So, as you can see from from the cover, this is a battery free pen tablet, which means that the tablet itself does not need charging, no does the pen. So this is a really great feature that i would really suggest using for beginners, but so from the box. It’S, all nice, clean and white. Here we have some shiny labels. This is the logo of the brand, also known as gaomon the actual model, and then here on the side, we just have a few more things in case you don’t see the front which, of course, you will, but still so once we open the box. So as we open the box first of all, we see your drawing tablet with some plastic, covering, of course, to make sure that it doesn’t get like maybe smudged or broken in any shipping. So first let’s open the plastic wrapping and then we will see our drawing tablet. So this is the gaomon, m10 6k pro join tablet and um. This is basically a very simple tablet, perfect for beginners. This has um. This has lots and lots of customizable keys. Um 28 customizable keys to be exact, so here we have 12 buttons that you can customize using the driver, which we will talk about later so up here you have 12 um 12 physical buttons that you can press with your finger or your pen. But up here we have 16 soft keys that you compress with only your pen, because this is actually on the actual workspace.

So you need your pen to be able to press it. So now that we’ve finished talking about the tablet itself, let’s go on and talk about some of the accessories that the box includes. Let’S, put this to the side and, first off you see a little pouch which is made of this strong kind of felt. It has a nice button, it has a button with the gaomon logo and inside you you will see a little pouch with eight replacement, nibs and one nib remover. This is a ring that you put onto your pen. So then it holds it tight and then you can pull it off that’s. How that’s? How easy it is just to replace a nib that’s. Why? I love this tablet because it has loads of these replacement nibs, for example, if you’ve been using this tablet for a long time, for example, six months well using the pressure and all that with the pen, it might be hard for you to do like more thin Strokes and stuff so that’s why we have some replacement nibs, so let’s open this. This is a very tiny little pouch here we have all the eight replacement, nibs and here’s one up close here’s. The replacement nib, which you can use to, like. I said um remove the actual nib and replacing it it’s. Just really easy. All you have to do is push it back in so let’s put these back in the pouch.

So now that we have talked about the pouch and what it has inside let’s continue. As you open the box again, you will see a little plastic bag with a zip kind of a bag. Well, you know how you have those bags that you use for like physical education or just workout. You know this is the exact same bag, but for this tablet so let’s unfold. This and now it has the big logo, the gaomon logo, which i think, since they put in the middle it’s, not too much of a big deal, because i mean, since you do want to show to your friends that well i got this tablet from gowan. So yeah – and basically this has these um again made of fabric string, so you can pull to close it and then you can bring your tablet anywhere anywhere. You like at any time, let’s move on now so inside the bag. We also have an artist’s glove. What does an artist club mean well, basically it’s a glove that you can wear and it’s, always two fingered, for example, if i put it on right now, you can see that again only two of my fingers are fit so like that. Basically, when you put your actual hand onto the workspace, for example, this is a tablet you, since you put your wrist onto the paper, if you were drawing on paper, so basically they have these gloves. So it make sure that you don’t smudge your screen, or else the pressure of the pen will be really really really hard to recognize.

For example, if you were to do digital calligraphy, you would really need this pen because you need to do those thin, strokes, thick strokes, you know, so i think this is a really great addition, because some tablets don’t have this with them, because you have to buy These separately, usually so, this is really what i like about this, but moving on let’s put this to the side and talk about more. As we dig deeper into the box, we find another plastic bag with basically the guides and little cards that show where you can, where you can download the drivers for your country. So, for example, if you live in japan and got it here would be yours. Actually, this is the same website, so if you bought this from another region or country, it has some languages that this is available with and um here are the places that you can download your driver for free it’s. This is compatible with mac and windows, which is something i really really really love right. Now that we got rid of the plastic, we can actually see what’s inside. So first, when you see you have a quick start guide, i mean me. It may not look quick, but you really need this because um, because basically there are videos that um show you, basically what the instructions mean, but this is important just as important the product is because without this you wouldn’t know what to do so.

For example, if we just take a quick look inside, it shows it shows you some of the it shows you the basic pro product overview. So here you have the express keys. You have the pen jacket, working area, and here is the micro, usb port and then something i really love about this is it has anti slip mats? So if you were like on a table, for example, working or just on a bed, you know instead of the tablet just falling off and breaking it actually stays put, because it has these rubber mats that like have a grip on the surface, you’re working on so Let’S, take a quick look, so it has these in different languages, for example. Again, like i said, if you were in a different region and buying this, this would really really really help you so let’s put that to the side. Then, when you see this this, this is a letter from the gaomon customer service. So let us read this dear customer thanks for choosing down one product we wish it brings you a pleasant travel of creating. If you meet any problems with the product, please feel free to contact us and we will try our best to solve it. Contact us via email service at or chat with us at the bottom right corner window after visiting signed garmon customer service. Now this is really informative, even though maybe small it has their email in case you have any problems or their website.

If you want to talk in a different way and again here are all the places you can um download your driver in different in different languages and speaking of all this talk about drivers, you may be wondering what is that? Well, we will talk about that, but let’s continue here. This is something amazing. Some tablets are only compatible with pcs, but i mean as a beginner myself i i have a tablet. I have a phone to use my to do my digital drawing on so i use this android phone and tablet connection, so this basically tells you the things you need to have your tablet or just your phone connected to this now. This is really amazing, because it shows you in clear diagrams that here, for example, that this triangle, this rectangle means that this would be the same workspace as your phone, which is really helpful, because if you were to draw, if you were to draw on there and You didn’t exactly read this. Well, you wouldn’t be able to see the cursor of the pen, which is really hard for like people who are just starting off with this product so, like i said before, the instructions are just as important the product. So now that, since we are finished with all of that, we need to check the other accessories that are inside this box. We’Ve talked about all this slot, but where’s the actual pen, well let’s open this little box that we have on the side.

Here we have the pen holder, made from the same, which is made from the same fabric as this little pouch that we looked at before this is so then you can hold your pen if, for example, if you didn’t want to use the side ribbon that the Tablet comes with, you can always just use this, it put it in your bag or your purse pouch, whatever you’re, using to travel with you, and here you have the actual, connecting wires because um. This is not a wireless drawing tablet: it’s, not bluetooth connected. So that means you have to use these wires to plug it into your actual device. Now, as you can see this, you might be wondering well this this isn’t, an actual port inside my android device or my tablet. Well, speaking of that, gammon has your back here. You have two adapters perfect for your different devices. You may want to use this one. So if i take this, for example, and if i use my android device, i would i would instantly plug this in and it would be easy as pi that simple now all you have to do is put this usb um usb a into this and yeah it’s. Basically, an adapter now so now simply all you have to do is plug this into your tablet and then you can and then you can use this and now the most awaited thing. The actual pen itself well, i’m, really really excited.

You want to know why, like i said, all the way from the beginning, this pen is is battery free, yep that’s. Why i’m not lying seriously? Because, because this is a battery battery free pen, this is just closed from the top nice and round, which i really like, because it gives like a nice smooth touch a nice smooth. You know smooth kind of finish, you know, and here you have two buttons that have different functions based on what you set it to be using the driver, then, here again, this is the nib that you have this all together. I think in the package you would have nine lips, because you have eight in that package in that pouch and you have one over here. So this is the pen like some some pens. If you just turn it around, you can use it as an eraser, but sadly because this is a battery free pen, you can’t use that and yeah for some people you maybe be all excited like i won’t have to switch it to eraser and sadly you will Have to because, like i said again, you can’t just rub it out. You know just turn it around. Thank you so much for watching this unboxing of the gaomon m106k pro graphics, drawing tablet.