This is because the prices have been going up and I want to keep my tea warm, so this project is going to cost you 169 from Amazon nice. So anyway lets unbox this projector and see whats inside this box. So Im gon na go as fast as I can, because nobody really likes unboxings so inside the box youll see this bag. This bag will have everything inside it, and this is actually a very good idea that they included the backpack. So you can store the projector in, of course, its very good for traveling if youre going around and you want to project out with you. Its very convenient lets see whats inside this actual backpack Tada. We have it open, so lets see whats inside this bag. So, first of all, we have the tools here. This tool is basically to mount on the wall and open and clean and whatever lets, go to the back and see what else is inside, and here we have the manuals and, of course everybody loves the manuals. We all need them and we all use them, of course, so lets throw them and never look at them again. And whilst we have, we have the remote here to control it. So Im not going to throw this one, because I dont want to really break it, and here we have the HDMI lets, throw it to the back, because we have so many hdmis at home. And then we have this cable, which you basically power.

The projector with and then the projector itself, with all this Glory, the right photo 9500 or something like that Id have to tell you, follow it in the description below so you dont have too long the name and go look for it and before I forget, I Need to tell you about the post that this projector has. If you dont care about this, you can just skip it. So you have the of course the two USBS you have the AV and the headphone jack, and you have two hdmis lets turn to the side. Here we have our power cable here with the power, the projector from heres the fan on the other side and on the top. You have the screw this basically to mount it to the wall, and there are four screws there. If you want to take them off and mount it with an actual Mount lets get started, so this projectile is actually very light. You can use one screw to mount it on anything that you want. So here I have a tripod for a camera. It only cost me like 20 quid and you can mount it to this just by scrolling. It in, as you can see here its mounted its perfect, its not going to fall down or anything, so you dont really need to spend so much on the setup. If youre, okay with it looking like this but yeah Power on the projector and then connect it to your Xbox or anything, you want to connect it to and then start playing lets go through the actual processor starting it.

So you need to press the power button. After you press the power button, this basically acts exactly like a double mode, so you can control the projector from the actual projector, and here is how it looks like it looks. Actually, amazing – and here you can adjust the tilt of the projector if its not mounted right to your wall, so you can adjust that and then you can adjust the focus of the projectile to make it more crispier and nicer on the wall so for demonstration purposes. I have this beautiful table, of course, that has the projector set on it now. This is the project thats set up on 65 inches. So if you pull it back and adjust it the way you want it here, we have it up to 85 inches. If you have a bigger wall, you can go all the way to 103 inches with this projectile and will not lose any quality. This is how crazy it is for 169 pounds projector, so lets go through the features that will help. You have this as your main entertainment center, so you have your multimedia option, which nobody uses really and then you have your iOS cast. Miracast is basically for Android. You have your IV, which nobody really uses as well. You have two hdmis, which is quite amazing, and you have an iOS cable if you want to cast your iOS device so for just demonstration purposes, Im going to show you how to mount your phone, I have an Android phone Im gon na go to the Play, Store and download the Miracast app you can find it here on the Play Store and you need to open it.

You press connect and then your projector is going to show up when the device will search for it, and then you need to press on it to connect and voila thats. It youre done. Sometimes it takes a bit of time, but then your device is connected to the projector and then you can watch anything from your phone on the projector. But I do recommend having a Comcast, because your privacy is gone. Basically, if youre using your phone so having Netflix on this is a blast. Basically, the image quality is really really amazing, as you can see here, Im watching the office and the image quality is phenomenal, especially if you have a dark room and the colors are popping. The screen is really big, its really immersive to watch with, and I really recommend this set of UTV. If you have a dark room and if you dont mind watching the dock and with gaming, oh, my God, the screen is actually amazing. Playing with this is really really immersive and its so much fun to play with, especially the screen size and the colors are popping its just a blast to play with and Im really glad. I started this experiment because Im Gon na Keep it so having the projectile is my main. Entertainment center was a blast and I was done with the right photo projector, which I left a link for in the description below.