So an amazing deal were going to see how it goes were going to see if he actually worth the money, so how you can see im pressing the power button that takes a little bit to turn on. But after that is fine. You have a fingerprint on the left. Only problem is, i can barely find it im not used to the position anymore, but as long as i press it thats fine everything was perfect. Now were going to go into microsoft. Word: im going to show you how the keyboard sounds and have an idea of how it is and stuff like that, but i can turn right now. The keyboard is plastic, so you can feel this cheap Music now were going to go on youtube im going to play a video and have an idea how this is going to be Music. Next lets open paint, lets, take the pen out and lets see how this pen is. In my opinion, this is really really good paint. I really enjoy it. I really love it and dont get me wrong. I do use the apple pen, for example, but i do prefer this pen. It gives me a little bit more realistic compared to the apple pen. Dont. Ask me why, but i do get a little bit more realistic now how you can see if im cleaned like this, you wont you want the processor. You have to stay with the pen straight on the display, but other than that thats perfect, Music, Music, Music, Music, uh, um, Music, um, Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, Music now lets try some xbox gaming.

Now this machine is using an intel server on. So we were not going to be able to play any games if we install it, but we do have xbox game pass and you can run the games on the cloud and i can tell you right now. The experience going to be pretty amazing youll be shocked. Music, i am going to use an xbox controller, but im going to use it via usb. The only reason is, i run out of batteries and i didnt have any batteries in the house to replace it. While i was recording this video, you can connect it via bluetooth and play it, but in my scenario today i have to use a usb usb c to usb cable. So i can play the game, so you guys can see how it runs and stuff like that. But youll get surprised now just an idea. My internet speed is 32 megabits download speed and i get four megabits upload speed. So i dont have a fiber. I dont have nothing super extra fast. Its a letter so like a normal connection and youll still be shocked about the about the gameplay of this uh of this computer. No, no thats, good thats! Exactly what youre supposed to do Music, i tried to explain to horizon finance about payment structures, but theyre already getting excited about where to hide a chest. Next season. Oh, you can see if youre watching my controller literally, there is zero lag between me playing and the computer, its once im, selecting left and right.

The car responds its perfect, its like playing it locally. I dont have any problems with it: Applause, Applause, Applause, so Applause, Applause, Applause, Music, Applause, Music, Applause, Music, now lets play some fighting games and, like i can tell you right now, im not a big fan of fighting games and stuff like that. But again i dont have any problems. I dont have any lag im trying to win im, not going to win this battle ill. Tell you right now, but the experience of playing every single game that i want on a computer, that you can literally just travel wherever you go with it. Do your do your work? Do your paintings do everything on it experiencing its amazing, its amazing that theres nothing? I can say bad about this computer, except for one thing that you will be at the end of the video Applause: Applause Music, so so yeah theres, nothing. I can say bad about this computer, except for the speakers, and probably you saw that coming now. The only thing is that this computer is pretty good. You get amazing battery life. You get amazing performance, you get everything you get amazing storage. Normally it does computer in this price, like 32 gigabytes or 64 gigabytes. This is 120 gigabyte ssd. Everything is amazing about it. Yeah, it looks, i dont know: doesnt have a new design. You have bezels and stuff like that, but you get an amazing amazing value for money with this computer.

The only thing the speakers are loud enough, but they dont sound too well. Stop think they dont sound too well, so you know you have to get used to it me personally. I always use a bluetooth uh headphones. I use a uh. Samsung galaxy live so im using those ones to replace the sound that im im getting from the computer. Im not a big fan of it, but rather than that theres nothing. I can say bad about this computer, so yeah.