You know we just got ta get some dirt first, because why the hell not and then jax is gon na break it because he wants to break it. Hey hows it going guys jack and maddie with the toaster present today were doing something that i thought we would never. Try were going to try gaming on a windows 10 tablet. This is a windows, 10 tablet from chewy and it features a newer intel processor, albeit not a great processor, but it does come with newer intel graphics. So we have to see. Can it actually play some games, but before we dive into that lets, hear a word from todays sponsor todays video is brought to you by banggood a global online shop, where you can find some awesome tech at great prices. Today we have the gamma k, tk 68. Mechanical keyboard, which is a wireless 68 key keyboard that can connect via bluetooth, 5.0, 2.4 gigahertz or in wired mode with the included usb type c cable. It also comes with hot swap switches, with support for 3 pin or five pin mechanical switches, a built in 1900 milliamp hour, rechargeable lithium battery that can be used in backlight mode for six hours or 24 hours without backlight for really awesome wireless connectivity, the included gateron Switches are also super smooth and provide a great typing and gaming experience. You can pick this keyboard up today over at with a wide range of different switches and keycap profiles check the link in the description down below to learn more and special thanks again to banggood for sponsoring todays video.

So, as many of you may know or remember, windows 8.1 when it came out was really popular because they wanted to use it with tablets, um and thats. Why, for many people like us, we hated it, but they made it very tablet like interface and then windows. 10 came out, everybody loved it because they went kind of back to the windows 7 traditional way, but they kept a lot of the windows. 8.1 features that make it able to work well with the tablet. So this is like one of the last companies to actually still make windows 10 tablets, so were kind of interested to see how it works, and it comes with windows, 10, home, a processor, a keyboard and an actual stylus. So you get like the whole combo here for under 300. So if youre, someone who really wants a tablet and wants a windows experience along with it, could this be a good option for you? Well, i think so, but were just gon na open this thing up and see for sure. So this is supposedly a keyboard yeah, so lets go ahead and see what we get with the chewy keyboard. I think its like one of the little like membrane, like not that great, like foldable case keyboard kind of things yeah. Oh, it has a case yeah yeah, okay, so it actually comes with a case open lots of ear here, hows that keyboard its actually really not bad.

I mean it just feels like a typical laptop keyboard, but the keys feel pretty nice not super loud. They kind of feel a little bit clicky and it looks like we have some sort of like i dont know, if thats just a cover for this or if the tablet will actually go in it, i get to buy the tablet going it, but theres only one Way to find out, yeah and uh well lets open lets open this stylish. You guys see whats inside we cant skip the stylus so for a lot of tablet. People out there, you know one of the reasons you want. A tablet is maybe to do some drawing and stuff and um they dont. It really doesnt seem like they cut it too short, it actually comes with like an extra. I guess itd be like the pen right, i mean it looks like its the same thing. I dont really understand what its for but um. It also comes with what i can only assume attaches to the pin. You know i dont know man. This is all foreign foreign technology, but it looks like it comes with micro, usb plugs in right back here, so thats nice, it doesnt, take like a battery or anything. This does have two little macros on it. Probably for like a race, you can probably customize them. Um, it looks really nice, though i mean it feels pretty sturdy. So now you know we just got to open the actual item that were excited about here and uh.

You know well, of course, test out. The stylus were obviously going to use the keyboard and trackpad um. I dont know if this thing will have any usb on it, because thatll be something kind of interesting its like you know. Maybe we can use a bluetooth mouse, but obviously, when youre gaming, you arent going to want to use that thats not going to be very fun, so lets go ahead and just get everything out here and then well go through the contents of the package. Yeah that intel celeron in 4500, it is only a dual core and thats. The main downside is just having two cores nowadays, not the greatest, but it comes with six gigs of ram that adapter eu power. Oh gosh, eu power, adapter yeah and a 128 gig ssd. It does come with the us one, the standard you can take the front of this off like it slides off and you can get an eu one on there. It uses usbc to charge pretty awesome modern, so you might actually yeah you might be able to easily get other charges for it. This is probably just you know something we dont read because we cant read, but the tablet itself is a pretty standard size tablet. I think it is a 10.1 10.1 that sounds about right. It doesnt even say on the box. Yes, is it on? There says it on here, so we have an ips 10.1 inch display its actually 1920 1920×1200 thats, a pretty big resolution for an intel celeron to push monitor on n5400 that has the uhd its 350 graphics, which im not super familiar with.

I know most of the newer ones come with much higher end ones, so i have to see how that does a keyboard with a docking station which goes right here. Um lets see we have technology for stylus pen and it is touch screens believe it or not. It is a touchscreen tablet, it looks like it actually has. I think those are speakers i thought maybe theyre usb c. Oh look. We actually have some ports, we have a micro, sd card reader. I dont even know what that is, that, like some type of hdmi out, maybe like a mini display port any display port its already turning on, i dont think i press anything, but it does have two usbcs, so there actually is hope for hooking up a dongle. We could use, we do. We have some and i think we bought some too remember the company that sent us all those we have like 10 usbc to 2.0 adapter, so we might finally get to use them, but it actually looks like its just booting into normal windows 10, which is real. This is weird to see on a tablet lets see if it fits into this. This has a big camera. Look at that camera yeah it pops right into there easy peasy, see if our keyboard can still connect um with this on here. Okay, so thats. What those things that look like usb ports, theyre usb c theyre, literally just like little its supposed to be magnetic too, i think so.

It should just kind of maybe click into place. I didnt feel it clicked very well. Oh there it goes. That was a nice click um does it have a kickstand? It does okay, its right on here, its magnetic its oh, my god, really hard yeah its stiff wow. I mean feel that its not bad, no thats actually actually pretty sturdy, and then we have like our little style. Oh look at that. I can write it again. It has the the loading cursor, its actually really cool. I think we have never checked out something like this before um, because, honestly, when they were kind of getting hyped up, theyre really expensive and they werent really any good like these made no sense, because you could just buy a tablet and, if were being honest, um Windows was never really designed to run on a tablet. I mean that is what their intentions were, but you know you just you had like these really nice um apple tablets. It just ran so much better with ios, so its interesting to see um a full windows. 10 capable which uh you know how much storage these have 128 gigs of ssd storage. I dont know if its its an actual ssd. It is an actual ssd, its not that crappy like usb style, mmc, storage or emmc, so thatll be pretty cool to see and we do have an sd card reader. So you could add more games. We can get warzona heck, yeah, warzone yeah.

All right were gon na lets type gaming, real, quick type gaming thatll, give it like 10, more fps yeah. No, this really isnt too bad of a typing experience were gon na go no password. This video is gon na, be a little bit different from the norm. That we do here, because i mean yeah – were gon na test it in gaming, but in general, were going to recommend this as just a general use computer too, because at under 300, if it does work as a general use computer having a tablet functionality for just Like basic games with touch screen and just having this whole like setup, could make a lot of sense for some people, all we got to do now is wait for this to actually load in um, install some games, im thinking like minecraft or i dont know speed Battles well see if we can get a actual uh mouse working as well, because i think thatd be pretty nice to have yeah and then well keep this on power and then just kind of see what we got here. Okay, so we are now ready to go in minecraft. The fov is kind of ridiculous, so i apologize for that, but uh wandering around were getting about 40 to 50 fps um. The usgraphics are pretty much pinged at like 90, but it does look like the cpu. Is the bottleneck, the actual graphics on the cpu might do a little bit better with a better overall cpu just having two cores and no like hyper threading is really holding this thing back if it was like a two core four thread id probably expect a close To lock 60 fps experience, but i mean this laptop looks pretty good again, we are running on a lower resolution than the actual um screen comes with, and i keep saying laptop because it feels a lot like a laptop.

This is a tablet um and it just it does feel more like a um actual laptop than it does a tablet. Even though wheres that little stylus that i put here we go, can we actually interact in minecraft with a stylus? I dont know if theres anything. I can even do with this no theres, nothing. So there you go no point in that um, but i mean its still playable. Let me see if i can get a crafting table ready to go here. You know we just got ta get some dirt first, because why the hell not and then jax is gon na break it because he wants to break it all right. Fps ic seems to be going anywhere between 45 to about 50, occasionally hitting that frame rate limit of 60, so its not exactly where we want it to be, but its a little bit better um the other games that i did install. I have very little hope of actually working. I have cs go and well blues tower. Defense should work perfectly fine, its another game, thats more of a mobile game. So again, with like a tablet, you probably would be thinking – oh mainly only mobile games, so that may work im, not sure what like the setting customization uh, we could do with it im trying to focus here but theres, a dinosaur coming through the scene right now. Its like were back in the uh the prehistoric times, but uh yeah there we go minecraft close to 60 fps.

It makes dinosaurs come out too so lets try another game. Shall we all right guys? The next thing were playing is obviously a game. Thatll work perfectly fine on something like this balloons tower defense, um im in like the tutorial mode, because well i cant really skip through this, so were just gon na. You know go ahead and do what it tells us to do. Lets place one right here and hit start um. We are getting below 60 fps, but i mean in a balloon tower defense game. Like this i mean once you get towards like like crazy end game, then you probably will do some frames, but i mean this is perfectly fine. Its playable for games like this, i imagine emulation, would be kind of cool on this too. So if you want to go back to like old um, i dont know like older xbox games or older gamecube. Things like that or a game boy games would be pretty cool on this setup. A little portable emulation machine and you can use like a bluetooth controller. Um, for the most part, this thing is pretty versatile for that its not super powerful. I am a little let down by the actual cpu in this thing, but it can play these games. They can at least do it um, while also being a pretty decent. Just little office tablet that well actually looks like a laptop than anything, and you can just pull this off real, quick and run with a tablet.

If you really want to so really not much to say about this game, it works 50. Fps lets go. Try one game that i know its not gon na work but were gon na give it a shot cs, go all right guys, as you can tell, were trying trying so hard to do a cs. Go here, um it is lagging pretty bad. I cant even get the steam overlay open to actually show you guys fps, but just based on the stuttering, noises youre hearing. I think you guys have a pretty good idea of how not well this will run cs, go im, trying to move out of the way too, because this thing is like really reflective. You can just see me in the screen um, but yeah again. The whole point of this thing was just to see what a windows 10 tablet would look like, especially a newer one with a jasper lake in 4500 in it is it great for gaming? No, not at all. Can it play some basic games yeah. You can get away with some gaming, but even if this did run, i probably wouldnt recommend running a wireless mouse on this tablet and trying to actually play cs go but were just going to let this load in im gon na. Give it a shot here and see if we can actually get something playable out of this, but so far, not too promising. All right guys, we are somewhat in to cs: go were gon na go! Oh my goodness! Oh, my oh my this is this is not.

This is not what i envisioned cs. Go. Look okay, wow! Look at that its trying its hardest. I swear. This ive had to guess were looking at like 2 fps, maybe one um but uh yeah, zane cant. Do it even at 1200 800, it just cant do it. I really do think it comes down to the fact that just running a dual core like this is not great and the clock. Speed really only boosts up to about 1.8 gigahertz its a tablet again, its not gon na run super fast. There are some mods. I know people are gon na, say down below. There is like the intel overclocking utility, where you could, in theory, boost up the voltage on the actual cpu and get more performance. But i have a feeling. This thing is already close to thermal throttling because theres literally no cooling on this thing and it feels very warm to the touch it is pretty much passive, theres, no fan or anything so doing any sort of thing like that and defeat the whole purpose of this Um, it would game a little bit better, but again most of you, probably gon na, be running on battery anyways. If youre gon na use something like this uh im trying okay yeah thats, pretty much it uh, but yeah there, you go thats what we got with this little thing: get a game! No, not really, but in terms of just general usability. Well, go ahead and get out of this real, quick, its fine.

I mean it works as a just general uh little tablet laptop. You can do word documents, everything like that and then, if youre actually running at the right resolution, which ill go ahead and swap back to that real quick, it works, it works fine um, so lets go up to 1900 by 1200. Look sharp would be good for watching some videos, things like that and its pretty smooth so yeah would i recommend this for gaming, no not at all, but it does actually play some slight games if you really really wanted to, but it could be good for your School use as well lets just uh wrap this video up real quick. Shall we okay guys, so we just did some benchmarking. I guess you could call it on this windows. 10 tablet now lets keep in mind before we talk about exactly how it did. It was 279 dollars. Of course you could spend a little bit more and get like a 400 laptop that we actually did a video on where that thing can actually play some games. So in this use case, if youre looking mainly for gaming spending, more money on an actual laptop makes a lot of sense. But if youre in the market for a tablet and for some reason you want to tablet with windows 10., i mean theres somebody out there who needs that use case. Then i think this is really your only slash best option um, i assume chewie, probably has some different variants of this as well, but at under 300 for the whole combo.

I still think it has a place in the market, just not ideally for gaming. So, overall, this thing is really cool its really fun to check out a little bit more of a niche market now, but you know kind of keep it up to you if you want to buy it, links in description down below. Well, take you to this and they will likely be affiliate links and they will help us out if you dont mind, checking out our other two youtube channels and also our, slash toasty, bros dont, forget to like comment and subscribe and well see you guys. The next one goodbye and hey – we mentioned that slash, toasty bros a lot because we actually stream on there monday through friday and even sunday for gaming. We build a lot of gaming. Pcs, live over there and upcoming very soon will be a gaming pc that we will build, live courtesy of a sponsor and give it away to you guys. So if you want to go check it out, twitch.