S7 tablet. I thought some people might want to try this out if they have one. So I figured just make this quick video, showing you how I did. It was pretty easy. So if youre one of these, you know that there is a pretty strong spring inside it. You can adjust to fit your phone very easily, but it wont expand to fit the tablet. So there are these little Nubs here that basically prevent you from stretching out the controller too far and as you can see, I kind of just took a knife to it and kind of wore them down and cut them. So it would be easier to be able to expand it now, with those little Nubs or Stoppers, worn down or cut off. You can kind of just maneuver it to come out completely like this and enabling you to expand it further and fit into a larger device. So, just again real quick! Basically what I did is you have to hold it open like this, and you got to get a knife to kind of work. Your way in there. It is hard to hold open. So you have to be really careful because you are holding a knife, so please be careful if youre going to try to do this and basically youre going to cut into there and kind of work your way and cut into those Nubs or Stoppers and wear them Down or try to completely cut them off, and here is just a little bit of a better view of the two Stoppers or Nubs that youre going to try to cut off or wear down right there and with those Nubs worn down.

You can kind of just shimmy it open kind of jiggle it a little and itll slide off, like so foreign, so now, Im going to show you how its like to play. Some games heres some Call of Duty mobile thats, our killer drone on standby, predator missile awaiting orders, and here we have some fortnite and heres some asphalt; 9.; hmm, Music Applause. This is love Bubble X on the PPSSPP, emulator launcher Applause, heres, dolphin blue on Green Applause, Applause, Music and heres. Some Xbox cloud gaming with Forza Horizon 5. works really well with it, and I did try to set this up with an iPad. This is the iPad Air uh, I think its the fifth generation and it just uh. You know wouldnt work, theres, no official game, sir app for iOS, so unfortunately it doesnt work um, maybe in the future it will so I do kind of like the setup. I thought it might be a little awkward playing like this, but it was good guys if you like this video, please give it a thumbs up and subscribe. I would appreciate it if you have an X2 controller like this.