Back with the video for the shadow cast gekki. This goes ahead and allows you to go ahead and play your switch playstation, xbox and more on your laptop right. Now it comes with a lap. It comes with not the laptop i do apologize. It comes with your shadow caster, a manual a sticker and a braided usb type c to usb type c cable. Now your laptop has to go ahead and support usb type c, the usb type c or usb type c in general, in order to go ahead and use this now, with this being able to be plugged into your laptop as such. This is what it looks like. The dock that i’m currently using is called a skullco nintendo switch dock, very modular, very small, great for people who go on the go business, people, business, trips, just family vacation. You just don’t feel like lugging around a tv. This is that’s the product for you, and so is the gecky shadow cast now. Another great thing about this is that the fact that there’s two different settings that favor performance, if not resolution now i do warn you. I would just stick with the performance because if you go ahead – and you pick the resolution – yes, it will be crisper, but you will also notice a lot, a latency in frame rates and what i mean by that let’s see, as you can see, it’s looks a Little skippy, choppy let’s, say about 30 frames per second, as you can see the hand doesn’t look nowhere near his crib now.

This is me just testing out smash brothers really fast to go ahead and give you an idea of what you’re getting as far as this product this product, i do believe it’s not released out yet, but it will be coming soon into the future, now way, better Way, smoother, lovely and you’re also catching all the sound through your laptop you’re, also able to do game capture and game recording through this, so that’s helps you out even more especially if you felt like they’re streaming, your nintendo games, your ps4 games, your xbox games, necessarily Speaking, those consoles already support their own, but the switch doesn’t. This is a very nice alternative for people who don’t have a hundreds of dollars for capture cards and stuff, like that, like the elgato and say what not, this will go ahead and help you, because this is a very nice budget and low maintenance on yourself. Now you can also hook this up to your computer. Adjust the monitor, well, let’s, go ahead and say this computer because that’s exactly what you want and you’ll be able to do it that way. It also supports that way. Let’S go ahead and test out a little bit of mozart on rise. My kids was playing smash, so that’s. Why that was on. I just want to knock this out for my day, see how well this goes he’s going to walk around the village, won’t really hunt. Just want to see on how well this looks on a laptop if you double tap on this menu on the side.

Here with the cog, you can full screen the whole thing without it having to be windowed, so full screen to window that’s gon na come in handy when i’m lazy in bed. Yes, i’m. A scrub dads do work, can’t, slay all day as much as i want to magma fight, though amazing, absolutely fun. Oh big, hit celebration and that’s also my urgent quest so far. It feels the same. It looks the same. Colors. Definitely popping nothing. Crazy sounds still very vivid yup. Absolutely this works for all switch games, as it really should, and it should most definitely keep everything charged and ready to go just in case oh about to go ahead and go for a lunch date whatever but i’m still gon na bring my switch i’m about to Hang out with a friend’s house stuff like that this will go ahead and make you feel a little bit more comfortable. You know what i mean so right now, if you would have backed it on kickstarter for about, i believe it was 60 or 50 bucks. You should have got in the mail by now it’s coming out in waves and i recently just got my hands on mine, so i do thank you for the lovely audience, and hopefully this review helps you on the review and the setup of this console.