Think of google stadia closely followed by the negative comments from narrow minded press outlets. What most people don’t think about is nvidia the company behind graphics cards that have powered nearly every gamer engineer, designer streamer or content creator for nearly the past decade. Yet nvidia do have a game streaming option. It allows you to play on any device be that a mobile phone tablet laptop pc and yes, even mac. It is also one of the only game streaming options available on apple mobile devices. It takes a different approach to stadia index cloud. The two services recently covered on the channel and presents different challenges too, but you never know it may actually be the right one for you welcome everybody. My name is dorigon, and this is my june 2021 review of nvidia’s g force now. So what is geforce now? Geforce now is a remote access application. It grants the user access to the highest specification pcs currently available on the market that they then use to play their own gaming. Libraries on it works by allowing the user to choose the game that they wish to play from a list of those supported across multiple pc storefronts. The user must log into their appropriate accounts where they have purchased said game to prove that they have the license to play it. Geforce now does not allow purchases on its own platform. All purchases must be completed externally on steam, epic or any of the other supported storefronts.

There are two versions of the service available: either the free option or the paid for premium subscription. Both options mean you have to queue up until a rig is available for use with the queue times seeming to vary depending on the game. More populated titles, such as destiny, 2 or fortnite, have a much longer wait time than something like watch. Dogs 2, which has a low population due to being a single player game that has been out for five years now. In my experience, the wait times can vary dramatically. The longest i’ve waited for a rig is over an hour to play dauntless other times. I’Ve got straight in with no waiting at all as a free user once you’ve accessed the rig. You then get an hour of play time in your chosen game once that hour is through you automatically disconnect from the service and have to begin the process. Again. If you wish to continue playing the premium subscription grants a similar experience but allows you to jump the queue a little bit, granting quicker access to the rigs and extends the play time to 6 hours maximum between disconnects, unlike competitors, the premium version does not have a Library of games inclusive to the service, nor does it offer monthly inclusive games for download or stream games stream. In a resolution of up to 1440p, as of may 2021, with a frame rate of up to 60 fps, full ray tracing is available in titles that support it for premium subscribers and hdr content is available.

However, it’s only supported on the shield tv device it’s an interesting prospect and completely unlike any of the other options on the market. So how does it stack up? Let’S start with the streaming experience. This is an odd one to quantify. On the one hand, it works so damn well when playing a game. There is minimal, latency and lag regardless of the title or storefront. The visual quality and fidelity are exceptional, even looking better than stadia on occasion, despite at lower resolution, input comes from a range of options depending on your platform, but geforce is the first option to offer keyboard and mouse controls on mobile platforms, as well as all of The others that have keyboard and mouse as standard controller input has no lag at all, despite only utilizing bluetooth connections and it even offers a touch, control option for touch screen devices, though this isn’t as good as playstation remote play or stadia. In my experience, when you’re playing a game, the experience is great. First, though, you need to get to that point, it’s a fine balancing act having enough high end rigs accessible with the appropriate games installed to allow people to play while also minimizing the impact. Such a structure of operation has on the environment. For the most part, i’d say: nvidia have struck a good balance, but it does mean that you are queueing every time to play a game when you consider that some people only have 30 to 60 minutes per play session to game queueing for 15 minutes or more Suddenly makes their play session near worthless and it’s a situation that needs to constantly be taken into account.

Let’S, look at three games: final fantasy xiv, world of warcraft and destiny; 2.. Three games that all have high end raid content say you organize a raid on any of these games, while you’ll be out of town, and you trust that g4 service will serve you well. The first problem that you face is that two of the titles aren’t available via geforce now and they are wow and ff14 destiny, however, is supported, though only with controller support, no sweat. You book the raid in for 7 p.m, with your pc buddies but you’re in a queue that won’t grant you access until 7 45 by current estimates, by which time it’s too late for many of your team to do a full raid say they all swing at This time – and you start raiding you’re three quarters through after 57 minutes and running to the next encounter when your hour of play time ends and you have to repeat the whole exercise once more, which also disconnects you from the current game. You can see how the free service, while offering access, is only really meant to be a taster and, unlike stadia where the free version would allow instant access and no disconnects for a destiny. Raid geforce’s free option, isn’t really designed for high end play it’s a major niggle in the streaming experience of geforce now, and not one that is easily overlooked. That niggle has the opportunity to be overcome, as with many things with a paid for monthly subscription here’s.

The rub, though, i tried to join the premium version of geforce now back in june 2020. At the time they had no space for new members, but you could sign up to be notified when a space became available and then start paying three pound 99 per month. For the service in june 2021, however, i’ve had no communication and the price has increased 8.99 per month that anyone can now sign up for that price is problematic. Alongside the lack of promise, contact and service 8.99 a month puts geforce now at the exact same price. As google’s stadia pro subscription, but gives you nearly nothing for the cost, the premium option gives you three benefits over the free version. Priority access to the gaming servers extended session length up to a maximum of six hours at a time and ray tracing will be turned on for all supported games, that’s it for the same price as stadia pro, a good chunk more than playstation now and just less Than game pass ultimate, you get no games, inclusive rotating library or otherwise. The cost, therefore, is to q jump and play for longer only in games that you have to go and purchase elsewhere initially anyway, and may not actually then be available on geforce. Now it creates a question, at least for me around the services place in the industry. The competition all has a defined place. Ps now is your playstation centric game streaming platform that’s also available on windows devices.

Game pass ultimate. Is the perfect complementary service to anyone who has either an xbox console or pc and stadia? Is your free next gen console that you can use on any connected screen that you already own geforce now is either super limited in its offering or prohibitively expensive what it offers with the limitations that it still faces. I’M not sure whether it’s meant to be a cheap upgrade for existing pc users or meant to be like a completely mobile pc that can play top end games. But it doesn’t have all of the options of either and can’t do what a full new pc does. It’S marketed to be a video game streaming service, but the price of entry, either in time cost or financial for such little return begs the question why you’d ever use it games are another aspect that are difficult to understand with geforce. Now the service itself has zero games. So if you choose to pay for the premium subscription, you get no titles outside of free ones like destiny and fortnite, to use with it, which is exactly the same setup you get with the free version. Every game that you wish to play on the service needs to be purchased, but that has to be purchased from one of the supported stores, the biggest two being steam and epic, with varying degrees of support for other storefronts. However, even then there is a game by game basis about support on the platform.

While you can buy gary’s mod on steam and then play it on the service. The same cannot be said for golfit another popular steam game. Forager is a no go on g force. Now but dead cells is fine, there’s, no horizon zero dawn or metal gear solid. There is dauntless, but no monster hunter world. Nothing from is available, leaving overwatch and borderlands out in the cold and it’s the same for all of the ea titles. There just doesn’t appear to be a rhyme or reason to what is supported and what isn’t, even when we’re talking about the same developer or franchise random games in the middle of a series, can’t be played on g force now. But you can play the beginning and the end of said series. The struggle here is that these storefronts are massive and have many sales over the course of a year. If you’re trying to use geforce. Now, as your main gaming platform, it makes purchasing titles that much more tedious. You need to log into a different service which may mean setting up yet another account check. The game is available to buy on that service check if it’s then compatible with geforce now buy the game. If so, return to geforce now add the game to your library, click play and queue up before actually being able to play the game by comparison stadia allows. You to search for purchase and play a game all from the one app and one login ps now in xcloud is even easier.

Is the game in the library, if so play it? If not don’t, that simple geforce now has taken a tried and tested consumer formula and doubled the amount of steps required to achieve the same outcome, which is just annoying for the gamer wanting to play their games. Music. I’M. Probably a rather unique case for a geforce. Now user i don’t own a pc, the last computer that i owned was a laptop from 2006 that eventually bit the bullet in 2013.. It was a media beast, but it wasn’t a gaming machine. I therefore haven’t had a steam account prior to geforce. Now, as i simply didn’t have the means to play steam as advertised geforce now was meant to allow me to play pc games with my friends on my phone or tablet, all i needed to do was buy the games on steam or one of the other supported Stores first, my experience of this, though, has been awful despite superb technology behind the actual streaming and near flawless experience and a distinct lack of any lag or latency when actually playing games. There is such a barrier to getting started or enjoying the service that i can’t really recommend it to anyone. If you’ve had steam for years and have a vast library built up, you may find a better experience than i did. You may find that it’s a perfect complementary service to your pc gaming that allows you to keep playing while on the go, however limited it may be, whether you take the free or premium option is up to you as the differences between them are minimal, but just On the front of continuous play time, impactful enough to make a big difference to the streamed game experience for my money, though, as someone for whom video game streaming has actually improved their gaming life over the last 12 months.

Geforce now just doesn’t respect me or my time i can’t jump in and out when i have 15 minutes because of the queues. Nor can i sit and game in a mammoth session. I could pay to rectify the latter, but at the cost of entry and what else i could get for that money – it’s just not worth the outlay to me. I personally don’t get geforce now in the setup that it has at this moment in time there seems to be a lack of vision or direction for the service, and, if it doesn’t change, the competition is going to leave it far behind very quickly. I hope to revisit this in the future and have a more positive outlook as it stands right now, though, geforce now is a tad pointless as a service. I would like to thank you all very much for tuning in normal drill. Don’T forget to hit like and subscribe. It helps the channel out massively. You can also hit the bell for notifications of when new content goes live and follow me on the socials from the links in the description box below otherwise.