11.6. Two in one convertible notebook, notebook its I dont, know its a laptop to me and its got Windows, um 11 on it and its um Ill. Show you the side youre trying to use supply of Microsoft Office, which uh probably what might use a little um, what it is its um, its blue in color um, its kind of small but Im real happy with each size. Actually um, like I said, to get with 11.6 its got a Celeron processor in it its um four gigabytes and um. Its got um 65 gigabyte memory which isnt big, but you could put a hard drive on it. Well, not in it uh external hard drive. Should I say, um youve got um the processor windows home S Mode um, the storage, 64 gigabyte and RAM is four gigabyte um one megabyte front camera which in very big at all, but I dont care uh battery life up to 8.5 hours, which is pretty good. One years subscription of the um office uh lets get into it. Maybe we can see theres still kinda and on top we get the um a whole disclaimer Ive already cut this out and youve been playing on it. Foreign brick, which did I dont, know how old um, not tablets um laptops code. Now I dont know if theyre like the old fashioned style, and I had one for years – uh yeah its basically just like that foreign information of whatever you get and just a quick start here we are so what have you got here? Youve got um tells you to plug it in the wall um.

What youve got is um charging port youve got a USB 3.0 youve got a mini. Hdmi youve got a camera front facing camera, that is um youve got um. Headphone Port youve got a USB 2.0 youve got a SD micro SD slot youve got a power button uh. I dont know computers these days. Laptops should, I say, come with um. What am I saying? Um disk drives so this is it um how important SD slot um 2.0 USB headphone jack and thats the bottom weather? What do I cover Ill? Just stick my finger up to the bottom. These are the little speakers, the speakers arent great, but I mean I dont expect it so this was, I didnt even tell you uh. This was a hundred and sixty dollars for a laptop, I mean come on. Um the the batteries are all like its like. A more of a cell phone battery inside there now um H, mini HDMI, so its a mini, its, not a full size, three point or USB, and then you power nothing on the back. But the hinges nothing on the front. And then you walk me up like this, and then you hold the button down for a little and theres a light. Can you see the screen from there yeah? I will peel this off for you when the Caps decide to stop in attacking the couch this isnt. My choice of um wallpaper – I will put my code in uh – hey, oh, by the way its touch screen um its a tree.

I will peel this off for your um pleasure. Did anyone hear that its um? The screen is uh Music, um 720P for the its a very nice screen, its its touch screen well well, thats, something soundtrack me, sorry, YouTube Studio, uh, uh, its very responsive. I mean the the mouse thats pretty good, too um keyboards, not bad um. What else? Its very sensitive Ive noticed we um thats just a light up. There, Hey wheres my finger thats, a light um. What what uh? One of the reasons I wanted something like this as well was for my um. My coin camera. Well coin scope. Should I call it what you can do is Ill show you plug that in there click around the back plug that now we can see that yeah. You can all right that that now comes onto the T on onto the TV onto the monitor and Ill pick. A car now as my little Music of the editing on that question. This is just a selection uh. This guy here see this guy people rise up now you can do that and I can also record so I could record a video. I have no idea if that picks up my sound, but well find out what we its amazing, how to get all the detail on the coins foreign. It does everything I wanted it to do: 1988, um, um and basically what I wanted something that would do what I want it to the very kind of fancy Outer Edge, but its a very plain coin.

On that side, I have no idea what all that says. One more time public: this must be your Ill use it its been terrible anyway, thats. Basically, what I wanted it for to do something like that, and then we will save to sound what I decided to do, what its doing its probably processing it. Okay, so it didnt add sound what we will do and I dont get off it. It added some weird noise. When I was here from like hello, there we go. I dont want this go away: nah! Oh okay! I was gon na try something there. We go hello, everyone hi lets see if that, so you do have a microphone the records back to front, which is weird um if anyones ever doing thumbnails its um canva is very, very good, its not the fastest computer, but I mean I didnt want anything crazy Priced that Im getting soundtrack and now so this is um like two in one. It is full ground and you can use it as a a tablet which I dont know why you want Music and thats, where I do my thumbnails um all in all, it does. What I wanted it to do really! Well, I dont know what else I can show you on it: um, oh yeah, its very sensitive. I know that he kind of like a screen is glass and its very tough heavy. If you have the screen lid, like that, which I dont know why you would um, but all in all, Im very happy with it and it does what I wanted it to do.

Why I got it? It was like um, its an early Valentines present uh, Slash wedding anniversary present, so it was well. We werent the one I wanted, but its good enough to do what I want to do anyway. Uh thanks for watching.