As you can read by the title, i will be reviewing the game on pd1161 tablet today and on screen. You can see me unboxing it, and the package is actually quite nice. I must say its one of those boxes. You think like. I need to keep this around im gon na need to use this one day like its one of those boxes, so its its very handy to uh put the tablet back in if you want to stall it somewhere, but it is a very quite nice box. The game on pd1161 comes with a 12 inch screen, cables to connect it to your computer, of course, and this tablet like most uses, hdmi and usb. It has two power adapters, so you are sure to be able to connect it to a power source. A tablet pen that not requires a battery so that theres no need for that. Theres, a pen holder that holds eight pen nips inside and a little tablet glove. The tablet glove can be used both on the right and the left hand, and next to that it also comes with manuals, of course, and a little thank you card now that that is unboxed. The only thing to do for the installation is to connect all the cables and download the driver to your tablet. Now, gameons official website has every single driver for all their tablets and they even have the manuals in case you, you lose that so all i had to do was go to their website and find my tablet version and install the driver, its pretty easy.

It was very easily done, it only took a few minutes. Actually, the only thing you have to do is restore your computer and then youre good to go now before we go into the speedpaint. I want to tell you a bit more about the functions of this tablet and i will do this by showing your real life footage on screen now, my phone did not have the capacity of showing you the whole process, unfortunately, so this is what well have to Do with now, the first thing i noticed is that the touch of this tablet is actually quite nice uh. The information of this tablet will tell you it has over 8 000 pressure levels, which in case you wondered, is actually quite high. It means the tablet is sensitive and will notice if you put more or less pressure with your pen. So if you put more pressure on your pen, it will give you thicker lines and if you go over your screen very lightly, the lines will show up thinner. Now the same happens with pens in real life or like pencils, so the amount of pressure levels makes. This tablet feel pretty real. You know, like real paper in this aspect, uh the pen also glaze over the screen very nicely. So, overall, the feeling of this tablet is really really nice. Now the tablet does not come with a tablet stand. However, a lot of tablet stands that come with drawing tablets are usually like, pretty useless unless theyre attached to the device itself.

I never used the one given to me and restored to using my own one. The one i used for previous tablets were always like laptop stands from that and stuff like that. But this time i wanted to see if using the tablet without a stand, would be comfortable too, and it was also easier to film so thats. What i wanted to try – and it was actually pretty nice uh because of the nice pen – strokes, that i told you about before it kind of feels like drawing on paper, and you put that flat on your desk as well. So it was actually quite nice and it doesnt take a lot of space on your desk as well. So it was a quite nice experience. Now lets go over to the speedpaint to see the full process at first. I didnt know really what to draw, but like do i ever, i never know what to draw, but the lovely people from gayamon suggested i could maybe like personify their brand. Somehow and um i mean thats, my brand im, not new. To that. I do that. All the time, its its its my check, so, of course i went for it uh. I especially took inspiration from their logo and gave this guy his own tablet. Pen, i dont know if hes, just small or if the pen is huge, but you can just fill in that on your own. It was fun to draw, though i really like colors of their logo.

I know its not like a logo review, but i do want to mention that i just really like their logo. I just i like. I, i really like logos in general. I always like to see um how well they are at least like in my opinion and im. I am one of those people who will choose a product over another project. If i like the logo more its not the best way to to invest your money, but its what i do, and especially now that i had to look at this logo a lot uh, i actually kind of like it, its like a little its a little g. You know – and i try to put that on his arm and his ears and where i could so that was nice overall, quite like this tablet uh its very great quality like especially for the price on amazon. It sells for 200 euros, which is like 230 dollars. Something like that which, in a tablet world, is a super decent price. Let me tell you, because some brands want to go really high with the price and yeah that will that makes going into this hobby very difficult. So this is. This is a very great tablet to start with. In my opinion, i will leave links below where you can purchase one yourself in case youre interested, and you can also find more information there, uh other things, uh things i told you here, but also the fact that its capable with both windows and mac, for example, As well as reviews from other people, so you dont only only have to believe me or tons of other people.

I think their story even has like over over a thousand reviews and its like four and a half stars. So im, not the only one who uh is very excited about this brand. I think this tablet is especially great for people looking for the first graphic, drawing tablet, which means a tablet with a screen and since so easy to travel with. I would also suggest it to students, i think thats. All i have to say about this tablet again more info and links are in the description, so be sure to check it out. I want to thank gayomon for letting me try out their tablet. I honestly think its great, and i want to thank them a lot, and i want to thank you for watching, and i also want to thank my patreons, like always for the support their names are on screen now, and i just want to say how much i Appreciate you, you guys really help me out more than you think and if you want to support me as well theres a link in my description for my patreon, but you can also support me by subscribing liking. This video commenting down below those things really help as well, so that support is also greatly appreciated. I hope to see you again in the next video.