Video were gon na, take a look at another Gateway PC. So, as you guys know, Black Friday and Cyber Monday are coming soon and Gateway has a lot of inexpensive laptops out there from Walmart uh. So I decided to grab this one. This one was just 99 uh. This one uh is a 14.1 inch ultra slim notebook. It has a full HD display four gigs of RAM 64 gigs of storage, Intel Celeron processor and includes Windows, 10s uh. It comes in a couple: different colors comes in black blue, green and purple, and lets go ahead and unbox it and see what we get inside and heres everything thats included in the Box. Of course, we get documentation with a quick guide for our laptop, as well as information about your free included, Microsoft, 365 uh subscription. We have a small white box and this houses, our charger, which is a barrel style, plug with a pretty normal looking plug to it, and then we also have our laptop, and I do have the Black Version here. All right lets take a quick look at the exterior of the laptop, so, as you can see, we have uh. The black model, however, comes in a couple different colors, also uh. This is just a kind of flat black. We do have the Gateway logo. On top. Taking a look at the bottom of the laptop you can see, we have four rubber feet. We also have an interesting little door here, which I may check on.

This has two screws. So possibly we could upgrade the RAM on this laptop and then we do have the model information and we do have a Windows sticker and Intel Celeron sticker. As for i o on the left side of the laptop you can see, we have a USB a port. This is a USB 3. We have our Barrel power. Plug looks like we may have an LED light here: HDMI and a USB type c port. On the right hand, side we have another USB, a port. This is also USB 3. We have a headphone jack as well as a Micro, SD card slot and taking a look at the inside of the laptop you can see see it is black on black. We have a pretty large track pad Gateway logo. We do have tuned by THX as well as a sticker, letting you know about the Microsoft 365, personal and thats included. For a year. We have a decent looking keyboard. We do have some function keys with some secondary functions, so you have LCD volume, controls, brightness, controls a forward and back and then our traditional Keys, our power key over to here to the right. It looks like we do. Have some LEDs here for power caps lock and our number lock – and our speakers appear to be in this Grille right here and here you can see our 14.1 inch display. It looks like it is a matte texture and we do have a webcam here at the top, and that is one megapixel.

So out of the box after installation, you do have Windows 10. As this is an older model, however, you can upgrade it to Windows 11. As I have done here now, another thing to note: it does have Windows 10 in S Mode, so that mode basically means that you can only download apps from the Microsoft off store. So if I wanted to download Chrome, I would not be able to unless I were, to take it out of S Mode now, that is pretty simple. You would just basically go to your settings and go to activation and it would take you to the store where you would sign in to get it out of S Mode, pretty simple to do, and then you can download any application that you would like to the Update to Windows 11 was a pretty painless. I actually downloaded the full version to update it and it took probably about an hour now uh the specs on this are not fantastic. Of course, these are going to be low end specs its only a hundred dollars. For this laptop and just to show you what were working with here, we do have a dual core Intel Celeron processor, and that is the specific one that we have here is the Intel Celeron n4020 and, as you can see down here, it is a dual core. We also have a low Ram as well, so as you can see, we only have four gigs of RAM and it is cut off here.

So let me expand that and it is 2133 megahertz. It does say there are four dimm slots uh. In addition to that, we also have an enfc drive, and that is only 64 gigs. Now out of the box with Windows 10, you actually got uh more um out of the box, I believe a little over 30 gigs and with Windows 11. We have about 28.7 uh free after the OS and everything thats installed. Now, as far as blower is concerned, this is going to be very similar to the previous Gateway laptop. I showed you so we have this Forge of Empires, which is an online game where you have uh two other things down. Here we have the kodomi, we have SIMPLE Solitaire and this one also has a THX in it as well, and I think that is about it. Youre gon na get your typical Microsoft applications. We have some placeholders for some other applications, but these can all be uninstalled. If you dont want them, but just to note there are a couple of blower applications that are included on the computer now. One feature this Id like to highlight here is the display. This does have a full HD display and I must say that it is actually pretty crisp, so it has pretty decent viewing angles and honestly, the picture and color quality is pretty impressive, especially considering the price of this machine, and our webcam on this computer is one Megapixel its not going to blow your mind, but but it will do in a pinch and if you need to take any Zoom calls or anything like that, it will do now.

One other great thing is this: laptop is very thin, but one strange design Choice here is the placement of the charger. So, as you can see, we have the USB 3 port and then the charger comes after that. So if you do happen to have um the charger in dont expect to use that USB port now, fortunately, for me, the keyboard and track path on this work very, very well, unlike the previous model, I looked at now. Of course, dont expect high quality theres going to be a lot of give. This is a very inexpensive, cheap plastic laptop, but typing on here is very nice, and the trackpad is also pretty great as well and Ill. Do a quick typing test on here, just to show you and just to give you a quick video and sound sample here. This is a 4K video to show you a quick sample here, so this computer will definitely be great for media consumption, as you saw in the last clip. The quality is really good and you can scroll through social media pretty nicely, as you can see, it can handle that pretty well, however, because it does have lower specs, probably not many applications at once, as youll run into some Ram or memory issues, as I previously Mentioned on the bottom of the laptop, we do have this little door with two screws, so lets see whats inside and I was completely wrong. This is actually an m.

2 slot, so you can put a much faster SSD in here, so you have the screw. For the end, and then that is where you would insert it, so if you have a normal m.2 SSD, you can pop it in here now. Unfortunately, I cant really speak on the battery life on this, as Ive only had it for a little while, and I did fully charge it when it was fully charged, it had 99, it showed eight hours and some change and now its gone down. One percent and its down to four hours and 40 minutes, so it really will depend on your usage. I dont know the battery capacity on this computer um, but I sincerely doubt itll be as good as the Snapdragon model. The Intel ones seem to have lower than normal battery life, but it just depends hands on your usage, so there you guys have it a quick look at this Ultra Sim laptop from Gateway. This is going to be great for basic usage, uh some perks on this – that display really really nice full HD display. We do have upgradable storage here, so you can put an m.2 SSD in here. As I showed you on the previous clip really awesome, you can do that but again basic usage, four gigs of RAM 64 gigs on board and a Celeron process, theres dual core, so thats not going to have not a Powerhouse when it comes to Performance, but should Do the job, if you only need to use it for some basic tasks, its a really nice ultra light laptop super thin, decent amount of ports, just that strange design where the power plug and it comes in a couple different funky colors.

So definitely something for everybody. With this one, it also runs Windows 11, so it comes with. Windows. 10 can upgrade to Windows 11., and you can get it out of S Mode, which is nice. You can use any application that you want decent keyboard, decent trackpad overall, not bad for 99 bucks. If youre looking for a laptop, you need a cheap one, definitely want to look at Ill leave. This link down below also leave a link down below for an m.2 drive that you can put in this. If you wanted to add some storage to it anyway, guys hope you enjoyed this video.