It'S running Windows 8.1. At the moment it can run dual boot. Android 4.4 – and this is running iOS 7.1. I think I haven't actually updated it yet even got around to doing that, but it's. Looking a quick look at gaming on both of them to see which one actually looks better, not exactly a real fear test, because by for any different GPUs, we have a look that looks a little bit sharper on the tech class as if the new graphics are Rendered in native resolution, whereas maybe the the iPad air is just scaling up, just seems a little sharper to seem sharp on the to class, but it does seem smoother on the iPad ear. Okay, so hopefully I can run both them at the same time, a little bit tricky to do, but I'll see what I can do, and I just to mention also that these sounds on the on the ear. The airport ear is a lot better than the teclast it's got a little bit more mid range, tiny, a little bit of bass, not much, of course, as a tiny little speakers, but it's much better than the tech last cuz the sounds coming out. The bottom tier class tester speakers just under here so anyway, let's, try and run it because I won't be able to drive, but you get an idea of which one runs: smoother. Okay, it's no need to really run this any longer. You can see that the iPad there is definitely a hell of a lot smoother that is very smooth, runs so much better and, as I mentioned, it's, not really a fair test.

But I know that some people were interested to see gaming, which one would be better. Well, it's quite clear here that the iPad is a lot smoother, but of course you can do so much more on the tick last running, Windows and Android that you can't do on the airport and then just here's, a quick look at the tick last say: it's It'S quite stuttering and leggy compared to the Apple iPad ear, but it is playable it's playable, if you don't mind it being a little bit stuttering over slower, okay, well, that's, the video thanks for watching.