Three alpha test: it’s a super frustrating process, but instead of just complaining about it, i asked chad how we’re going to fix it and we actually came up with some pretty cool ideas. Music, today’s video is brought to you by rich wallet. Rich create modern compact wallets made from premium materials like titanium, carbon, fiber or aluminum. In fact, rich is so confident the product that they offer you a 45 day test drive with a full refund. If you don’t like it, but why would you like them? The wallets are easily half the size of a traditional wallet, but despite that, they can still hold up to 12 cards and has a body clip on the side. All the wallets also come with rfid blocking to prevent digital theft, so check out rich wallet on forward, slash d2ea and use offer code d2ea to get 10 percent off hello. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome back to elite dangerous with downtown astronomy. So i see yourself as a pretty down to earth person and it requires quite a bit for me to get annoyed at a game, but the new genome sampling tool that was introduced with the odyssey phase 3 has achieved that to the point where, when i was Testing it on my limiting live stream. I was really close. You just go yeah screw it i’m. Just gon na go, get a gun and go to a conflict zone and shoot spend pcs in the face into that, because it was such a frustrating process.

But i decided to ask chad what did we do to fix it and we came up with some interesting ideas, but first i want to dive in and identify why. I think this is such a frustrating process, so the minigame works by you have these spinning circles. You have an outer pattern need to match when the spinning circle patterns match the outer pattern, you click and then you go in one level. You click again and you do that three times. Do it three times successfully and you can successfully sampled adeno. However, do you fail a level you go out? You lose one ring that you already locked in and that’s one of the first things that makes this super frustrating you make some progress and any game mechanic that takes progress away from. You is frustrating it’s frustrating when you lose a ship and it’s frustrating when you sit with a little mini game and you click and you click and then you fail and not only does it mean that that ring failed, but you’re being punished by also taking an Existing bring you over completely away from you. The second thing that really annoyed the hell out of me was the fact that these inner rings that you have to match that they sometimes fade out that their like opacity changes. So sometimes, when you’re just sitting there you’re focusing on it you’re trying to see oh it’s about to line up, then it fades out.

You can’t see anything and you have to sit and wait for it to come around again. You can try again the next time it is super frustrating and a problem i have with it. Is it doesn’t work very well for expiration, it’s, relatively similar to the subsurface mining mechanic, where you shoot a subsurface displacement missile and there’s a little bar? You have to release just the right time to get fragments out the narrower band. You release that the more fragments you get and that works okay for mining. I think, but the problem, as i see it, is that all the player skill needed for this is contained in this mini game, there’s, nothing around it. You run around with your scanner, you click the scanner and if things are green, that means scan it. If it’s not green, it means do not scan it. It is really super dumb down the scanning mechanic, but then all the skills in the mini game – and i feel for exploration that it should be the other way around – that the mini game is relatively simple and easy to solve. But it is the scanning part that should be the difficult one. This is where the player skill should be so here’s. The suggestion we came up during the live stream. Take the little mini game dumb it down, make it a lot more simple. Maybe just make it one ring, i feel like it would be pretty balanced.

If you just had one ring, you need to match, and maybe that was the ottoman would then spin a little bit faster than it does now. So maybe it’s like at the second ring. So there’s a little bit there’s a little bit of skill in it, so maybe have that the outer ring spin faster than it is now, but only have one ring measurement ring. You’Re done. You got your sample. You need to collect three samples from various locations which doesn’t make sense it’s supposed to be because of diversity, but you’re running like 100 meters. That way, and that is supposed to be a different like genome. I i don’t know it just doesn’t make a lot of sense to me. I don’t know if that’s you’re supposed to do it like that or if you’re supposed to gain your ship and fly to another part of the planet, which would make this process even more frustrating. But the way i would fix it is, as i said, dump down the scanning mechanic and then instead have you go out to each individual plant and collect samples from the plants in different stages of its development. Maybe it’s different variations of the same plant, it’s already implemented in the game. You already see all these different uh. You have like fungi, you have cactus and you have bacterial patterns. They all have different visual representations. Some of you may have plants that are very small. So maybe they are like still in like almost a seed form.

Maybe they are blossoming. Maybe they are just sprung out, maybe there’s the different different stages. There are some of them that, like these, like weird, bald things, then they have like like leaves on top, and then some of them have little dimples on the top and some have nothing on the top. They already exist in different different visual representations and to me it would make a lot more sense if what you would have to do is to collect these different visual versions of the plants rather than just run up to any of them and just sample them at A different at distances, because this would mean that you would have to go out as a player and then look at a plant and say: okay, i have a plant here and i have a plant next to it. That kind of looks like it, but there’s a little difference. So what is the difference? Okay, so there’s different colored leaves, or this one has a longer. Well, the bigger leaves, maybe or i don’t know, and then you have to go and you have to yourself run around and look at the plans and figure out which ones belong together, like all the visuals is already there. It just needs to change the game. Mechanic and move the skill cap over on the scanning, so how good you are at identifying the different plants, it might mean that you have to completely remove the scanning functionality of the little genome sampler, since that would probably make it too easy if you just scan And then again, as i said, go to the green thing, then, when you do collect your genome samples, give us more information.

Give us some like. Oh, this is a like major type. A subtype maybe give us some some some basic. It could just be made up information, it doesn’t matter, and then you can sit and look at that information and maybe see oh, they need to find something that kind of matches it with other plans. I i don’t know there’s a multitude of opportunities here, but the fact is just the way the minigame is right now: it’s, not a very enjoyable process and if it stays like that, i can’t see a lot of people spending a lot of time. Doing that now. Another thing i want to mention: is it wasn’t 100 clear whether we were supposed to be able to collect them as close as we do now or, if we’re supposed to get in our ship and move to a different spot of the planet in order to collect The different genomes, or, if it’s just you know we can just run over to the other side of the patch. If it is meant that we are supposed to get on our ship and fly to another location, then please let us have more than one canister at a time. It makes zero sense that i come up to an area that may contains three or four different types of of plants, and i can only sample one. Then i have to go to new patch to sample the second time go to a third pass to sample it.

The third time and then i can start all over sampling a plant and then go in between these three sites all over again like four times that is super frustrating. So if we are meant to go in ships to different locations, then please let us have more canisters, so we can sample, have multiple sample cycles or like collect multiple samples for different plants. At the same time, though, i would prefer if we could stay within the same patch and then, as i said, just look for different visual variations of the same plant. Another thing i would like to see changed is the payout for these. I know this is one of the last things. This is an alpha and – and these are probably one of the last things which is going to change before things goes – live so i’m, not too worried about the payout frontier’s already done an amazing job. Rebalancing other parts of the game so we’re now at a point where both combat mining and submission running all kind of pay in the same area and is relatively well balanced in terms of credit payout and really, hopefully has got to do something similar when they look At the payouts for the new um exobiology things, because it it as it is right now, it’s just it’s just too little um that you get paid for it, i mean it is really the last level you have now different levels of exploration.

You have just fss scanning the planets. You have then mapping it that you then pay a little more and then you actually take your time. You land you go out, you find the plants. It’S kind of this is rare, but it should also pay out. I think it should be a little bit more like um and like calls from from binding that it’s one of those things that you don’t find like plants on every single planet with an atmosphere. But when you find it, it should be one of those catching now. The space chatter i got some i’ve got a good fight here, something you should be excited about when you find a little bit like it is when you’re out um coal mining, i feel like the balance status is pretty good, so something similar like that. I feel like would be pretty nice, but, as always, i would love to hear your guys feedback. What do you think is the ideas that i presented here completely whack and wouldn’t work at all. Do you have better suggestions or just other suggestions like post them in the comments section i’ll, be sure to get this video to frontier thanks for watching? I really hope you enjoyed this video if you did give a like and subscribe to the channel for more odyssey content and also next time.