They do offer a few different colors. We have desert tan, which is kind of yellow, orange and green. I will be giving away all three of these units. Details on the giveaway are in this video, so stay tuned, but as you can see, this definitely resembles the game boy advance. It is a bit chunkier, but this thing does have a lot of great things going for it mainly the screen here when it comes to these retro handhelds. A lot of these companies are putting them out with 16 by nine screens and a lot of our retro games just don’t scale up right on 16 by nine, but with the game force they’ve kept that four by three aspect ratio we have all the buttons we Need four triggers up top two analog sticks a lot of extra buttons down here. Like start select, we have a menu, we have a home button, dual stereo speakers and one thing i haven’t seen in these retro handhelds so far is backlit buttons. When it comes to the layout, as you can see over, on the left hand side, we have a d pad. We also have an analog stick and two extra buttons down here right in the middle underneath the screen we have our home button and over on the right hand, side abxy. Another analog stick start and select moving around to the back there’s, not much going on here, but when we move around to the bottom, we have our usb type c for charging the unit up and a 3.

5 millimeter audio jack up top. Here we have our micro sd card slot, our power button and four triggers. I do have to admit that it’s a bit hard to reach the inner triggers if you have smaller hands, but i mean it can definitely be done now. As for the specs on this unit, it’s still using that rk3326, this is a quad core a55 cpu at 1.5 gigahertz, the gpus, the mali g31 mp2 dual stereo speakers and, as for this display it’s a 3.5 inch 4×3 at 640×480. This is an ips display and it actually looks really good. It also has built in 2.4, gigahertz wi fi, dual vibration motors, the analog sticks they chose to use in this unit are actually the same ones from the ps vita. It has a 3 000 milliamp hour battery when it comes to the operating system for the game force. This is actually officially supported by emu elec. If we head over to their website to their download section, you can see that it’s listed here right in with all of the other devices, so getting updates on this handheld is super easy. You can do it right over wi fi, because after all, we do have that wi fi built in and real quick. I wanted to show you those built in backlights. This is actually pretty cool. It can all be controlled from within emulax as long as you’re using the official version. We can swap it from cayenne.

We can go to yellow purple white, blue, green and red, and we also have this status led. That can also be changed. We can leave it on, you can turn it off or you can change it to heartbeat. So, as we all know, there have been a ton of these rk33x devices released in the last couple years and we’ve kind of reached the limit on what we can do with this chip. You don’t pick these up specifically for dreamcast, n64 or psp, but when it comes to the easier to run stuff there’s still, thousands and thousands of games that’ll run just fine on here, be it from neo geo, nes, snes mega drive, sega genesis, cps one two and Three, i mean you just don’t pick these up for psp, dreamcast or n64. Hopefully, by the end of 2021 or the beginning of 2022, we will see some handhelds powered by a more powerful chip, but for right now i mean basically, this is what we got unless you want to go with an android device, running snapdragon or media attack. So in this video, what i’m going to do is run through a couple different emulators we’ll, just give you a little bit of a showcase and then we’ll move on to my final thoughts on this and the giveaway Music Music uh Music round, one fight huh. So real quick let’s take a look at the internals here i mean they’ve actually done a really good job.

Designing this pcb and everything it’s very solid. I mean the unit itself definitely feels like it’s got some heft to it and it’s built very well. We have that 3 000 milliamp hour battery. It is user replaceable down the road, if you ever needed to replace it, got that wi fi module soldered directly onto this pcb. Both of those psv analog sticks can be replaced and in order to take the back off of this is just four phillips head screws, so it’s easily accessible. We also have dual channel samsung ram and that rock chip cpu game force was kind enough to send over all three of these units and i’m going to be giving them away. This is a worldwide giveaway it’s super easy to answer. You don’t have to be subscribed to the channel or anything like that. We have a green one, an orange one and their desert tan version. So, along with the handheld itself, you’re also going to receive a carrying case and a microfiber cloth. Now they didn’t send over any sd cards, but i did pick up three 64 gigabyte micro sd card, so i’m gon na be throwing one 64 gigabyte card. In with each of these. I will go ahead and flash the latest version of emu elec on it, but there will be no roms whatsoever installed. You will have to install your own and in order to enter it’s, really easy there’s only two things you need to do.

First, up leave a comment down below letting me know what your favorite system to emulate on these handhelds is, and the second thing you need to do is head to the link in the description you’re, going to throw your email in make sure it’s a valid email And in seven days from this video going live, all i need to do is hit a button and it’s going to randomly pick three winners. I’Ll contact you from there so make sure that is a valid email, i’ll ship, this out as fast as possible. But one thing to note: is i won’t be held responsible for any import fees or custom taxes you might incur by getting something from a different country, but yeah you don’t even have to be subscribed. All you need to do is leave that comment and follow the link in the description. So when it comes to the game force, i think this is a solid rk3326 power device, there’s a lot of them on the market. I’M. A big fan of these four by three aspect: ratio screens when it comes to these lower end handhelds, mainly because that’s all we’re, going to be able to emulate on this thing, the older, lower end stuff was never meant to be run at 16 by nine it’s. Only when you start going up to like psp and even dreamcast, then you can get some native 16×9 support and as we’ve seen and know from other handhelds powered by this rk3326, this device really isn’t meant for psp and dreamcast.

So this 4×3 aspect ratio screen is perfect for what we can do with this thing, i think the backlit buttons are a cool little treat and this thing actually puts out some really good sound, given that we have those front facing dual stereo speakers in this thing. So yeah, i think the game force handheld is a great option if you know what you’re getting into and you’re looking for a device that can emulate this lower end stuff, but that’s going to wrap it up for this video. If you’re interested in learning more about this handheld, i will leave a link to the official website there’s a lot of documentation over there.