This is a device that’ll. Let you hook your console up to your laptop and use a laptop’s monitor to play the games on here’s their kickstarter page. They well surpassed what they were asking for with over 30 000 backers. I was lucky enough to be one of the early adopters and was able to receive my device this morning. So let’s take a look at it. First we’ll start with looking at the unboxing and then try it on some different devices and see how it worked out. Okay, so this is the package it came in. Pretty pretty sturdy bubble wrap so i’m gon na open. It up here probably should have got a knife: okay, so here’s the box, typical boxing with the pitcher on top shrink wrapped that’s, a little slider. The inside box, slides out on the back here. It’S got a description of all the different uses for it. Let’S see, ah nice little tucking it up. Oh good there’s, not tape on that. I always say they when they put tape on that. Okay, so here’s, the inside of it, looks like this pops out of the center here, oh a little reinforced cardboard behind it, okay, so this is this: is the device that’s the hdmi input and that’s the part that goes into your console? So if you’re using a switch, you’ll have to have a dock, because there’d be no port on the switch itself to hook it into, and then the usbc cable connects there, which it comes with, which is good.

Oh it’s, nice, when they actually include the cable. That was still kind of cool. This is almost like. I have a has a right angle on it, yeah so there’s that right angle and then the other end is also c. So if you’re going to use this on a pc that doesn’t have a usbc port on it, you’d have to have an adapter which case it might not work depending on the speed it needs to run at. Since you know you get your nice little sticker and a manual which, probably about two pages of it, is in english and then the rest of its other languages. So here’s a little bit closer. Look at the device see here’s one side of it looks like it’s fairly well made there’s the hdmi port on it and then the usbc port, so pretty straightforward, there’s, not any extra power adapter that needs to be used to power the device it should run off. Of the usbc power, coming from your laptop and here’s one more look at everything that came in the packaging. There was one more sticker that was inside the bubble, wrap that was not inside the packaging and that’s this sticker that’s in the middle top, there looks like it’s, maybe some type of mascot for the company i’m, not really sure, but in case you order. This make sure you check inside the packaging before you throw it away, or you can miss out on this incredible sticker.

You can download the genki arcade app from their website. Just go to the shop and under shadow cast they’ll have the mac windows and chrome versions. My understanding is that you have to have the software in order to reduce the latency on the games that you’re playing. Otherwise, if you just plug this into your pc and try to use any standard app to view the video there’ll be so much latency, the game would be pretty much unplayable something you need to be aware of. While installing this on windows, i received the following error about defender blocking the installation. Of course you can go ahead and run through this. If you click on more information, you can see it was the genki arcade software version 1.0.2. Looking a little closer, i checked the properties of the installer versus another one that i had, and i noticed that the genki software does not have a tab for the digital signature, so i’m, assuming the software is not signed and that’s. The reason why this is giving an error, i would say, it’s safe to use unless they’ve miswrote the software, but i wouldn’t put too much worry about it being a virus okay. So i have a correction on that. Last part. This is not an installer but it’s. The actual application, so when i told it to run anyways it came up and is ready to go it’s telling me the shadow cast is not connected because i’ve not connected it yet.

But you got a little link here to go to the website. I guess to get more information if you need it, but it seems like it just is a standalone executable, which i really like, because you can put something like that on any type of cloud storage, onedrive google drive and it would just sync back and forth and You’D always have it, so that makes it very nice and i’m going to plug this into the device for the first time, so i’ve, no idea what this is going to do. I don’t have the hdmi plugged into anything. Let’S just see what happens when i connect it, and the screen goes black, so i’m guessing it’s waiting to output, the video when i hook it up. Okay, so i’ve got my switch hooked up to it. Now, as you can see, it comes up, it’s, responding and moving around the screen. Now one thing i’ve noticed when you hover your cursor over top of it you’ve got some settings here where you can adjust the mode. You’Ve got performance or resolution mode right now, it’s in performance, the microphone you can choose a microphone, so i guess you can record and annotate, because it’s got a save directory. It’S got capture, video and pictures, so you come in here start hitting record, and if you need to capture some footage from a video, you can stop it and it pops up save dialog box on on my screen.

I don’t have this on the recording, but you can start the microphone, so it can record you can annotate while you play, if you need to it’s something i started noticing, as i was using. This is that it seemed kind of laggy so i’m in the switches test, input, devices and i’m going to pull up to test the controller buttons and, as i’m, hitting them i’m noticing i’m hearing the sound of the click on the screen a little bit after the Buttons click i’m going to hold the controller up to the mic and see if you can hear the delay, so you can tell there’s definitely a noticeable delay i’m going to disconnect the switch. So the screen’s going to go black and i’m going to use the switch itself and hit the buttons on it with the speakers held up to the mic and there’s just one sound. Both the button press click of the button and the sound coming from the speakers of the switch are in sync, so there’s, somewhat of a lag there, whether or not that’s, something that’s gon na affect you or not. It may depend on the game you’re playing if you’re playing a action game that requires quick responses. It may be something you’ll need to consider. Hopefully, they’ll fix this with an update, but um i’m also using the genki’s dock. With this, i doubt the dock’s adding any delay. I’Ve never noticed that before when using it so something to keep in mind so i’m.

Trying this on my chromebook and because i don’t have a capture set up for it. I’M, just using my phone to record here, but i noticed it wasn’t, detecting it and when you go to the download on their main page for chrome, it basically just takes you to the website and i noticed up in the corner. I had to click to install the app so i’m gon na install that now let’s see what happens. Okay and it still is not seeing the device things i’ve got it plugged here. If i unplug it notice how my camera kind of resets plug it back in it’s, picking up the device but it’s not working, so you can see here, the switch is in the dock. You see it’s powered on the screen’s, not on so it knows it’s on the dock. This time i use the actual official dot. The shadow cast is plugged in the usb c. Cable is going from here into the side of the chromebook, but it’s still not saying the saw from the software side that’s connected. So something that i noticed is that the shadow cast has a power light on it and when i’m plugging it into the chromebook you’ll, see a green light, come on and then go away. This was staying on before when i had it cooked to my desktop so there’s something that’s cutting power to it. It’S, probably something the chrome os. So this is the chrome app on windows and it seems to be functioning fine.

I did have some trouble getting it to come up and work. I don’t know if maybe, if i may have had the application open at the same time, that could have been locking out used to the device, but eventually it it popped up and seems to work. Fine, basically, the same way as the app screen may look a little bit softer i’m, not sure on the settings it’s set for performance. If i go in here and change it to resolution, it does seem to be a little clearer on resolution, but i would expect, if i go in here into my settings and then go down to the controller and then test input devices. I can probably see there’s. Probably still a delay, you could probably hear that almost like a tick, tick, tick, tick, that’s from when i’m, hitting the button until it’s responding in the kickstarter information. They made an update today. That also mentions using the konami code on your keyboard, not your controller, but your keyboard to unlock an advanced mode. So after putting in the code, if i come up here into settings, i’ve got actual resolutions. I can choose from and frame rate, which gives you a whole lot more options to play with, rather than the defaults, so that’s a closer look at the shadow cast. You can still order this it’s 43 dollars. When you add shipping into the united states, it’s really not too bad of a product for a usb based capture device which, in essence, that’s what this is with its own special software, the hardest part in recommending this is the delay in the input the lag there Between the controller and the screen, it’s pretty noticeable if you’re playing a very fast paced game, but if you’re playing something that doesn’t need as much reaction time.

I know in hyrule warriors. I didn’t really feel the delay as much, but i could definitely feel it when playing strider, so it all depends on what you’re playing. Hopefully they will straighten these problems out. They’Ve updated some of the information on the kickstarter page, with a little more information on here. Again saying that the chrome version is basically a beta they’re, still working on that experimental, so hopefully that’ll be a nice bonus, it’s, not even something i realized was going to be available, so hopefully this will be something that you find interesting or you may decide. No, this isn’t for me, or maybe i’ll, wait and see if they get their software to where the lag isn’t as noticeable. I will put a link in the description for the website where you can order it find out more information. If you like, this video, give it a thumbs up, be sure to share it with others that may be interested. This is the first video i’ve ever done, so my apologies, the audio seems to cut in and out as i’m reviewing this, so you know, bear with me. Hopefully it’ll get better, but i want to get this information out share with others. Let them know what i found out so, if someone’s looking at this type of product they’ll know whether or not it’s something they want to get.