Video for Gaomon’s latest graphic tablet: Gaomon S630. First, I want to say thank you to Gaomon for sending this tablet to me. Thank you so much Gaomon, Okay, let’s open the box. Firstly, a guide for driver download And then a warranty card. This is the tablet. The size is 190 mm x, 170 mm with 4 shortcut keys, The pen replacement nibs and the ring Manual book USB cable for the tablet and a pen Battery free pen with 8192 level pressure, 60 degree tilt support and 226 PPS Gaomon S630 can be used on Computer and smartphone, but it’s only for Android, not Apple phones. A USB adapter must be used to connect the tablet to smartphone. You don’t need to download the driver to be used on smartphones Now let’s. Try to use the tablet on a computer Connect the tablet to computer download the driver from Gaomon website, install it and it’s ready to use I’m drawing with Clip Studio Paint. As you can see, the pressure sensitivity is working wonderfully. I can easily adjust the thickness of the brush by pressing the pen. The more you push the pen, the thicker the brush is, I try to test doodle with the pen and it can draw very smoothly. It is so easy to use. It’s been a while, since I used a tablet like this, but it didn’t take me too long to adjust properly Now let’s draw a chibi, Ultraman Mebius for more testing.

The conclusion is, this: tablet is within budget, and yet the quality is the same as expensive tablets. Since it can be connected with smartphones. We can bring this and draw whenever we want. I highly recommend this for both beginners and experienced digital artists. You can purchase the tablet from Gaomon official website or from Amazon There’s a 10 discount. If you buy from Amazon, You guys have the chance to get a Gaomon tablet for free by participating in OC Design, Contest, Gaomon, Giveaway Edition, sorry for the boring name. This contest is for all people at all ages, Draw yourself as an OC, Only 1 drawing per person. It can be digital paper, full colour, black and white, or no colour I’m, going to judge the technique and creativity of the OC And I’ll choose 1 drawing to qualify for the tablet. I warn you: your drawings must be suitable for minors, 18 drawings are instant, disqualification. Send your drawing to, Subject: Gaomon Giveaway OC., Give me your name age and write a reason why you want to win the tablet. The deadline is June. 18. After that I won’t accept any more. I will announce the winner 2 to 3 days after the deadline. I hope it’s clear enough, but if you have questions, please comment down below.