0 ports capable of 5 gigabytes per second data transmission and supports power. Delivery function up to 100 watts, with power delivery, 3.0 standard and in today’s video i’ll show you all the use case scenario of this ore, adapter with a monitor tv and samsung decks for you to have an awesome home office desk setup because you’re watching which tube And if it’s your first time here, thank you so much for clicking here’s how to review smart watches smartphones, headphones computing accessories like this oreo adapter. So if you’re into all that kind of stuff, you must consider subscribing for your convenience. Everything is time coded along the video timeline. Let’S start with price and unboxing. This ori adapter, which is very versatile, is listed on amazon for only 40 us dollar. I have provided the direct links to this ori adapter in the video description be sure to check it out and it’s. Not just this adapter ori sells a whole bunch of products like adapters, hdmi, splitters, extenders power banks etc check out their website in the video description. Nothing fancy with the unboxing inside the box. It is the ori adapter itself with a user menu which includes specifications, instructions, troubleshooting control and connection pictures. You can pause this video to read through all these specifications. If you want to now let’s start by connecting my pc to a monitor via this ori adapter, this ori adapter will work for macs, just like as it does, with pc and it’s very versatile.

As the modern day laptops like my asus zenbook 3 are getting exponentially. Slim by stripping down all the ports, so my laptop has only one usb type c: 3.1 port with just one port. I can’t even connect an extra monitor, let alone not even a keyboard or a mouse. So if you’re in a situation like me, then this ori adapter is your answer. Now this adapter is plug and play, so you don’t need to install any extra drivers for this video. I have my asus monitor, so let’s go ahead and plug the monitor. Now let’s connect my logitech wireless keyboard and mouse with this dongle i still have an extra usb 3.0 port, where you can connect anything like a printer external hard drive, and if you want to connect even more, you can get a usb 3.0 extender with which you Can have additional 4 usb 3.0 port from just one port Music. For this video i will connect the usb type a flashlight. Now here is the best part. This ori adapter supports power delivery with pd 3.0 standard up to 100 watts, so you can fast charge your laptop macbook or samsung smartphone for the deck setup, which is super cool for this video i’ll, be using my rev adapter with pd 3.0 standard supporting 90 watts Fast charging so let’s go ahead and plug it in so you can see. My laptop is charging Music. The keyboard and mouse is working great Music.

Now, with this ori adapter, you can enhance your productivity by extending the display by pressing windows plus p keys, to get the projection settings where you can select duplicate, which will mirror the display and extend which will extend the laptop’s display. So you can have multiple tabs open for enhanced productivity. Now this monitor is not a 4k monitor, so under display settings you can see it’s 1080 at 60 hertz, but in few seconds i’ll show you this whole setup on my 4k samsung tv Music. Now let me briefly show you that this adapter works great with my acer spin, 5 laptop. So, like i showed you earlier with my asus zenbook 3. I can have one monitor attached, but since this acer spin 5 has an additional hdmi port, i can have a second monitor attached, along with a whole lot of peripherals, as this laptop also has extra usb 3.0 port. So, depending on the type of your laptop, your options will vary, but you can already see the productivity boost with this adapter. Now the coolest part is the samsung dex. This samsung dex is available for samsung galaxy smartphones, s10 or higher up models where the phone literally becomes your personal desktop. For this video i have my galaxy s10 smartphone, so i’ll leave all the other attachments like the monitor, keyboard and charger as it is, and let’s plug the usb type c port to my s10 smartphone, Music and instantly the samsung decks will start.

So, basically, you can open multiple windows like youtube, web browser, etc, and you can enjoy more video videos, not just that you can even connect a ps controller in the usb 3.0 port, Music and voila. You can enjoy mobile games on a monitor, Music and guys here’s. The coolest part, you can do this whole setup on a tv which i’ll show you later during the video. Now let me connect this entire setup to my samsung 4k tv, so i’ll use the hdmi port from my nintendo switch, my logitech keyboard and mouse via this dongle, the usb type, a flashlight and my 90 watt usb type c rev power, adapter, Music and let’s hook. It all up to my asus zenbook, 3. Music, and there you go. I have my tv connected to my laptop and with my wireless keyboard and mouse i can be a couch potato and enjoy this whole setup. On my 65 inch samsung tv. Now you can have an extended setup or just duplicate with a tv. I would rather not have an extended setup now under display settings. You can see the 4k resolution of my tv. You can go back and change the display resolution and scaling now. Let me show you the samsung dex setup on a tv with this ori adapter, so let’s plug this whole setup into my s10 smartphone. I literally prefer to use my phone connected to a tv with my wireless keyboard and mouse.

So that way, my phone keeps charging and i can enjoy all the apps from my phone on a 65 inch tv Music, especially mobile games, speaking of mobile games. As i showed you earlier, you can connect a ps controller in the additional usb 3.0 port to play. Mobile games on your tv and take my words for granted it’s just amazing, you have to use it to feel it Music. So with that said, here are my final thoughts. As you saw earlier, this ori adapter is very versatile and broadly compatible. My favorite part is the plug and play feature. It’S super easy, no hassle of installing any drivers and the pd 3.0 power. Passthrough is amazing. I don’t have to worry about charging the device and it’s up to 100 watt, so it can juice up even a beefy battery. So let me know what are your thoughts about this or usbc to hdmi adapter in the comments down below and check out the links in the video description, i’ll catch you guys in the next one until then check these videos out, as you may find them enticing.