What i really want to know about this tablet is: can you game on? It got some good news for you. The answer is yes, let’s. Take a look! The amazon fire tablet 7 is the cheapest available tablet in pretty much any market in the world at the moment, there’s a good reason. It is cheap, and that is because some of the cost is subsidized by the fact that a lot of people who buy them will then go on to subscribing to amazon prime making future purchases through amazon, lots and lots of different avenues of amazon. Getting some more revenue from you but i’m, not interested in that today. I am interested more in what are the gaming capabilities of the tablet. I’Ve tested out quite a few uh, what i would call android premium games to meet that criteria. They cost real money, uh and they’re, not necessarily ad funded. The choice of what games you can play on android is quite phenomenal, now um way better than it used to be. What i’ve tried to do is hand pick some of the ones that give you a console experience and a bit later on in the video some games that give you a pc like experience when it comes to strategy struck sports games, you’ll see what i mean um When i’m, showing off the gameplay, just play a few games as many of them as i can using a xbox one controller because it pairs over bluetooth, it makes sense, it’s comfortable to use, and it makes the experience very console.

Like first up, we have got grand theft, auto vice city and, as you can see, it runs beautifully smooth. So the experience playing this game with a controller is fantastic. Really. I didn’t actually think that that the 7 inch fire tablet would be able to to run this at such a high speed, but it does the game. Doesn’T look amazing, but in terms of frame rate, it’s, it’s really good. You can really see how smooth it is when, for example, i jump out of the car – and i run about so i’ll just find the the run button there we go and spinning around it’s really good, really smooth, really good experience. This is, this: is a game straight out of the the play store, just purchased and all about to do. Uh well, obviously install the google play store first, but then all i’ve got to do is pair up my xbox one controller and uh we’ll purchase the the game from the play store and there we go i’ve not not changed. Any settings just go into the game and it’s it’s ready to go really good, really good experience, and next we have asphalt extreme, which is actually running extremely well. I do enjoy playing racing games on android. This is i’d say buttery smooth for the most part. I don’t know what they’ve done with this latest version of the fire tablet, but it seems so well optimized. It just feels really well like it’s more designed to actually play games.

I remember the uh. The old 2017 version was um was pretty uh pretty dire. To be honest, i mean this one’s heading towards being two years old and so i’ll probably do an upgrade soon, but these are absolutely dirt cheap. At the moment you can, you can use an sd card as actual storage, so not just for photos and things. I don’t know if that’s a recent thing. Obviously i’ve i’ve only just repurchased one of these in order to test some games. As a lot of you have been been asking me to do that, so that was uh. That was fantastic, really enjoyable, one’s, really smooth let’s, take a look at something else, and here we have minecraft running on the fire. Seven inch tablet and, as you can see from what i have on the display at the moment, the draw distance is quite high, it’s running particularly smoothly occasional slow downs, uh, which will be down to the lack of ram in the tablet. But it is overall a really good experience, particularly with an xbox controller connected via bluetooth, so this is very, very playable and looks exceptional. So if you’re looking for a tablet where you can just jump into a bit of minecraft, then this tablet definitely fits the bill. Another grand theft auto game so this time san andreas, which is running marvelously, well really smooth and good, draw distance again on this game, so it’s it’s pretty pretty frightening.

That it’s taking me so long to actually decide to test this device uh when it comes to games that you can just get from the the play store or the amazon app store. I mean it’s. Just just look at the lighting effects, the the brilliant for a device is cheap, you’d, probably be um, hard pressed to buy a pc or a console that will run this game for a similar amount. I am talking, of course, when the uh, the amazon fire tablets, are on on offer, usually about 35 pounds, or i think 30 dollars in the us, which is really good price. So, even though i’m rushing around here, it’s it’s, looking great the draw distance, is good. Very enjoyable experience: oh okay! Here we have asphalt 8 airborne bit of an old game. Now it’s been out for probably about six years now, i think maybe even longer um, but it is still a very good game and it runs so here we have lego batman beyond gotham, yet another game that is running brilliantly well and yet another game that i Am using the xbox one controller in order to play Music, as you can see there, switching characters works really well great fun game. This really really good fun, uh lots of challenging puzzles, but really rewarding now we’ve got max payne the pc classic running here. Looking exceptionally nice very very old game, i think it originally came out in 1998, uh, possibly even earlier so it’s uh old, but gold.

I guess we could call it but it’s still brilliant storyline, brilliant game there we go runs really nice there. We go bullet time. In action it’s a really smooth, great experience with the control of this absolutely fantastic so because of some of the sensitive content of the game, i’m, just going to kind of show you bits that are age appropriate for for anyone without showing anything too horrible, the game Is looking probably the best i’ve ever seen it, and even if you run this on a pc, yeah you’ll be able to run it up to 4k, but this looks pretty slick for an old game. Uh yeah, as you can see, his jacket is bouncing around nicely. When you jump there’s no slow down, you can spin right around controls. Work fantastically well using a controller, very, very impressed here. We have roller coaster tycoon classic what a game! This is what an absolute game, so, if you’ve never played this before it is one of the most enjoyable strategy games, there has ever been made. Let’S just quickly build a gentle ride, so we’ll put that about there and we’ll build that now. We’Ll put the entrance here and the exit here so then i’ll need to open that i’ll also need to put a path it doesn’t match, but not to worry there we go so i have lost many many hours playing this game uh. It really is a classic Music and it’s.

Definitely one. I would recommend that you download it’s, really good yeah. You can also connect to mouse up to the the tablet and play it with the classic mouse and keyboard combination and really sort of experience. What this game was like when it first came out on the pc uh back in. I think it was the uh the mid 90s, probably 1995. Maybe i could be well out, but timeless game really so yeah let’s have a look at another game and then, of course, for those of you who, like a playable spreadsheet, you can’t go far on with football manager, 2021, absolutely brilliant game. The good thing about the fire tablet is the fact that the processor in it is actually fairly powerful um. My main criticism is the amount of ram, but because the process is powerful games like this, that are very data intensive when it comes to calculating how the other teams are doing the fixtures, etc. Uh, it works pretty snappily, which is really good to see. I actually at one point i did buy a uh, a fire tablet just so that i could play a football manager on it, because the seven inch one actually fits in your pocket, so it’s uh it’s, pretty good. I won’t show you too much because at the moment, just looking at uh, the most local team to me, which is geisley um, which uh a good team used to go and watch them but uh i haven’t done for a while, and i am a bradford city Fan so i’ll be honest with you, although the experience i’m showing you there is quite nice, there were games, i couldn’t get to run, namely fortnite pubg call of duty, mobile and real racing.

Three, none of those would run, uh pubg would install, but then it wouldn’t do anything, and it told me that i don’t have a supported device which is down to the amount of ram that’s in the device, with real racing three to be fair installed, and it Seemed to be working, but then when it came to actually getting into the game it just kept closing down. Fortnite, technically, i could have installed, but there’s no point, because i know that it won’t run because it doesn’t have enough ram so that’s it for this video yeah again not disappointed in an amazon tablet. Uh this model is from 2019, hopefully it’ll be getting an update at some point. This year i don’t know what amazon’s strategy is in terms of uh upgrading their their tablet. Lineup i’m going to do another video covering off what i think amazon need to do to to keep things up to date and to make their tablets a bit more desirable.