A lot of you guys have been telling me to make another setup. Tour and honestly i’ve been procrastinating. It for quite a while, because i feel, like i constantly upgrade stuff in my setup. I don’t want to make another setup to her video and like upgrade something else immediately right after, but i think this is a good time for me to make another setup tour. Video because i don’t really see myself making that many upgrades in the future, so i won’t have to make another setup tour video in quite a while, but anyways like i said this is my first 150k milestone video. The second video is going to be my 150k texture pack release. You can see that i’m using my pack right now, but anyways with that being said, i don’t want to waste y’all’s time, so let’s go ahead and get right into my room tour. Okay. So welcome to my room. You can see that uh. Quite a lot has changed since the last time i’ve made a setup tour video. So i think before i cover my main setup i’m, going to cover everything else in my room. First, so, starting when you walk through the door, you have a little clothes hanger right here, box full of pokemon cards right over here, my backpack some shoes. This right here is a nano leaf. You might have seen it in some of my face: cam videos, it sort of adds like a different hue to my face, cam videos, depending on what light i have it set at this box – is an elgato master mount.

I haven’t opened it up yet, but you can see my dresser right here. I’M super unorganized. You can see i sort of just have like a bunch of random crap, laying around everywhere most of the mice that i’ve used in my videos are either on this dresser or they are in this box. I start to just have a lot laying around like you can see right here. I have some glorious panda switches, video on the scene. By the way i have some mouse pads, some other random crap uh for this poster. This is a steins gate. Poster really love. This anime, by the way, uh the tapestry. I actually took a lot of inspiration from my lunar client cloak from this tape. Retreat, you can see like it, has the whole wave theme going on here’s, where i sleep uh, nothing really too impressive. There random lamp, uh here’s, my nightstand have a bunch of other random crap here water bottle, i got ta stay hydrated gamer on this wall are my youtube. Plaques you can see the first black is my 100k plaque presented to intel edits for fasting 100. 000. Subscribers pretty awesome stuff, and then this is just like a random thing that came with the 100k plaque. This poster right here is from akira awesome movie by the way, but on to the main event, which is going to be my setup. So everything that’s in the setup is going to be down in the description, but let’s go ahead and start off with the chair, which is relatively new.

This is a razer isker gaming, chair, it’s, sort of overpriced, but it’s really really comfortable. Then i have it. On top of this, like plastic thing that lets it glide around a little easier, my main monitor is an acer, 240hz monitor and then my second monitor right here is a samsung business 22 inch, uh it’s, not really anything too special. Just a second monitor. I have some g fuel right here, a wireless phone charger and then my keyboard people ask me about this all the time. This is a custom built keyboard. I built it myself, uh, the switches are lube tilio switches, these are gmk8008 keycaps and then the case is in a tofu 60 and then i have this cool custom cable here that one of my friends made shout out to billy sacks by the way this wrist Rests uh. This is disgusting. Oh my god! This is a glorious, 60 wrist rust. I have this little keypad right here with gataran black switches. This is for playing osu and speaking of osu. You can see my osu tablet over there. This is a ctl, 480 um random, loose switch over here. Okay, this is relatively new. This is my elgato stream. Deck i’ve been getting into streaming a lot more recently, and this thing has been a huge help. My microphone is a blue yeti x. I used to have this on another standby switch back to the stand that it came with because it saved a little bit of space for me moving on to my camera setup, so my main camera right here is a canon m50 mark ii.

I use it for my face: cams uh, the lens is not the kit lens. I forgot what it’s called it’s a sigma lens, but that lens gives me the blurry background that you can see in my face cams. This camera is connected to an elgato cam link. 4K, which connects to my pc and then my lighting over here. This is an elgato key light air. You got to have good lighting if you want a good face: cam setup, speaking of lighting, the lighting that’s like behind my desk. This is just like a random light strip. I honestly like never use this sort of only using it for this video and then this right here is my webcam. This is a razer keo. I usually have it pointed downward to my mouse. So i get like all my hand, cam recordings, my headset, i think i use the same headset in my last setup. Tour video, but these are the sennheiser hd 599ses would highly recommend these. These are really really good my mice, so i sort of have like four different mice on my desk right now, but this is my main mouse for all intensive purposes. This is the logitech g pro wireless you can see. I have some grip tape on it. The grip tape is from x, ray pads and then the mouse vr hyper glides, the other mice. I have right here. This is a deathadder v2 pro going to make a video on this.

Eventually, i also have a razer viper ultimate and then finally, here is my logitech g pro wireless super light. I have two different mouse pads. My first mouse pad is the artisan heian xl soft. This mouse pad is honestly such a sick mouse pad. I love the color of it, it’s, so vibrant and then below that i have a desk pad. This dust pad is from the flow shop, which is a shop that i own with a friend of mine, so i’ll leave it in the description. If you want a desk pad similar to this, i honestly could not tell you what this desk is. I have no idea i’ve had it for like five years it’s, just like a random desk. Moving on to my pc i’ve made a lot of upgrades to this. Since my last setup tour video, i built all of this by the way it has an i9 9900k, an rtx 3070 16gb of ram, a one terabyte ssd and a one terabyte hard drive. I’Ll leave all the other specs in the description. Some people don’t, like the fact that i have a supreme sticker i’m, not a hypebeast, by the way i don’t really own, like a lot of supreme or anything like that. But i think it goes really well with the whole red theme that i have with this case and with like everything else, it’s, just like a red themed pc this little remote controls like the lighting that’s behind my desk uh, and then this is like a usb Cable splitter thing: i have a random xbox controller right here: random monitor but yeah.

I think that’s pretty much it for my setup, but anyways that’s gon na be pretty much it for the video. So i want to say thank you guys so much for watching and thank you guys so much for 150 000 subscribers. It really is amazing. I’M gon na talk more about the milestone in my next video but anyways with that being said once again, thank you guys for watching.