All the specs of this tablet im going to do an unboxing of everything thats in the box and im also going to do a trial, drawing with it im going to create a whole artwork with it, including use with a mobile device and with pc. And if you dont know me im shyfox and on my youtube channel, i make digital art tutorials and, if youre somebody who wants to improve your digital art skills check out my channel like and subscribe as well, while youre here and lets get into things now. Im going to show you this on im going to have the canadian amazon, as well as the us amazon, in the description. So this is a new release for gaomon the s630 and it currently retails for 47.99, canadian after the coupon or 32.99 usd with a 20 off coupon on the site. So the first thing i really want to look at is the adorable. Just aesthetic of this tablet its got this just really cute, like kind of space monster theme going on here, just across the face of the tablet now, because its screen less like theres, no screen it doesnt, really matter that theres kind of like an image here. This is a screen list tablet which, in general, are going to be your more affordable tablets and, like any other tablet, its a learning curve. I used a screenless tablet for five years myself before upgrading to a screened one worth noting that this tablet is compatible with android devices, mac and windows.

This tablet has 892 levels of pen pressure sensitivity, which is more than enough ap 32 battery free pen battery free is always like a must have these days, its really nice and 266 pps, which has to do with the responsiveness of the pen and thats perfectly fine. The tablet has four customizable buttons on the tablet itself and theres default ones it comes with, but you can customize them and change them, and this tablet works well with games like ohs these kinds of rhythm games, the size of the tablets really great for portability reasons Its thin and small enough to fit in probably just like, like bags like this, you can kind of get a visual of that here and it is 168 grams for its weight. So it doesnt weigh very much as for the actual working area for where you draw. It is a five inch by 3.2 inch. I was just looking this over and this is actually incorrect if you just like use logic, because the mobile workspace is 3.18 inches by 1.79 inches, so this is actually supposed to be 5, basically by the 3.18 inches so anyway. That is the workspace that you have. The sensing height is 10 millimeters, which is the distance of the pen to touching the tablet and being sensed without actually touching, and the pen resolution is 5080 lpi ill, be honest, im not 100 sure what pen resolution in this case means, but it is one of The specs so just naming it for you now theres no need to install any drivers when youre pairing your tablet with a mobile device, so thats really just quick and easy to use.

I was using an android phone with the app ibis paint x, so it took me a minute to adjust to drawing in the mobile drawing space, which again is smaller than the workspace that you would have on the tablet for pairing with the computer. But it was just a bit of an adjustment took a little bit of time and then i felt like i got the hang of it just like with any new tablet. I always say it just takes some time to get used to one of the things you can do to compensate for having a smaller drawing space is to zoom in on the phone canvas screen space to make more precise lines and things if needed. But the tablet works as expected with the mobile device, and i love the plug and play sort of aspect to using with a phone and once again it shows great potential for being a tablet for on the go use moving on over then to drawing with the S630 on the pc i had to uninstall my other art tablet: drivers and install the tablet drivers from gowan. That was no problem. I want to also say that i do really love the cute appearance of the tablet and the creatures are just cute on it. I, like that, its just like a creative look, it kind of makes me feel inspired looking at it makes me want to draw myself, so i think as a piece of technology its its inspiring itself.

So i just think that was really smart move to have a really neat and unique. Looking tablet design. One of the things that worked really well with this tablet is the hover feature of the pen, hovering. You know just a few millimeters above the tablet itself and being sensed and picked up. I really like that. It seemed to be sensitive enough to pick it up and know where my pen was. I definitely did appreciate the size and light weightedness, and portability of this tablet definitely smaller than what im used to, but was able to adapt to the size. Just fine and i can always change how the tablet senses the pen in the tablet settings and going into those settings i didnt mess with them too much. I just kind of left them and adjusted and felt comfortable. Drawing with that. Another plus is definitely the battery free pen. It is ultra convenient. I still kind of use an older tablet, otherwise, and it requires charging pens and its highly annoying, so definitely always a plus to see battery free pens. In the end, i really have nothing. You know bad to say about this tablet. I really enjoyed creating this bare artwork with it, and i felt like i was actually able to do it at a reasonably good pace, not a ton slower than what im used to with a screen tablet. So, even though it was screenless, i felt like i was able to draw at a good pace and was able to adjust, and i really appreciate that this tablet, too, is a more affordable, more affordable option compared to maybe other ones out there and at the end Of the day, i definitely would recommend it.

There will be links in the description this tablet purchased on amazon, both the canadian and u.s amazons, and i think it is overall, a great choice for beginners starting out. Well, i do hope you enjoyed the review of this tablet, the gaomon s630 and like and subscribe.