every season all the way from season 1 to season 16 and then after we’ve relived those epic moments. We’Re gon na go for an epic, incredible 1000 victory. Royale, hey dude goodbye all right anyone else. Anyone else need shooting that guy does and there we go. 11 kills victory. Royale no he’s got bullets left you’re gon na have to win to win i’m, not we’re, going to finish this. The way we started with a shotgun – oh, no, you don’t there. It is boys the victory royale in the distance or the tree. The guy at this tree got him. I see the guy over there holy. That was nuts. The single best win. I think i’ve ever had no, no, no, no! No! No! No Music, oh holy! That is an ending ladies and gentlemen, my god Applause. No there. It is boys the victory royale with a final circle at the giant island in the sky. That is way too cool man come on that’s. What we’re going for this is what we’re going for yo there.

It is boys the victory royale with the biplane. Are you kidding me right now, i’m, coming back in france, Music, one more one, more yes, i’m going in i’m, going in, i got one of them: Music, doesn’t matter! Take him out that’s what you get for, not joining the ship. You sunset come on. Yeah come on get him yeah holy crap, that is the most epic slow mo finish of all time. Dude that was sick. Come on give me him. I need him, eat him. This is it this. Is it yeah? Oh, my god, he’s done it. Oh yeah he’s done it. We boost up, we 360.. We pop the surfer and delete. Oh my god, i’m going for it come on. Come on holy crap work, Music, see you later buddy, Music, hey! There are a lot of pretty dope victory, royales there guys, but now it’s time for us to queue up and go for victory. Royale number one thousand. I am determined to do something epic, for this win a trick, shot off a sky base. Something awesome i don’t know what it is yet, but it’s gon na be cool. I am determined to get my 1 000th solo win in the most muselk way possible. Obviously, it’s a sky base win there’s, just no question about it. There can be no other option. Give me that loop, sorry i’m, here for my uh 1 000th win can’t. Let a couple of tryhards get in my way.

We’Re going all the way. Baby, let’s, loot up let’s, get the rest of our resources and let’s get ready for my 1 000 fortnight dub. You know what, if it was really my 1000th win and epic wanted to bless me. I felt like they’d give me a llama enemy, spotted whoop, get out of my town. Kid get a little bit more metal from here all right bro. This is my 1000th win. You will not be taking that from me. Oh what’s, that you’re going down wait guys. I have an idea break it all. No, he made a dope play too. Why are you wasting all my materials i’m trying to sky base? How many wins you got huh? Is it a thousand or less get out of my game? Kid? I’M. Going for a thousand dubs, i don’t care that you’ve got youtube in your name, god damn now i need more materials, who’s got a bunch of materials and who wants to give them to me? Oh, my god, i said that if it was meant to be we’d, get given a llama get back here, get back here, llama get in my belly, yeah honestly that’s pretty good outcome. I need that sniper, though i have one zone to get my hands on that sniper. Wait you there Music! Thank you where’s! The sniper take the shotty i feel like. Maybe building off this could be 500 iq up. We go it’s still kind of looking okay we’re max height.

All right build in this could be it. This could be the round. 999 wins my entire fortnight career. Leading up to this moment. Will this be the round? Oh see that’s pretty good, not a perfect end zone, but pretty good and there’s four enemies left i’m, enabling pre edits because we’re going super sneaky for this one. We’Re gon na maximize our efficiency, we’re still looking pretty good on materials, i’m feeling confident and no one’s shot this baby down yet look at it, it’s beautiful. I wonder if my 999 wins, how many were sky bases i feel like it’s got to be at least like 30 or 40 right and in that time, how many snipes have i hit off the top of these things? Okay, this zone is good and the fact there’s four people alive is also good. Generally speaking, i think we’re in a pretty good spot right now, with this thing i’m trying to spot him. Oh no, he hasn’t. Oh, my god. I thought he was shooting at us for a second they’re fighting it out amongst each other. This guy is slowly building in and they have no idea that this is above him. Oh, i think that was a hit can’t be certain though oh, my god. I could finish him so easily right now, he’s just metting up. If this is my fortnight career, summed up then i’m feeling pretty good about it. Chilling is thanos with a hot dog on his back at max height on a sky base, watching two sweats crank beneath him.

That sounds about, like my last thousand wins, summed up pretty well that’s the last guy i’m going for it. Wish me luck? No! Oh! What do i do now? Oh my god. Oh my god, it’s broken. I don’t want to win on this anyway. Oh my god, you are kidding me dude, you are kidding me. I didn’t want to win my 1 000th korea fortnight win. Let us confirm at this stage i kind of wanted to lose. I was probably just gon na. Let him shoot me and then Music. You know i couldn’t be mad. I wanted my 1 000th win to sum up my fortnight career and um winning games because of other people’s stupidity. That kind of sums it up pretty well wow, so it took ten thousand games for me to get a thousand a thousand wins.