So gaomon has generously sent me another one of their tablets for review and its the pd 1320, which is similar to the one that i reviewed last time. The pd 1220 – they are basically kind of similar since they have the same driver. They have the same features just that the pd 1320 is a little bit bigger and it has a different color, of course, alright. So lets get into the unboxing part. So here we have the box of the pd 1320 and upon opening it. The first thing youre gon na see is the tablet itself and right below. It are the other things that you need im just gon na list down all of the items that came with the tablet on the screen, so that i wont really have to say it anymore, since these are just the same items that were in the pd 1220 Unboxing, video and review that i did so yeah here are the things that came in with a tablet Music. So here is the pd 1320, and then there is the pd 1220. As you can see, the pd 1320 is bigger than the pd1220 since its bigger it has more surface area, and you have more room to draw on not really big of a difference when it comes to the pd 1220. But if you are used to drawing more on a big surface, then the pv 1320 is a lot easier to work with before anything else.

You have to download the driver of the tablet, so just go on to the website provided and download it from there. Here. Im just testing it with paint tool, sai and everything works just fine. The tablet is now ready to use for drawing so lets, get on with it. Okay, speed paint time and my art style just changed drastically. I know, but were not going to talk about that. Anyway, for this speed paint, i just decided to draw my main oc siege. Her design is a little bit different, but hey new year new me well, not technically new me since im still the same siege, but you get the idea as usual before i say my thoughts about this tablet im just going to let you watch the speedpaint for A little bit so you guys can enjoy me, suffer all right. Okay, im going to be right, a second there back, no way that im never gon na. Try hello where you at. Where you been tell me everything about you go slow, so i can write it down and become the perfect man for you. What you like what you dont. You should never be flying so low right now, right, hair, im, not thinking about how long its gon na take now im. Just thinking about our lives, you and me just laying blankets on a beach and then at night ill sing, your favorite lullaby, Music, Music yo. Every single moment, Music flight.

So what if you? What if you, what if youve been sitting there and thinking all this time right here right now, Music, so thoughts about this tablet? Honestly, there is nothing much to say about this tablet, since i do find this quite similar to the pb1220. The only difference is that it is bigger and the color is my favorite color yeah im. Definitely not biased, dont worry but yeah. Overall. This is a great tablet. Its comfortable to draw on, since its bigger my hand, has more freedom when it comes to drawing around and i feel less cramped when it comes to drawing with it its also portable. So when youre on the go, you can always bring it with you. The pen is very responsive and lightweight the pen, accuracy, its quite accurate. I did have to recalibrate it a couple of times to get that accuracy. Point that i want, but its not really that big of a deal the matte texture of the tablet gives you that paper like feeling when it comes to drawing it, does leave some fingerprint marks and whenever you press onto the pen a little bit too hard, it Could leave some scratches on the tablet, but i guess just dont press on it too hard, because its definitely gon na leave those scratches but again, its still a great tablet, and i highly recommend it. If you want to get the tablet im going to leave the links in the description box below on where to get it along with other products from galman that you can also get when you are interested and thats all, i have to say for the review thanks.

So much for watching. Thank you gelman for sending me this tablet.