I picked up because i'd like to use on all of my devices, so this is the game surge III and i got this one here from geek buying comm and you can see it's quite well packaged up i sent through with free mail. So no taxes, no problems like that. It just takes a little while to come through so you'll, see shortly, why this one's a little different, because it's got a nice little feature on there. As soon as I saw that foot yeah that's the kind of gamepad I want to get so you see here on the side that it has a built in shock motors it's got lighting as well turbo function. Well, I guess it can do the turbo buttons they're d pad built in lithium battery. You have to charge up, I think, buy a USB. So you see here on the back there's, just a few other bits and pieces of what's included and let's have a look inside the box, so they include structured manual now. This thing apparently supports iOS, Android, PC and ps3 that's. Quite a large support list there, which is good, so here we have what makes this device special. Has this clip, so you can actually use your mobile phones. You clip that around which I'll ice it up in just a second, so we've got two right here: a USB micro USB to microUSB a micro USB to a normal, USB cable, and here is the controller itself and a Bluetooth USB wireless receiver.

There in case your PC doesn't have bluetooth with it so along the bottom. Here you can see that it's got two Android Apple, PC and X for Xbox. Perhaps I don't know. Maybe it does support the Xbox, so it has the thumb pads there or the clicks. If the right four buttons here start clear, turbo button select the d pad and along the top, we also have the shoulder buttons here. So we've got all of them, so their controls similar to that layout of an Xbox, 360 controller, but being bluetooth so I'll quickly. Clip on the included brace here, so this is going to be the support for mobile devices, which is what interests me, so I can use this on tablets that'd be too big for this, but then also clip on use my mobile phone. So this. How does this work, okay, that comes off it's got red. This is rubber along there, so red rubber feet there to help clip that in so I just put that around and I think you just push down. I should push down that's clipped on now. That feels relatively solid, and this is adjustable so here I've got the show me a readme Pro that should fit in here. I think you can take up to a six inch device now. I do have a me max with me, which I'll test in just a second so that's how you can set that up. You can now later adjust this angle, and I think these must tighten that to stop it from shaking around so yeah that's, okay, that's, nice and smooth now, and just to check my me max if that is going to fit that's six point four four or not Just too big look at that, so that only goes to about there, so it no it's not going to fit a six point.

Four four inch screen the largest would be six inches, so there's a good feel to it now we'll review this I'll play a few games and test it out and to see how it performs but it's, looking like quite a good little versatile Bluetooth controller there.