The gammon company contact me and proposed me to do a review of one of the graphic tablets, the gammon ace zero. This is my first review video. So sorry, if it doesnt look so professional like the other channels, but i really enjoy it doing this and i hope it will help you to choose a graphic challenge if you are interested well, heres, the box, okay, first of all, you will find a card where It explains where to download the drivers to make the tablet work its written in its language, so there is no problem. If you dont speak english or spanish. Like me, there are more options later in the video ill, explain how to install it. There is also another card which is a thank you letter for getting the tablet. I really appreciate it and behind you will find the warranty guard, which i think is for field information if you ever have a problem, but im not sure im going to continue with the unboxing. These are two adapters for mobile phone and tablet. By the way, this tablet is compatible with windows, mac and android. Always next, you will find the cable to connect. The tablet with the pc Music, as you can see here, is the tablet, entry Music and this one. The usb now this is the pen. It has two buttons to program shortcuts its feel comfortable to hold and its fill layer, Music, its really easy to handle Music, and it comes with a pen case to keep it safe and now the most important thing.

The graphic tablet Music. It feels really soft, unlike the pen, its really liar, and its easy to carry due to his small side. It has four shortcuts button and in the upper left corner there is the entry to connected cable Music, and this is the back that has these anti slips. So the tablet doesnt move, while youre drawing Music. It also comes with some accessories for the pen, like this kind of ring, that i think it works for better grip of the pen, Music, and also it comes with replacement tips to use in case yours currently begins to wear down were almost finished. This is a glove which helps you when youre drawing Music and finally, we have the manual which also comes writing in frantic language. Do you know how the tablet works? Music so now lets continue with the drivers installation tutorial. I will show you how to install the drivers. You can use the link from the card of the box and it will send you to the website of gammon, where you can download the compatible driver of the tablet. Now you have to find the h620 driver Music. Do and start downloading it will. Take you only a few seconds once you installed it, you can find it on your desktop and in the hiding icons button after you click on the program. It will open this window where you can start to program the shortcuts for the pen and the tablet Music im gon na show you my shortcuts that i used to work faster here.

You can also see how its possible to decide the pressure of the pin Music. So to program the shortcuts in the tablet you have to click on the button. You want to configure first and write the letters Music like ctrl c y h, atc Music Music. You can also change the workspace, but if youre comfortable using the full surface of the tablet Music, i am right now working on my boyfriend computer. So the default language of the pc is in spanish. But when you download and install the driver program, it will come in your language if it doesnt there is this option to change the language and now im going to start to do a speed paint, and i will tell you my first impressions using the tablet and More information about it, so first im testing the pressure of the pen and it works really good. Like i said before, the pen is easy to handle Music im gon na draw an easy picture of my character, semon, and i will talk about the tablet. So the government a620 has a 6.5 times 4 inches working area on pc and 101 times 61.82 millimeters working area on android. Always it has a passive pen with 8192 levels of pressure and its completely battery free. So you dont have to charge it. This common tablet is compatible with office software such as world onenote still htc, and it is also compatible with most drawing programs like adobe photoshop illustrator clip studio fire, alpaca paint to sale, 2 htc Music.

Also, im not doing a very complex picture, as i dont have right now, all the brushes as im on my boyfriends, pc, Music Music, do Music Music. So this is the final result of the picture im going to share my experience working with the talent, and i have to admit that im pretty impressed about it. When i saw the toilet, i thought that it was just a simple graphic talent, but when ive been working with it, i found it really easy to use in comparison of another one that i had that is similar, but its more difficult to learn to use. I would recommend it to all the people that want to start in the work of digital, drawing and animation. The four shortcuts are really useful and the workspace is pretty good, despite the small size of the tablet. This is what i found the words of the tablet. The size, its really portable but im pretty used to work with that graphic talent with a screen and you have to train to draw without seeing the trace of your hand only looking at the pc screen. But when i shared information for this video on the government website, i found that they have a lot of higher end products, even though it has more good points than bad points, and i highly recommend it for all of you to start. You can buy it on their website or in amazon. I will put their links on the description and, if you can leave a comment in the comment section of the store telling your experience after buying it and mention me, i would really appreciate it.

So thanks for the attention and dont worry, i will continue working on lions, slides and maybe in the future. I will try more products. Thank you so much for the gammon company for trusting me to do their review of one of their products. Another special thanks to my korean patrons youre. All amazing guys. Thank you so much for the support.