6 inch. Ultra slim notebook, Music, hey guys, welcome back to the channel and happy holidays. If you guys are watching this in November or December of this year. So I purchased a Walmart a Black Friday deal laptop and if you guys see here, it says Gateway, so no its, not an HP, no, its, not a Lenovo or you know an Acer, whatever um its kind of a I, I wouldnt say its a no name Brand Ive known this brand for more than 20 years, I actually had Gateway Computers as a kid growing up, and I guess recently they started making laptops again or – or I guess, PCS in general, I dont know exactly where they went. They kind of disappeared off the grid for a while, and then they came back uh and I saw this on. You know the Walmart website. I was kind of just searching and I was like. Oh my gosh. You know this is a very inexpensive laptop for for the price of what the specs are giving you so lets, go ahead and just show you guys really quick what some of the specs are so ryzen, 7 Radeon, uh, Graphics, Windows, 11. Obviously I dont know if it shows anything else in the back here lets see if we can show you guys earlier 15.6 inch laptop ryzen, 7, 8 gigs of RAM with 512 uh gigabytes of and its an SSD guys, and this is the color blue.

I went with the color blue, just because uh I thought the gray was just a little too plain, heres a picture of the laptop itself. So and again you can check this out at gatewayusa.com, but again I purchased this directly from the Walmart website and I will try to post up some affiliate links in the description below. I do know that they sell something similar like this on Amazon. I dont know if youre gon na get it for the price. Again I paid 250 for this, and you know I was just like wow what the heck. You know what I mean like what a great deal inside one of my uh, one of my lights, turned off so were were losing light here in my room, but thats, okay, but anyways super excited because Ive been wanting a new laptop for a while, just because I think that theyre a little easier to move around um. As far as like you know, you know trying to set up. You know different type of uh scenarios here I guess, like you, know its me as a YouTuber. You know if I wan na like live stream, and I want to you know, move around my webcam. You know its not as easy with my desktop here, because you know you know you. You need an extension for the webcam or something like that. So using a laptop gon na be a lot easier for me and again for the specs 249 plus tax that came out to a little under 270.

I believe it was 269. um, eight gigs of RAM Radeon, graphics, ryzen, 7 processor, so not a ryzen 3 or a ryzen 5. A ryzen 7 in a in a 250 dollar laptop lets, go ahead and move this really quick. So lets go ahead and get this unboxed for you guys. Thank you, foreign boxed here, and this thing is actually pretty meaty. As far as the weight goes uh. I definitely do like the color of it its not your typical gray or black laptop and from the looks of it I dont think its a fingerprint magnet compared to other uh. You know laptops, you know, Im putting my fingers on it Im, not seeing anything uh. You do have the Gateway logo, which you know kind of uh, I think Gateway can. Maybe uh do something a little bit different with that a little bit later on, but I think its funny its a throwback to the original cow logo, its basically a cow. If you look at the back here, theres no accessible, porch or anything like that, and this isnt a touchscreen laptop guys again its its just a regular Plain, Jane laptop. You know I I didnt want to touch screen just because I dont really care to have touch screen as far as laptops go um, but lets take a look here again and its pretty heavy just just to show you guys lets go ahead and open the lid Here I already actually removed the uh, the um the little cover here, but it does come with a full keyboard and keypad over here on the side.

So you have your one two, three four, you do have Im, not really a big fan of laptops that have the mouse trackpad more towards the left. I really am very picky on stuff like that, so it does have a fingerprint sensor also as well uh. It looks like it has dual speakers here and as well as looks like some like little key lights here: uh, probably for the internet, Im, not sure if this laptop has Bluetooth, but I guess well be testing that out a little bit later, not too big of Speakers and the screen again guys its a 15 Point inch screen, so lets go ahead and I dont even know where the power button on this baby is its over here lets see if it has any juice, and while this is booting up, you can see here That my other computer is on in the background as well. I dont think it does have any juice I might have to plug it in for for a few minutes, guys uh, but just just so you guys know this Doug did come with this and it came with this. So this is really the only other two items in the Box I mean it. Does it does kind of promote the uh the surround system? I guess, even though I dont think its gon na have strong speakers, but I I do plan to maybe try to casually light game on this uh laptop just to see how it works so well see how it goes.

Lets take a look at the actual charger itself, and just so you guys know I dont know if I showed you guys the ports or not lets go ahead and show you guys the ports really quick. It does come with HDMI USB a and these look like 3.0 uh. You have USB type c on this side, and just so you got Amandas a heavy laptop guys Im, not even kidding. This is a heavy laptop. You have a micro, uh, SD card slot, your headphone jack and again, a USB type, a port on that side and again heres what the Charger looks like not a bad looking charger. It looks like its very Compact and compatible. I dont know what the uh you know, the kilowatt or whatever you know how how fast it is. I guess you know you can probably look at that here in this information, for those of you guys who want to take a look, go ahead and read that Im gon na Im gon na plug this in give it some juice and then get it turned on. For you guys, okay, all right here is first startup. By the way, I think its turning on there we go so the screen is not a very reflective screen. I can tell you guys that much right now it looks kind of nice, at least on mine. It looks nice here lets see if I can sorry about the shakiness guys and again, my room is dark.

So just a moment, while we set you up, okay, okay and again, I did have to plug it in so the little the little battery indicator or whatever. I guess is down there um, or at least the power indicator Im, hoping that this thing has a charge um so lets lets lets get this going. Let me go ahead and set it up for you guys, and I guess just show you. I guess a little more about it. You know maybe well run a benchmark or something like that guys, but super excited because again you know I wanted to uh. Maybe do a little bit more live streaming. You know, maybe maybe not just at home. You know I can technically do live streaming online laptops elsewhere as well right, but definitely not a bad. Looking laptop again, you guys are gon na. There is the windows. Logo lets go ahead and lower the volume. Even so, and just so, you guys know its not a touch screen. Okay, so I cant really touch it, so I will have to use this. Am I in the United States? Yes, very, very basic, stuff stuff that we can kind of skip here guys, but Im gon na tell you right now. The screen actually looks pretty nice. Considering um, you know well see how it goes, but let me go and get this set up. Okay, so the computer is starting and it does say, updates are underway, so I do have to wait for the computer thats kind of the crappy part about like unboxing, a new computer or like tablet or whatever, is you kind of have to update everything? But look at that little startup, uh animation there, the Gateway animation, I think its.

I think its just so funny, um how it looks. It is what it is, though, Im not Im not like you know. I I wanted this. This little laptop and again Im really liking the color. I cant hear the fans, though I dont know if you guys can hear that, but you can hear it a little bit, but I think its pretty interesting that its kind of very clean, like usually when you have like a ryzen. You know if you know, if its a Pentium or an Intel computer, you have like a sticker. You know here, I dont have anything on here. It most likely is on the bottom, though so lets go ahead. It says please, review the license. Agreement. Okay, lets go ahead and accept: are we running Windows 95 over here guys whats going on? So let me go ahead and log into my Microsoft account really quick, all right, so Im still setting this up so this it does say this might take a few minutes to uh to do it. Its updating Windows 11 as well guys so just be patient here. Uh but yeah again going back to the laptop you know again. 249. I did. I thought it was a great deal again, its a ryzen 7 processor, which is probably one of the higher end uh processors that you can get as far as the ryzen uh goes. Uh eight gigs of RAM, which is not a lot to say the least, but I think eight gigs of RAM is going to at least get me to you know, do basic gaming.

You know I mean it. Doesnt really have to be super fast. You know I do want to test out, like Microsoft game pass on here, maybe test out a few games just to see you know if this little 250 laptop can handle it, and the reason why one of the main reasons why I got is because I really Wanted to see, if I can just game on it, you know maybe do a little bit of light video editing uh for YouTube right. I am. I am filming on my phone now right, but I do want to uh. I do edit on my phone with PowerDirector, but I do want to download uh. You know the PowerDirector app or some other editing app, not Adobe. I used to like editing on Adobe, but now not so much anymore, but anyways. You know again just little things here and there you know again. I have my main PC in the back, which that one has a ryzen 5. I build that PC, but you know its its getting aged in it. You know who knows how much longer thats gon na last to me, and I do have a Mac Mini that I hardly I rarely use Im more acquainted to Windows as far as like you know, the computers go now. Of course I do have. I do like Max but again – and I do have an iPhone by the way, which is pretty funny uh, but anyways guys.

You know again lets go ahead and wait for this to start up and well see how it goes all right. So we did uh get the PC going or the laptop going, and I am kind of changing some of the settings on it already. Uh definitely does feel Snappy Ill. Tell you that much guys right now, so lets go ahead and just go to the About Me. Section really quick uh so again, uh the device name is gwnr7517. I can probably go back in there and change that rename the PC lets go ahead and rename this to like b tech, btec btech, PC PC, just because this is b tech reviews right. So you know just for the heck of it. I I always like to rename them uh. You know just two different differentiate restart later so well, go ahead and restart the computer later um, but again its got an AMD ryzen. 7. 37 and again, let me see if I can zoom in just so you guys can see this a little bit see this a little bit, maybe maybe thatll help hold on a little bit more. I know if you should. I could probably just doing like a screen share or something like that, but here we go AMD. Ryzen 7 processor, uh, eight gigs of RAM 6.95 usable. I dont know why they say that right. Of course, you know theres the device information again, hopefully Im not giving away my product ID guys, doesnt matter honestly.

Um lets see 60 64 bit operating system, again: Windows, 11 home. So its not a pro. I have Windows 10 Pro running on my PC and I do have a pro version running on a little mini PC over here as well, um, which I dont really care. Like you know, I I it is what it is. You know what I mean: manufacturer, GP, uh, GPU company thats, what its called um it says, upgrade your Edition, yeah yeah device manager. So yeah, not too bad, I mean uh, it does have Bluetooth. So you know thats something that you know. I was like telling myself like okay – I maybe this has Bluetooth that way. I can connect an Xbox controller to it or something like that. So, Im way, Im waiting to see whats going on with that, you know again uh out of the box, though you know again, it doesnt have a lot of bloatware from what Im seeing here. You know it does have like Firefox and the Microsoft Edge. I probably will be deleting Firefox and using Chrome um. You know definitely not used to the windows. 11 experience thats for sure I you know your startup menu starts in the middle now rather than down here right, so uh, but you know it does have apps like WhatsApp. It does have the Walmart app install. Oh my God. Look at that thats thats hilarious! You got the AMD Radeon software uh as well movies and TV one though so I dont, you know I do have the Xbox app over here.

You know lets go ahead and right click that and lets put that PIN to taskbar, because I will be using that a little bit later, um lets see, but again the this feels very Snappy. Guys, like you know, I dont know how else to explain that um lets go ahead and lets open up. Firefox lets see how fast Firefox and excuse my Internet its like extremely slow by the way um so its not so much the computer. I think its more. My internet, I havent used Firefox in like 10 years, probably guys so lets not gon na get the app lets close. That uh lets go ahead and see if we can just type in Google Chrome. So we can. I dont know Im a big fan of Google Chrome, a lot of people like Microsoft Edge, but I I prefer Google Chrome so thats. Just my thing again, the computer seems Snappy, you know its just my internet, you know again its a little bit. Slow download Chrome hold on unclick that just cause watching. You know what 64 bit lets go ahead and do this and then well run it in the background, but yeah so far, guys again, not too bad of a little laptop and I will go ahead and, like you know, maybe do like a uh again. I know thats, like kind of like a weird angle that you guys are seeing there. I will go ahead and download like uh like geekbench on here, just to kind of see how it is.

Let me show you guys the the um the default background that I had when I first started so the default background. Okay, I guess it disappeared. It had a cow in the background, but I was like no, I got it. You know I got ta get rid of that and I was like. I got ta use these dark themes. You know I like the dark themes, Im a really its easier on the eyes and you know um, just not as bad so um and again lets lets. Go ahead and look at the the ratio really quickly lets go to display settings really quick just so we can kind of see what we can get as far as you know, and thats, because the brightness isnt as high as it can be. Look at that Im. Gon na brighten it all the way up, thats, pretty good honestly and it it doesnt really hurt the eyes. If I can be 100 honest, its, not hurting my eyes um, you can turn on the night light. You know more about HDR lets see it does have an HDR mode. Apparently I guess so. Uh play streaming HDR videos, so I can turn that on it probably will kill the battery a little bit more right uh, but it has like a bunch of little. I guess different things that you can use lets go back here, lets so right now its set at 1080 Baht its a 1080p screen so again its a 250 laptop.

You know I I expected. I didnt expect more than that, obviously um, so thats, pretty good landscape orientation, multiple displays, which is pretty cool. You know I obviously I cant add on another display, uh Graphics. You know again related. I can hit the graphics button and see like whats going on so and again I do have that Radeon software that I can mess with uh when I, when I do plan to start gaming a little bit later as well. Look at that there. It is right! There, so you can fine tune it as well, guys so again guys. This is just going to be a quick unboxing. Little quick overview of this Gateway laptop and again Ill put the model number in the description below. I really forgot what what model version this is that all I remember is seeing a 15.6 ryzen 7 laptop, so you know so you guys can kind of get a more detailed. You know version of that, I guess uh and then we will go from there. So again, I will make follow up videos on this laptop just because I do want to talk about it a little bit more. I think its worth talking about it, considering its 250 dollars, 250 dunno shout out to Magic Tech by the way, but again guys. This is Mike from btech review signing off thanks again for for watching the video smash, the like button and subscribe for more content.