So im gon na show you some of them today and i think you will like them, Music, hello, ladies and gentlemen, very briefly, if youre not familiar with game glass, its an app, you run it on a tablet and you get a small interface like that. You can then go, you can sit and you can click on it, and then you can yeah basically interface with your game through a tablet phone or pretty much anything with a touchscreen. Before we start. I just want to say, while game glass has been a sponsor of the channel for a very long time and im going to continue to work with them in the future. This video is not paid by them. They have not any kind of say in how this video is made, what im going to include, or anything like that? This is completely just something i want to do, because they made some pretty awesome. Stuff now were going to start over here, the pc side of it, where you can see in the in the client app here that you now have legacy charge, key binding, so theres some stuff around legacy shots thats, because in the past you would have these individual Shots that theyve made made by gameglass and you would and you would pay for those individually or you could subscribe using like lastpass or something like that. What you do now is you go in here to the my shot section, and in here you can see you can now begin to create your own shots.

The way this works is quite simply, you go in here. You can go into some settings and set the resolution of of of the shot and those kind of things, but basically what you do is you can dragging buttons lets say i just want a symbol button like this. I can, of course rescale it as i see fit, but, most importantly, if i go over here to the to the settings, i can do all kinds of stuff with it. I can change the colors change, the um change, the text of it, which lets call this one, for i dont, know landing gear or something like that. Other than that, of course, you can now also add icons. They have like an icon library, so lets see. I want to push landing gear like a horse. There we go and we add a horse to it um, but but theres a ton of different things you can do in here, changing fonts, you can add borders around them and theres also various effects. And, of course, what you can also do is you can have one layout for when you, when its default, where its idle and when you tap it, you can then see it looks different. So in this case the default is it just becomes a lighter color. So when you tap it to change color, so theres, a lot of customizations in here and one of my favorite things youll play around with later – is, for instance there in the in the border section.

You can also add custom radius borders to each corner. So you can have rounded corners and those kind of things, so you can sit and you can play around with this and of course you can go into the action menus here where you can determine what happens if you do a single tab or double tap or If you hold down the button for for a few seconds, you can have key bindings mouse wheels. You can have it write text, you can add in delay, so you can make small macros even play. Sound effects go through a url. If you want to open up your favorite web page, the download thats joining youtube channel, maybe or or you can even go to another shot. So if you have multiple shots different like pages, basically, you can have links between them all kinds of stuff, its pretty cool and um, and lots and lots of options were gon na make some uh some more custom stuff here in a second im gon na show, You now but thats, not the only thing you can do because now here you also have a marketplace and the marketplace here is: when you create your own custom charge, you can publish them out, so others can pick them up and use them on their tablet. So, for instance, lets say you want some really dangerous shots, theyre grouped by game out. Here you can see, there are people who have already made pre made some some shots.

So if any of these look like something you were, you would like. You can see a lot of them. These shots in here are free, heres one, this one called ed foot, so i guess this would be a on foot shot for for elite dangerous. This is in a vertical mode. This is probably intended for a phone, but you can probably find um something similar if, if thats, what youre looking for and similarly, if we go here and look at the the star citizen charts for instance, then you can see for someone here really like the the Aegis eclipse, they made a specific shot for the uh for the eclipse here, which looks really really good. So we, if you put in the time you can really make something that looks absolutely awesome. The way theyre doing their pricing at the moment is you can have a free account where you can try it out see if its something for you, where you have access to two shard slots. But if you want more, have access to the full features, then youre gon na um, youre gon na have to pay for a glass pass now. This leads me on very nicely to the next section, which is about the new premium shots, because game, glass and cig has partnered up and they have created. Some super super awesome very neatly: tight integration, shot that fits into star citizen, and these are the ones we have here.

These are the premium shots. So if we take one, for instance, the combat shot here, we could see that either you get access to it for free. If you have a glass pass or you can buy these shots individually now you can see. I have them over here as well. If you open up the combat shot over here there, we can see it and we can say lets say i just want to take a look at at that shot there. So we can see we have a number of different options. We have the little power triangle over here where we can move that we have our shield. We can move around the different parts of the ship, all that different, all that different stuff super awesome and up here at the top. You can see it also says shot. One two and three: so that is of course, because if you have multiple shots and you want to have direct shortcuts between them, then you can go in here and click actions and you can say, go to shot so lets say i want this to go to The avionics chart, then i can put that in there click done go in here and then maybe change the name of the shot to avionics. If i want to do that, so you can sit and you can set that up um and set that up for yourself. But, of course you can integrate these into your own chart, so what ive done, for instance, is ive created this star citizen home shot, which is also in the marketplace if youre interested in it – and it just has basic buttons up here at the top, where you Can basically just have all these and they just point into theres no actual effects in here, but you can have a go to shot here and then you would just select the shots that you wanted to uh.

You wanted to point to, and i just used that as a home screen, and that means, if i need to swap between shots, i would just go to the home screen, select the shot i have, because you only have three different shots. You can change to from the from the official ones so having a home screen like this. This is something that i just made, which is super super quick, so just quickly want to show you how easy this actually is to work with. So i just just built something lets say something for foreign, dangerous and lets say we want to build. I dont know um lets start with like building a a top menu that basically allows us to swap between the different shots. If we want to make our our own collection of shots, so im gon na have one here called um mining, for instance, gon na put that in there and then were to go ahead and duplicate it and move that over there. Oh snaps and lets say were going to make one here for um for combat, like so maybe youre just going to quickly. Take these out in the corner. Lets put a put a border on these so that they look a little bit a little bit. Nicer like, like so put some rounded corners on on that one and as well its the same thing on there on this one like so okay and maybe lets say that im building the the combat shot.

So maybe i want to go into this one and and do something with the colors. Maybe i want to make it a little bit um like like so so i can see that that is the activated shot, so that stands out a little bit. So now we can begin to build the actual combat shot. Maybe you want a number of of buttons over here. Lets put a button there lets say: maybe this one is for for flight assist off. Maybe you could put that to put that there we can maybe duplicate it. If you want a similar size. Oh there, we go duplicate that down there. Maybe this one should be silent or running. Okay, i need to adjust the font a little bit so that it actually fits on the bottom, but you can see here how we can very easily just sit and uh and begin to and to build these things up. Maybe im just gon na you know, take one here just make a pip quick like a pip control area, so were just gon na put a button there, our reset there we go and and thats the positioning there. They should be adjusted there we go. We now have a little pip area. We could round off some of the corners. If we wanted to do that, we can keep it our square corners. We can also just select all of it if you say. Oh, i want that over here on the other side.

So we can begin and you can begin to sit, build up your shots. You can even just make passive buttons so lets say i want to put like a box around this um. Then i could take this and i could say, send that to the back layer like so im just going to remove the text from it and like so and then gon na. Basically, just put a box around that and youre gon na sit and you can play around with that um as you as you see fit dont like the colors that doesnt really match that with the other things. But you get my point, you can sit here and you can play around with these things as you see fit and you can make some pretty cool shots and you can share them with your friends over the dashboard and as you can see, you can begin to Build something very quickly and again, if you want to put in pictures, you can do that theres a lot of different options for what you want to do. If you want to use your own icons, then thats an option too. But if you are interested in game glass then go and check it out at and, of course, make sure that theres a link in the description thats great for today, thanks for watching also next time.