To give you an idea of what the gaming experience is like on the system which is clearly designed for playing video games, it’s got an 8.4 inch display game controllers, an intel, iris, xc, graphics, processor and intel tiger lake processor and uh. One thing i’ll point out here is i’m using it on a table, so i’ve got the kickstand out there. It makes a little bit more comfortable. You can also prop it up on your lap or hold it in your hands, which is what makes it a handheld or a portable gaming system. Uh it’s not the most comfortable thing to hold in your hands for an extended period like this, because it does weigh about 1.8 pounds. But if you just sort of prop it up on something it’s pretty comfortable – and you know it might be more comfortable than some smaller devices for some people here so here i’ve got a game called pine let’s unmute it. So you can hear little music and running at 2560 by 1600 pixels, which is the native resolution of the display it’s getting like 20 to 30 frames per second, but there’s. A couple of things that we can do that would improve performance. One is we could hit the turbo button, which changes the tdp from 20 watts to 28 watts, makes a small difference now seeing sort of 33 frames per second instead of 30, but still dips below 30. From time to time, and a bigger thing that i can do to improve performance here is open.

The settings go into the graphics and change the resolution. So if i changed it, for example, just to 1920 by 1200 and click save now, we’re at 40 frames per second and things still look pretty good, although, as i mentioned, not very good at games, i seem to have just sort of gotten myself stuck in here. Let’S see if i can find my way out there we go and if i wanted to go even a little bit further, i could change the resolution to say 1280 by 800. and now we’re seeing 50 frames per second and still looks okay, so you know, i Know some people would ask why why even offer this with such a high resolution display in the first place wouldn’t it have made more sense to go with something, a little lower resolution and the answer is now you sort of have the choice. You can change the settings if you need to, but for games that support higher resolutions. You can play that or if you’re watching videos or doing other things so it’s nice to have options. I think so. That’S, just a little bit of gameplay in pine let’s check out something else all right. So here we’ve got alien isolation, which is another game that i started playing haven’t gotten very far along in yet but i’ve jumped from a spaceship onto a space station where i think i’m, the only person, but my objective is apparently to find help.

So let’s open up this airlock, so this is again at the default settings it’s by 1600 pixels and this time frame rates seem to be above 30 we’re, looking at maybe 40 or so 45 46. So that’s not too bad Music Applause. Now we’re at about 33. there’s, a little more happening on the screen. 29 let’s hit the turbo button again so through an air duct it’s always fun. So you can definitely hear the fan kicking in here. But if i turn up the volume a little bit, you should also hear the audio coming from these stereo front facing Applause speakers. So yeah default settings 45 frames per second on turbo. I think gameplay is pretty good and the controllers are pretty responsive let’s go ahead and walk across there without falling. Apparently i cannot well. That was good. Damn all right! Well, i’m, not really sure what i’m supposed to be doing here so let’s go ahead and switch games and check out something else, so here’s a different style of game shadow tactics, blades of the shogun. So this one again is set at 2560 by 1600 and we’re. Seeing 30 frames per second or Applause, something Applause, Applause, so Applause, Applause, Applause, oh Applause! I noticed your involvement just now tell me your name, so i can thank you properly. So this is a skiing and winter sports game called steep and, generally speaking, on, most of the devices i’ve tried, it’s, barely playable at its native resolution, so here we’re, seeing just about 15 frames per second at 2560 by 1600 18 frames per second, you can play It but it’s a little choppy and some things just aren’t really gon na look great.

But if we go into the settings here and change things up just a little bit, it make a big difference. So let’s change the display from 2560 by 1600 to let’s, say 1920 by 1200. Apply save go back to the desktop and now we’re already at 24 23 frames per second, so it’s a little bit better let’s hit the turbo button now we’re at 29 frames per second and everything just looks a little bit smoother. I think 30.. I do apparently need to remember how to navigate the game Applause and if we go in and change the settings even further let’s say down to 12 80 by 800. Music things might not look quite as sharp, but the frame rates really should go up pretty substantially. There we go 45 40, 38.. Overall, i think it makes the game a lot more. Playable Applause, hey Applause, uh Applause, so we’re even hitting uh 50 frames per second, sometimes there. So overall, i think that makes a pretty big difference. So let’s try another game. All right, so here we have borderlands 2.. I can remember my controls. 35. 40. 45 frames per second here. This is at the default settings, got a proposition for your vote. Hunter you give up we’ll just shoot you in the head, it’ll be quick, clean and a hell of a lot less painful than what handsome jack will do. Applause, Music Applause. Hmm. Have i mentioned that first person, shooters are not my favorite i’m, really bad at aiming Applause and i’m done? Oh that ish all right! Well, that’s it for me! So let’s take a look at the next game, that’s a little borderlands 2 for you.

So this is assassin’s creed syndicate, which is another game. I find often does not play well at default settings on devices like this, and here we have no exception, it’s running at around 10 to 15 frames per second, and that can make it a little bit choppy it’s, very pretty graphics, right but pretty slow. But if we go in and try changing the resolution that can make a big difference so by default it’s going to be 2560 by 1440, but we can change it to something lower like let’s. Try 1600 by 900, see if that looks any better still pretty low frame rates here so let’s hit. The turbo button could be better, of course, now it’s a little bit hard to see behind my info meters here so 1280 by 720 is as low as it’s going to. Let us go let’s, go ahead and try that so now we’ve got turbo and lower resolution and still not great but better. 24. 22 Applause, Music Applause – well, that could have gone better, but the frame rates were 25 to 30, so that wasn’t too bad all right and for the last game, i’m, just gon na do a little quick run here of ukulele and the impossible layer. Just remind myself. The controls a little bit: okay, Music, so we’re, seeing over 40 frames per second here, Music, Music Applause, Music got ta, stop doing that! Oh come on Applause, Music, all right! So this is pretty playable.

I think at the default so that’s more of a 2.5 d. Arcade style game i think and uh current evidence to the contrary, it’s more the style of game that i think i enjoy playing. Uh grew up on mario brothers style games Applause, but you don’t necessarily need a high power console to uh to play a game like this. It is nice having the built in controls, though obviously in the nice big screen, so it looks pretty good. So that is the uh conclusion of my little video game. Tour uh took a little bit longer than i thought it was going to, but hopefully you got something out of it in terms of just sort of seeing what it’s like to play games on this device. You can find other details uh looking at what do all these buttons do, what’s the general impression that i have of it and uh: can you run linux on it in other videos, so stay tuned to littlefeeding.